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Ms. Staton is moving to be near her daughter and family so is  selling her home and the contents she does not want to move. Included  in the items selling is 1965 Ford Mustang for restoring, Like new LG  refrigerator, furniture and collectibles. The House and contents are  selling in 2 different online auctions simutaneoulsy. To bid on the  house and the contents, must register for each auction. Be sure to read T&C for each auction.

1 - Gulbransen spinet piano with vintage piano bench. Bench has padded upholstery seat

2 - Fisher Price Childâ's table and with 2 straight chairs and 1 rocking chair. Good shape. Still have a lot of playtime left. Metal frame  legs/rockers. Rocker has arms.

3 - JVC TV. Bring help to load this as has some age so it is a heavy sucker

4 - Two door cabinet and 3 folding wooden window shutters measure 16" x  29" when open up. Shutters have porcelain knobs. The cabinet has two  doors with metal pulls. The TV is currently sitting on it as a stand

5 - Pr matching wall mirrors, framed pheasant print, 3 metal leaves and squirrels wall hanging

6 - Very nice modern four shelf bookcase with glass doors that fold up and fold away just like the old ones. Porcelain knobs

7 - Geronimo by Marx from Fort Apache Fighters series. Box marked  "movable Apache Indian" comes with its box and headdress. Separately is his horse. A reproduction cast-iron train engine and passenger car, a  kaleidoscope and some miscellaneous doll clothes

8 -  Mattel Malibu Skipper "The sunset" in original box- I do not think  she's ever been taken out. "Christie" twist 'n turn waist with bendable arms. Ken the Explorer. A doll that is missing a foot and his head is  coming off, so we think he tried to do kung fu on Geronimo in the  previous lot. Also a Mattel warrior that has a laser power control

9 - Kirby upright sweeper Kirby upright sweeper with shampoo kit

10 - Lane cedar chest with the original moth insurance policy still in  the lid. The lock has come out but it is still in the chest so you can  replace it or repair the lock. The cedar chest is still in really good  shape and lot of years of use left

11 - Reproduction Carousel gumball machine on metal stand. Uses a  screwdriver instead of a key to open up to fill. A nice piece. You  also get a Galaxy 300 bowling ball

12 - Metal travel trunk that is lined with old newspaper. Has metal  closures and leather straps on each end. You get a bonus- bottom of a  paper shredder

13 -  Unmarked Toy metal cash register, 101 Dalmatian 2 CD Platinum  Edition box to store CDs in- there are no CDs. Plastic carry tote for 2  plastic Snoopy dogs with doll (dog?) clothes

14 - Covered baby stroller and Fisher-Price toddler pot

15 -Pair matching table lamps with material covered shades and porcelain bases

16 - Siamese mama and her baby kitten which are electrified so their  eyes light up- pretty cool. Has what looks like "Krum" trademark

17 - Vintage Magazine Lamp table

18 - 2 Vintage metal frame chair with arms. Padded cloth back and seat

19 - Empty Balloon Time bottle, you get to nice baskets- one is wicker  and one is straw with grandpa and grandma with tea set and a little  cast-iron stove with a bonus softball

20 - Wicker birdhouse wall hanging and Sterling High School band June 5, 1999 American musical salute touring Washington DC

21 - Two quilts-one is baby quilt. The larger quilt looks like it might fit a single size bed and it has some damage that needs some repair but it still has ability to warm body. Both have tags-manufactured made

22 - 7 foot over stuffed couch with wood frame work. Needs a good cleaning but in good shape

23 -  Upholstered recliner. They did have pets so has a personalized  hole beside the foot control and inside right arm. Needs good cleaning

24 - Wooden rocker glider with removable padded cushions for easy cleaning. Works good

25 -  Books: World Book with the year books of 69 and 70. Stephen King hardback, Readers Digest books, The Golden Treasury of Knowledge  collection, Standard Education Society Books, United States Marines, The Illustrated encyclopedia of Animal Life in three volumes, Picture  dictionary for a child and a Child's World Arts etc. If you were the  winning bidder take what you want and rest will go either to recycling  or thrift shop or someplace that you choose to take them to

26 - Books: Home repair and Improvement Series, Women's Day Crochet  Showcase, Family Medical Guide, Student Handbook including Webster's New World Dictionary -three volumes plus more: Plants and Animals, Real  Life Heroes, Consumer Digest in America. Now once again- if you do not  want all the books take what you want and will take rest either to  thrift or recycling

27 - Mattels Walt Disney Snow White and the seven dwarfs. It is only the Seven Dwarfs-there is no Snow White in the package. It does not look  like it has even been opened.  A ladies hat, wooden pant hangers, miscellaneous bags and a cool looking artificial plant that even I can not kill and it is got a string of  lights to decorate it

28 - Wooden child chair with strap to hold them while they are eating at the table

29 - Riding the caterpillar. Has wooden rockers and body of caterpillar  made a soft cushioned colorful fabric and has a stuffed mouse, wooden  handles to hang onto. Needs a good cleaning but it looks in really  good shape

30 - Vintage Oak claw footed piano stool. Needs refinishing and the  screwtop needs repair -but it is still a nice old solid piece