Doris VanderGiesen Online Auction-Hutchinson, Ks
Bidding opens Thursday May 11 8:00 a.m. CST
Bidding begins soft close Wednesday May 17 8:00 p.m. CST
PU by appointment only Friday May 18 12:30-6:30 p.m.

Selling to to the highest bidder: Lawn & Garden equipment, Top of the line household & furniture items: washer, dryer, like new furniture- sofas, bedroom sets etc. -check it out. All is in superb condition and includes some great art pieces

1 - Three section folding screen has a metal frame with wicker type  insert. The frame measures 6’ x 20" on each section so times

2 - Wood dining table has six chairs with woven twine seats with  removable pads to sit on. It has two extra leaves. The table itself  measures 39 inches wide at the widest point, is 5 foot long and has two  19" leaves that pop up. Looks like is partially Oak wood. Nice heavy  duty set & in very good shape. The centerpiece sells in lot 3

3 - Two piece red glass centerpiece with artificial grass and sits on  square mirror plateau. The bowel is 17 inch across and they vase stands  20 inches tall

4 - Nourison 2000 style handcrafted rug 7'9" by 9'". It does include the pad that is underneath it.

5 - Matching pair of occasional chairs with wooden legs. These chairs  match the chairs in lot six but we are selling two in each lot

6 - Two Occasional chairs have wooden feet. They also match the chairs in lot 5 if you would like to get it four.

7 - There are five different sizes of the matching crystal stem glasses. 5 in one size, 8 in another, 9 of one size, 8 of another and 3 small  ones

8 -  Four stemmed Near- cut stemmed goblets, six margarita glasses, 2  sizes of 4 each cordials with star pattern and two oddballs pieces of  stemware

9 - Wood wine chest- that is what we call it because it is full of wine  glasses that are selling in other lots surrounding this one. 40" x 19  and stands 34 inches tall. It does have some pretty good feet on the  bottom so it does not sit on the floor. There are a few scratches in  the top so you might think about refinishing it or covering it with a  nice doily. The glassware sells in lots 7 & 8

10 - Plastic stemware and a glass ice bucket with etched floral. Does not match any of the other crystal

11 - Wooden mirror, tray full of goodies- including a wine stopper that  has a Christmas tree ornament on top so you can hang it on the tree or  leave it on your wine bottle, pair of copper metal mugs, crystal candle, a ribbed glass candle holder and a few other things

12 - Three Framed black-and-white photos of scenes from Paris- they are really cool looking.

13 - Table lamp & wax candle "Cuttermost" on bottom of Candle stick  type table lamp with shade, and a pair of candlewax burners for nice  smell in your house

14 - Two artificial plants- one is in a crock planter. The other one is a wicker basket.

15 - Four throw pillows and a very nice oval shaped upholstered ottoman that measures 42" x 28" x 18" high

16 - 4 matching throw pillows Four matching throw pillows that were in  the chairs that we are selling in lot five and six, but you can use them wherever you want

17 - Metal Eiffel tire tower from Paris and metal base metal frame  holding a glass vase full of artificial flowers and a Cherryblock glass  coaster

18 - Very fancy lamp table with wrought iron legs, framework, and a  handle with round wooden shelves, making up two different shelves.

19 - Karg art glass "Kechi" with stand. The piece of glass does swivel around, but the base and box are all one unit

20 - Signed art glass piece and a pottery plant holder on wrought iron base

21 - Table lamp with shade. 32 inches to the top of the finial and is  kind of a greenish color. The shade is the same type that is on lot 13-  but not the same size. Guttermost is engraved in the bottom.

22 - Glass top metal base sofa table measures 55 inches long 15 inches wide and 26 inches tall

23 -Metal wall decoration and a little wooden shelf to display items. Currently nothing to display.

24 -Lead crystal swan, a baby swan, a little bird snowman, duck plus you get a glass candle stick with a candle, little rabbit, ladies having a  tea party and a pewter girl

25 - Glass paperweights of an apple with a brass leaf and stemmed Costa glass duck plus a dog

26 - 8 Stemmed glassware-different sizes plus one is gold trimmed rim and on the top and gold rimmed on the base

27 - Green glass vase with dark rim and a multicolored small vase

28 - Little Santa Claus Boyds Bears and Friends, the Folkstone  collection number 2E Santa Claus " if you want to be loved love and be  lovable", a resin Santa Claus & Lefton kwepie doll and a Santa  Claus playing golf

29 - 6' Lighted four sided glass enclosed cabinet with metal frame and door handle. Five Glass shelves.

30 - Walnut vintage parlor table- very nice piece

31 - Jinx Wright " Kansas Skyscraper", Glass vase and a plastic ivy in a brass bucket

32 - Framed and matted photograph signed by Maureen Love

33 - Wood knickknack shelf that is coated with a dark stain. Two of the  shelves have glass inserts. The top and bottom shelves are solid wood  measures. 12 inches deep 14 inches wide 56 inches tall. Nice nice  piece of furniture

34 - Simplicity upright sweeper with replacement bags, number 7350, Duratek system, ultrafiltration, and cyclonic agitation

35 - Assorted umbrellas- all of them fold up most of them have bags.  Assorted plastic and wooden hangers. Assorted flags for flying  outside, including the American flag plus a tote full of miscellaneous  items, including some gloves

36 - Set a four cushioned folding chairs- do not see any name on them. They all look in really good shape- shown hardly any wear

37 - Caned frame swivel rocking chair with removable cushion seat and back

38 - Approximately a 40 x 40" framed with a picture of a cottage and  pansies. Nice ornate frame. Sunny day, so I am sorry there is a  reflection from the window, but there is no distortion or damage or  extra stuff in the picture

39 - Wrought iron plant stand with some artificial plants to get you going

40 - Pair of vintage Oak wood Windsor type chairs. They share the same  basic features so may have been a matched set at one time, but they have been stained a little different color and the back has been altered on  one

41 - Cloth napkins, nice hanging tapestry, plastic table cloths,  assorted placemats- cloth and plastic. Nice assortment of kitchen stuff, folks, even some towels.

42 - Kenmore sewing machine and box full of notions and thread

43 - Suitcase folding stand and a vinyl covered ottoman with rollers.  Ottoman measures 28" x 22" x 15" tall. This lot also includes plastic  hangers

44 - White painted nightstand measures 30 inches tall 14 inches deep and 18 inches wide. Has a drawer and cabinet with the shelf in it

45 - his cute little bedside lamp has beads hanging from the shade from  the top edge as well as the bottom edge. Metal stand has a glass oval  ball and metal base

46 - Bonneville back supporter spring air mattress, sitting on a metal  queen size frame with wheels for easy maneuverability. Has wood  headboard. You are purchasing the headboard and wood frame. The mattress and springs do not look like they have been used very long but you are  being given those as used mattress and springs cannot be "sold" in  Kansas. Buyer is being given the mattress & springs or can leave  behind. You are purchasing the wood headboard and the metal frame with  wheels. The bedding on top sells in lot 52.

47 - Eluded decorated springtime picture, enamel ware coffee pot, two  candles with holders, Rectangle plateau mirror, and some green ivy

48 - Pink Depression cream and sugar, a pair of lovebirds, demitasse cup & saucer sets, T bag strainers

49 -  A set of Oneida stainless tableware with silverware tray- includes forks, dinner and salad forks, spoons, knives, and a few miscellaneous  other pieces. Ivy type stainless steel cutting knife, paper table cover that has never been taken out of this bag and 3 plastic animals

50 - Wooden chest of drawers, with five drawers- metal handles and knobs. Very nice piece. Items on top sell in lot 47

51 - Wall hangings include a pair of framed fruit, needle point Santa  Claus, round mirror (the mirror is reflecting items in the room) and  three basket type hangings with wooden fruit

52 -Pillows, pillowcases, mattress, cover sheets

53 - Dream machine AM/FM digital clock/radio, Panasonic, cordless  rechargeable phones, Timex travel ball alarm clock, bathroom scales,  wallhangings: a framed picture of purple petunias and large/fake fruit:  including a pear, an apple and an orange. All of this includes a lidded  tote

54 - Santa Claus Collection: Most of the Santa Claus are made in China-  have one with the workbench, treetopper, a painted brick, and a wood  stand that you could use for a doorstop.

55 - Papier-mache & other Santas: Treetopper Santa, and various other styles including

56 - Three father Christmas Santas

57 - Vintage nightstand that has been painted black plus a metal magazine rack

58 - 65 inch loveseat hide a bed. The label says Lacrosse Elite, two  throw pillows and the covers for the side arms. Looks in good shape.

59 - Reproduction cast iron doorstop, a lady golfer and a little boy & girl sitting on a stool looking at puppies

60 - Arts and crafts oak table measures 23" long x 19" wide x 21" tall. Nice lamp table

61 - Table lamp with shade and a framed print by Margie Barrea- see the signature. I am not sure what it says.

62 - Samsung flatscreen 47" screen TV. Has two remotes plus you get all the cords that are attached. The family says the TVs work. You also  get a Samsung DVD player

63 -Black wood cabinet that the TV is sitting on and the DVD player is  on top shelf. This black wood unit looks like it is made of oak and been painted black to match the TV. 30" x 16” and stands 20 inches tall

64 - Large glass jar with big fake red flower and Christmas tree lights. You also get a paper ball hanging from the ceiling. String is just  draped over hook in the ceiling.

65 - Three large and two small plastic totes: one small and one large  have lids and all are full of various paper products: including napkins, cups, plates, bowls, plastic tableware

66 - Miscellaneous office supplies include: the wire basket, filled with scissors and jumbo paperclips, a metal Bookholder, a plastic tub filled with pens and pencils, two plastic racks for storing folders or files, a wire basket, a jar full of dice (roll the dice to see what you want to  do next) plus you get a16 foot three-quarter inch wide measuring tape  that has extra large numbers

67 - Wooden nightstand with an open shelf unit and a drawer with a metal pull- measures 17" x 14" x 27" tall

68 - Wire shelf unit & office supplies The wire shelf has six  cubbyholes plus you get clipboards, stapler, hole punch, markers, padded and regular mailing envelopes. Security letter size and legal size  envelopes, writing tablets and an alarm clock. Plus you get a tote  filled with labels and miscellaneous desk supplies

69 - Three totes with lids. One full of hanging files, a second one has highlighters, pens, pencils scissors and the third tote has cards- Some are Christmas cards, some from Oklahoma City, etc.

70 - Two drawer metal filing cabinet with hanging files. Is in good condition

71 - Three ring notebooks in various sizes, wire file holders also some binders

72 -  Nice bridge lamp- not old but useful and a framed print hanging on the wall

73 - Leather rocker/ recliner. In really good condition. No damage or  tears. The auctioneer is taking a break while he is checking it out.

74 - Whirlpool washer- tub and everything are in very good condition.  The family says does work. This is a high efficiency model.

75 - Whirlpool electric dryer. High-efficiency sensor, Family says it  works. There is no rust in the dryer. Is missing the handle. There is a  light in the drum

76 - Auto shut off Sunbeam steam iron, folding metal ironing board,  plastic basket to carry clothes. New dust pan & broom set- still has store tag. Lidded tote that has Scott dish cloths, latex gloves,  shelving paper, multipurpose lighter, bunch of goodies folks. Even have  hangers to hang up the clothes after you take them out of the dryer that you are gonna purchase in lot 75

77 - 40 inch Samsung flatscreen TV with remote. Family says it does work

78 - Hitachi DVD VHS player with remote plus a wooden two door cabinet that measures 28" x 18” x 24" tall

79 - Costume jewelry, a framed picture handpainted by Ruth Bucher of a  hummingbird, a vase that has plastic grapes, a container with a fake  plant, 2 glass vases with paper flowers a Fiesta plate with a plate  holder to display. A couple little dresser dishes plus assorted costume jewelry- some are beads, Pierced earrings, gold colored necklaces,  wooden necklace with wood , carved animals and more

80 - Arbec chest of drawers - five drawers with black knobs and on 4 feet so sets off the floor. Very nice solid piece.

81 - Southwest jewelry and other collectible costume jewelry See the pictures

82 - Jewelry box filled with earrings, watches and bands, some loose buttons. See the pictures

83 - Plastic divided tote with costume jewelry includes: crystal beads, jet beads and more- see the pictures

84 - Oak quilt stand measures 28 inches inside dimension & stands 3 foot tall.

85 - Two Eiffel towers- one is a wire that sits on your desk. The other  one is a black Eiffel Tower with crystal beads that hangs on the wall.  Glass vase that is painted silver with artificial flowers which you can  enjoy as you sit on a nice cushy chair, that looks like it might have  belonged to a vanity-does need to be re-glued.

86 - Nice solid wood nightstand that has two drawers- one with a knob  and the other with handle. Measures 16" x 28” and is 28 inches tall

87 - Nice framed picture of a walkway with flowers on either side, a  metal wall hanging with artificial flowers and a metal-based table lamp

88 -  Two artificial plants: one in a brass handled can and the other  one in a wicker basket. You can keep these guys looking good because  there is nothing alive about them. They are fake.

89 - Oval-shaped two-tiered Pine wood side table and a vintage bridge lamp

90 - Swivel reclining chair with footstool

91 - OK folks-this is a brand new Tranquility II adjustable double bed  with remote and has never been slept in. Comes from the Rise company,  has Sealy mattress and we are throwing in brand new bed linen set which  includes pillow shams- the whole works for you.

92 - Blow dryers, power strip, and a full length mirror

93 - Rayovac lantern. It still has the tags on it. Do not know if has  ever been used-Says lights up to a 25 foot radius. Three handled  flashlights and a regular flashlight.

94 - Complete stereo system: plays CDs, cassette tapes and you get the  cabinet that is sitting in along with two speakers and some CDs. Plus  you get a Panasonic cassette player and cassette tapes

95 -Assorted blankets and a stand-alone clothes bag

96 -Hangers, plastic covered wire shelves, heating pad & hand held dumbbells

97 - Sheets, table cloths and some pillowcases that have not been taken out of the plastic

98 - Towels, wash cloths, felt lined plastic table cloth, blanket bag

99 - Three framed Food pictures: pictures of onions, apples, oranges, and lemons

100 - Clear mixing bowls, Tupperware bowls, basket, glass sets, serving pieces and a nice set of artwork of Cafe Paris

101 - Some porcelain pieces, microwave safe bowls, bowls with silver  ring. International ironstone, and other pieces. Showing some samples  and then pix of the group.

102 - Juice glasses, goblets, Glasses with colored rings on the bottom, glass custards and other glasses

103 - Depression glass: Iris and Herringbone cream and sugar, Pink open  lace- one piece is damaged, good glass juicer, clear glass gravy &  tray, see the pictures

104 - Lots of fiestaware folks: plates, salad plates, platter, cereal,  bowls, mixing bowl, covered butter, small creamer, all kinds of  mugs& different colors: purple, yellow, blue & turquoise

105 - Plasticware & few pieces of Tupperware (The TV that shows in the picture is sold in a separate lot)

106 - Square plastic serving bowl with its original box, the rest of the items are all glass. Relish plate, handled nappy, salt and pepper  shakers (smallest set is plastic), cake pedestal plate- see the pictures

107 - Bella two slice toaster, red base paper towel holder to match the red toaster, knife block with knives and scissors

108 -Samsung flat screen TV -family says it does work

109 - Corelle plates with two different patterns. A mug with an L on it, a platter that is in foreign languages for the meat pictures: beef,  pork, etc. Cat dishes and decorated plates plus a blue small vase with  handle.

110 - Paris souvenirs including: a wood "Paris" on a metal easel, a big  square Paris plate with wrought iron easel, a little tiny Eiffel tower  on a stand, and a stoneware holder with plastic and metal kitchen  utensils

111 - Milk glass pedestal cake, Japanese oval shaped serving bowl, crock and a Pyrex cake pan

112 - Two small Pyrex bowls for mixing or serving, a Pyrex bowl with designs on it and a casserole bowl with no lid

113 - Pottery chip & dip set and three mugs. One of the mugs has some chips on the Rim. 2 oddball mugs

114 - Four corning ware casserole with lids, two vision baking dishes, one has a lid the other does not,

115 - Stainless tableware consists of forks, spoons, knives and some  other odds and end pieces. You get the plastic tray to take them home,  pot holders and hot pads to put underneath your hot plates.

116 - Muffin/cupcake pans, Rubbermaid plasticware-that has never been  opened, some Pyrex that is still in original packaging, Tupperware pie  carriers, foil pans, Pyrex cake pans, assorted storage containers, ice  cube trays, foil pans- stock your shelves folks

117 - Skillets & saucepans There are two saucepan lids, but only one saucepan, two small skillets plus 2 larger ones, a Vision sauce pan  with lid, an extra metal lid that does not go to anything and a steam  ball. Insulated cups & two plastic pitchers with lids

118 - Black & Decker blender, Silas food chopper with its original  box and marble mortar and pestal-still in its original box. Nut chopper and a nice little glass pitcher to store juice in your refrigerator.

119 - Two covered mixing bowls-One is Pampered chef bowl with handle and spout. A corning coffee pot that sit on the stove to perk, ice bucket, juice jar, decorative jar with lid.and glass coffee pot. See the  pictures.

120 - Glass water pictures with handles. One has crack at top of handle

121 - Kitchen utensils in plastic organizers that you get with this  purchase: corn cob holders, food peelers, measuring spoons, ice cream  scoops, spatulas, wine cork opener, tongs, cookie dough scoops &  more

122 -Measuring spoons, strainers, potato mashers, meat tenderizer,  Maverick roaster alert, rolling pins, colanders - see the pictures

123 - 4' long Wood and wrought iron patio bench with a set of pillows

124 - Pair of padded seat barstools with wood frames that look like Oak wood. They both swivel

125 - 6 piece patio set consists of metal table with ceramic top, 2  wrought iron chairs, 2 side tables and glider bench. Chairs and glider  have removable cushions and there is a cover for the table, though the  cover is a little large.

126 - Four wrought iron chairs & round table with tempered glass  top. There is a hole in the top for an umbrella-but there is no  umbrella. All four chairs have cushions that are removable plus you get a chest that the cushions have been stored in

127 - Three piece patio set- Wrought iron framed chair and footstool  plus patio table with tempered glass top. For a bonus you get a metal  flower as a centerpiece for the table

128 - 5' Wooden bench with metal frame

129 - Wrought iron plant stands One plant stand has legs and a place for a pot. but currently has no pot. The other one is on rollers and has a pot with some flowers already planted. Get a good start on Spring. It  stands 21 inches tall

130 - Wine bottles that have been painted and put on wires to decorate the yard. Base of a bird bath

131 - Bird bath, a pole with a lantern, glass ball with flat bottom and a spiral figure-all to decorate your yard

132 - 3 large planters- The largest is 19" across

133 - Terracotta Crock and frog

134 - 4 plastic plant pots & one has a hanger wire

135 - Garden hose & reel

136 - Planters-Two are plastic, 2 are clay

137 - A lighted deer to put in your front yard, wreaths to hang on your  door & other miscellaneous greenery. A laundry basket full of  Christmas lights, Christmas candle that does not light up to stick in  your front yard. A flag holder that holds different flags as and then  you can find some of these flags in lot 35

138 - Cross cut saw and hacksaw, coax cord, plastic covered hooks to use on a pegboard, yardsticks, icemelt-never been opened

139 - Electrical cords

140 - Cushions, cushions in the plastic bag, a new- still unopened  silver black poly tarp, and a one that has already been taken out of the bag, plus a woven rope

141 - 10 low-voltage Moon Rays lights for your yard. 4 watts per  fixture. Automatic on at dusk off at dawn, Box has never been opened  plus you get a canister jar with a lid.

142 - Dog Basket, kennel cab, sleeping pillow, dog food, food tray, toys of all kinds

143 - 5 foot folding picnic table

144 - Three folding chairs with bags

145 - Three wheel folding golf cart- all you need is the golf clubs. Bag Boy easy fold #12. Handle has been re-taped with purple tape

146 - EZ go multi task cart. You can put your mulch in it, but right now it is carrying a garden sprayer.

147 - OK guys this is like a brand new Toro TXP OHV engine  self-propelled push mower with a grass catcher. Says it is guaranteed to start and if it does not see your local Toro dealer.

148 - Two ice chests and a Samsonite suitcase

149 - Fellows P 57Cs paper shredder. Makes confetti out of your paper  and even shreds credit cards. Included is a red metal folding chair

150 - Toro 13 inch cut trimmer edger. Eureka super broom, dirt devil, hand vac, plus a swiffer

151 - Some more painted colored bottles to add to the yard when you buy  the other lot, white enamel black trimmed dish pan, 19 foot string of HD lights and bulbs. Lidded plastic tote with garden and cloth gloves, a  burn plant in a pot and a Scott's easy hand-held spreader

152 - Two pairs of sawhorse brackets for use with 2 x 4 lumber, a  container full of screwdrivers, a small hammer and some other  miscellaneous tools. A canning jar and a magnetic mount for mobile  devices to put in your car plus a Rayvac flashlight.

153 - Jump start any 12 V DC battery Jumpstart system and 12 V batteries power supply with its original box. It does not look like has hardly  been used.

154 - Tools include hammers, hatchet, dust pan, hedge trimmers, limb pruner

155 - Everything you need in your home and garage. Two sawhorses with an old door for table. Chicken wire, decorating screen, weed protection  screen for your garden and black plastic.

156 -Leaf rakes, metal rake, garden hoe, squeegees, shop broom, square  point shovel, snow shovel, pointed shovel, light bulb changer on long  file when cannot get with a ladder, see the pictures

157 - Quick connect holder with bits that fits all brands of drills,  quick and easy big changes. A box with extension plug extenders, spring  clips for hanging stuff on the wall, liquid glue, gray tape, grease  fitting, assortment 0f fabric and garden staples, plastic clothes pins,  blackboard erasers, and a 50 foot tape measure reel

158 - Black & Decker cordless rechargeable drill, 7.2 V two speed. Set of Hex Shank drillbits.

159 - Wood used for trimming- some look like bed slats plus other wood

160 - Contents of shelf-Garden Supplies Contents of the shelf only:  garden supplies, kneeling cushion, tool box of miscellaneous tools,  batteries, all different kinds of lightbulbs, boxes of nails, funnels,  Weed b Gone

161 - Contents of shelf-Garden supplies Selling the contents only,  shelving sells separately. Lightbulbs, garden products, ant killer,  Miracle Gro, silicone, dry lube, wasp spray- see the pictures.

162 - Adjustable metal shelving (2) 5' x 30" adjustable metal shelving. All the contents sold in lots 161 and 160

163 - WD-40, cans of starting fluid, container of Round Up, lawnmower  oil, 4 cycle oil, three drawer plastic organizer that is empty, a wicker basket of paint brushes. New concrete blocks that have been painted  black

164 - Three shelf rolling cart with heat lamps, flashlights, sandpaper, power strip and stapler guns

165 - A piece of plywood that is cut to be like a desk when you are  sitting in a chair, two pieces of plywood with carpet cover- Maybe  putting holes or maybe cornhusker game holes. 2 pieces of plywood that  can put together to make a table or whatever you want

166 - Aluminum bubble level, brooms and dust pan, sliders to move furniture, pocket knives, JCPenney pliers, tarp straps

167 - Sewing machine table that has been turned into a work table. Has  the sewing machine wrought iron base. The items on top sell in lot 166. This lot is the table only

168 - Werners 6' metal folding step ladder

169 - Shop vac ultra Plus 6 gallon with a 3.0 peak HP. Has the attachments and hose plus you get an extension cord.

170 - Three-step folding metal stepladder

171 - 6 foot metal shelf unit full of miscellaneous paint, rust- o-leum. You get the whole kit and caboodle. Take what you want and leave the  rest.

172 -  A pair of folding lawn chairs, 4 cement blocks that have been  painted black, assorted bricks, wood blocks, a box full of rocks,  folding table and a piece of painted plywood. All yours for one price

173 - 6 foot metal shelf unit 6 foot metal shelf unit

174 - Wicker shelf unit Wicker 5 shelf unit that has been colored white. Great for storing towels or knickknacks. Almost 6 foot tall at the  top of the arch and is 22 inches wide

175 - Small cabinet w/glass doors Small cabinet with glass doors and a  shelf. Under counter light. The cabinet measures 27" x 15" x 13"  tall

176 - Lane Cedar chest measures 44 inches long 16 inches deep stands 21  inches tall. Has two pulls on the front that look like handles but there are no drawers- just decoration. Very good condition. Does have key

177 - Hot point microwave oven

178 - 5' folding table plus a Kodak carousel slide projector which has two trays but no slides

179 - Glass top table. Take the glass off and you can fold it up for easy storage. The top measures 30" square

180 - Christmas decorations Three plastic totes, all have lids and are  full of Christmas decorations: greenery, Santa's hat, lights, miniature Christmas trees. See the pictures

181 -Several different sizes and colors of posterboard, a "Maggie Muchmore of Santa Fe" print, early American print

182 - Five framed pictures, mostly still lifes. A picture of a paper clip with flowers on it

183 - Four frame pictures plus a metal framed mirror. More still lifes

184 - Six framed pictures-different shapes and sizes. Large one is not framed

185 - Plastic tote with no lid, plastic basket- both containing glass and wicker vases. There is some flowers to get you started

186 - All the pictures have been matted, but none of them are framed as  you can see from the pictures. Various sizes -most of them are still  lifes

187 - Christmas wreaths, fall centerpieces & wooden Santa

188 - Wicker rocking chair with cushion seat

189 - Queen size bed with a metal headboard and frame with wheels on the bottom to make it easy to maneuver. Has a Monterey  Master Sleep deep mattress that looks like not very old. Also get the  pillow shams, pillows and the cover.

190 - The vintage wood chair has a leather seat and has been painted white. Also a modern bridge lamp.

191 - Two frame pictures of paintings, four frames with nothing in them and cut out of a barn to hang on the wall

192 - Five drawer chest with single pulls trimmed with metal. Very nice piece

193 - Pillows for your bed, including a wedge to raise your head and some pillows to decorate your bed. Two totes with lids

194 - Wood end table, polyester fibers for filling quilts or pillows,  hangers: plastic and wire, and pieces of material, including some felt

195 - 6 foot folding table and a black card table

196 - Four Samsonite folding chairs with padded seats

197 - Oak drop leaf table measures 3 foot long 18 inches wide. Has two 9 inch leaves. Pulled out is 3' square. Picture is with one leaf up and  other leaf still down

198 - Dell and HP printers. The Dell is plugged in so I am assuming it  is the one that was used the most recently. It has an extra color  cartridge and all the instruction books. Some cables-no computer.

199 -Wooden organizer for your desk, adjustable desk lamp, a wicker  basket with coffee cup. plastic plants and "love blooms" box with three canning jars

200 - Pair of maracas, the original Rummykube game, ginger tea aroma  scented candle that has never been opened, vase, candles, and other  items. Check the pictures.

201 - Two oscillating fans- 2 different sizes

202 - Oscillating fan and a clip fan. Both are Windmere

203 - This tote has a lid and it is full of cloth and leather type bags  plus a seat cushion. Ignore the label on the front that listing other  items.

204 - Rectangle area rug with rubberized back to keep from sliding. Look like has not been used very much. Measures 40" x 60"

205 - Several picture frames, one mirror plateau, some of the frames have pictures.

206 - Two soft sided suitcases they have wheels they have handles. They  have lots of compartments for storage one is blue one is black they have not been over used so they are like new and ready to go for you.

207 - Hutchinson Salt Hawks seat to watch the athletes play ball then  when you get home, fold it up and use the dumbbells to build up your arm strength or use elastic stretching straps. Two different types  exercise mats to take your nap

208 - Bow Flex 3 series treadmill- the family says it works. Continue  your workout with items from Lot 207 by using this treadmill. This piece of equipment is sitting on a mat that goes with this lot

209 - Little Golden Books, The Hundredth Day of School book, Readers for Children- looks like they came right out of the school. Little Golden  Books include ABC's, Ducks and Friends and more. See the pictures

210 - Hollywood adjustable metal bed frame with rollers

211 - Mexican Train Dominoes Double 12 set, Cardinals Professional Texas Hold'em poker set. Both are in tin boxes. Nice heavy statue metal piece sitting on wood -looks like they might be watching volleyball.

212 - Two stationary chairs with vinyl back and seats on metal frames.

213 - Poster of the Eiffel Tower with people hanging on it. (I am sure  it is all been added after the fact) A picture of "de Musee du Louse", a picture of a gargoyle and an empty frame

214 - Lighted Christmas tree made of wire rod and lights with a star on  top, a glass, black bucket full of Christmas balls and lights. A  Tupperware tub with a teddy bear and other Christmasey items

215 - Knives, forks, spoons for every day use at your table in plastic  ware with lid, American 8 x 12" flag still in the bag and four pictures  of groups of "students?" from Paris trips on - 1983, 1978, 1997 and one cannot read the other number. Plus a tote with paper towels, Kleenex  box, scented candle and a pot of plants that you do not have to water

216 - Afghan, bag with craft items (including a Knotter) and blankets

217 - 5 1/2 foot leather cover couch with a metal frame. See no damage

218 - Two books from Prairie Dunes (Hutchinson, Ks) "The First 50 years- 1937 to 1987". A nice heavy duty frame to hold pictures or even hold  one of the books. A book of "Maxwells Prairie Dunes" and a TV sound WB  AM/FM radio plus a10' tealight Holder Santa lamp with original box

219 - Round folding table with two folding chairs from Cosco. The top  has been repaired with some tape where it started to rip but otherwise,  it is in really good shape

220 - Plastic purple milk crate filled with assorted candles, some  glasses, a copper colored metal bugle with no markings, small plates  that can use to set a candle on, ceramic square coasters, brass colored  plant pot, see the picture of all the different types of candles

221 -Putting green with electric return. Even has a couple of golf balls-just need the putter

222 - Digital Synthizer Tuner, 36 Step Random Access program/edit pause  for CDs Cassette tapes. Has a two-way speaker system. Quite a system  guys.

223 - Beautiful spherical white floor lamp. Stands 56 inches See the pix

224 - Framed Paris pictures - various sizes

225 - Stoneware crock and a crock material water bag that you hang on  the wall, scented candle holder, small vase, coasters and playing cards. All in a plastic tote that has a lid

226 - Cup and saucer sets, 2 tea pots, a creamer and child's cup. A  porcelain child toy creamer plus some coasters, Tea & Spice ball,  vodka bottle that has been melted down to make a display with an a clear bowl. All have been put into a lidded tote

227 - Three types of coasters: one from Prairie dunes, decorating  coasters of a golf ball and lady golfer coasters. 4 glass cereal bowls, a candle with a candle plate underneath it, a plastic tray and three  arrangements of artificial flowers. All in a lidded tote

228 - Candles and wrought iron candelabra, child tea set for two-  unmarked, large vase with colored sand, square glass brick, water  pitcher and a glittered star. The 2 place mats are of paper and  glued/taped to the table top so winning bidder can have if figure way to remove them without tearing. Paris picture in background is part of  another lot, not this lot

229 - Wooden table painted white. The items on top sell in lot 228. Measures 5' x 30"

230 - Pope Gosser china set includes dinner plates, salad, plates and serving pieces

231 - Three sets of four snack sets and a box of 12 crystal glass plates- no cups

232 - Two boxes of stemmed Reidel wine tasting sets

233 - Wooden clock shelf, painted white. 5 empty picture frames, a  Christmas ball ornament, and a cup & saucer set with wire stand

234 - Piano music from Andy Williams, 57 easy piano organ, solos, big  book of music: "Whispering Hope" and other sheet music, World's  Greatest Showtunes. Quite a variety plus a poster of European breads  showing all kinds of breads that are made in Europe. See the pictures  for more descriptions on the books

235 - Wooden desk measures 51" x 2'. Has two drawers on the left-hand  side and an open shelf on the right side. Have a five legged rolling  office chair that is adjustable.

236 - Large George Foreman grill, Norco brew two coffee maker, White  Westinghouse can opener, Krups coffee grinder, window and vent mounting  kit for your phone

237 - Maxim and Nordic Ware electric crape makers with their original  boxes. A Hamilton Beach electric knife, and a handheld blender

238 - Water pitcher with the Eiffel Tower, a super large margarita  glass, plastic ivy and a 2002 U.S. Women's Open Prairie Dunes Country  Club picture

239 - Smoothie maker- has recipes for you to follow plus a Hamilton Beach large crockpot

240 - An Emerson electric wine bottle opener, a Prestige wine cooler, and a food chopper with blades

241 - Two shelves of books and CDs: including Betty Crocker's Food and  Easy, Quick Meals, Bisquick Cookbook, Extraordinary Women, Great Taste  of Home low fat. Not all are cookbooks. CDs include Diane Schuler,  Whitney Houston, Oleta Adams, popular Classics, and more

242 - Two shelves of books: Find Life of AJ Fikry, Experiencing God, The Glass Castle, The Autobiography of Santa Claus, These Precious Days,  Skippy, John Jones, see the pictures

243 - Two shelves of books Two shelves of books: Southern Living  Ultimate Christmas Cookbook, Betty Crocker's Picture Cookbook and more.  See the pictures

244 - 6 shelf wood bookcase. All the books and items on top, sell in  other lots. 6 foot tall by 3 foot wide as you can see it holds a lot of  books

245 - Deluxe salad spinner with original box, a Presto air popper for popcorn, and a Britta water pitcher with extra filter

246 - Mr. Coffee deluxe model with stainless steel coffee pitcher.  Handled stainless tea kettle which you will need to put on the stove.

247 - Panasonic cassette tape recorder with box. "Click Case" that  holds 16 CDs. Memorex model 87 video cassette recorder, a VHS Four head has the remote. Comes with a lidded tote

248 - International cooking appliances: Fondue set (French) includes  stainless steel forks, a Santa Fe quesadilla maker with original box  (Mexican), and an electric wok (Chinese)

249 - Homemade ice cream maker-not in original box, electric table top make up mirror and a small bridge pole lamp

250 - Eiffel tower table lamp which has no shade, but it is standing on a really nice art glass topped wrought iron stand

251 - Foldable executive producers chair, canvas back and seat. Wood frame

252 - Wood rocking chair with a padded pillow to sit on. Is not an oldie, but still a goodie.

253 - Lacrosse Elite hide a bed love seat with a pair of matching throw pillows and arm covers

254 -Lazy boy rocker recliner- has covers for the arms and back. Really good condition.

255 - View Master gift pak- Charlie Brown and more, Also included in  this lot: Rhinestone hat, witches pointed hat, teddy bears, a baby doll, ET game, Miles Bradley- the French card game and a magazine rack

256 - Strobe light-does work. Pole lamp light- we could not get to work -maybe it is just a simple connection or needs new bulb. This lot is  just the 2 lamps, The items that are showing in one of the pix are  games and puzzles that are selling in lot 257

257 - Board games include dominoes, guillotine, pig mania, Chinese checkers, red interior, bingo, etc. And some puzzles

258 - Hutchinson High School Salt Hawks medals and team pix display and a wood framed clock from Paris

259 - Hey Folks, do you have trouble keeping plants alive? You should be able to keep these going. One is in wicker basket and one is in a  brass bucket. The third one is in China vase. Plus handled vase.

260 - 7 foot long couch with two matching throw pillows

261 - Table lamp that still has the cellophane on the shade, a wire  basket full of wood fruit and a nice little multicolored vase that is  unmarked.

262 - Solid oak coffee and end table set

263 - Two brass-could be seals, two pieces of pottery, a wooden duck,  and a black ceramic egg plus a little miniature plate and plate stand.  They are being put into a wicker basket for you to include in your order

264 - Pair of matching upholster chairs- one is a rocker and the other  one is a recliner. Note the recliner release is on the inside of the  seat

265 - Round top wicker table that is sitting beside the chair and has a shelf

266 - Four wood matching straight back chairs. We have not found a table that they would with

267 - Metal tin with several pieces of paper and coin foreign money that she collected in her travels. Also included in this lot is a framed  picture of music. I do not know my Italian or French so I have no clue  what it says nor what language it is.

268 - All three shelves of books are going for one money. The  impressionist Picasso, several on Monet. If you are interested in art  -this is a good lot for you to add to your information library. The New Cassel's French dictionary-, but it does not look like it is very new.  More money in the photograph album- no pictures, just money: coins and  paper. Also old hymnals and Bible

269 - Santa figurines- all shapes and sizes. There is even a candle  Santa. There is an empty box, but it does not match any the Santas that  we have seen yet.

270 - TV Entertainment series RCA guide plus gold Gemstar TV. Has two remotes and measures 32". Family said all the TVs work

271 - Goebel West Germany Hummel marked Number 255-1963, Re83. Milo figurine of the armless Greek goddess.

272 - Santa Claus figurines: pewter, couple wood, needlepoint and  others. Christmas tree made out of strips of cloth. Another Christmas  tree is a ceramic- see the pictures.

273 - Even Santa has to relax -we have three different stages of him  golfing. Plus some caddies on top of cream cheese knives. Stuffed Santa  and Mrs. Claus and a traveler with a backpack Christmas, Holly and  muffs. A golfing Santa with original box

274 - Throw rugs of different sizes, furniture pads, that you can tie to ship chairs and several throw rugs

275 -Assorted sizes and shapes of plastic totes- the majority have lids.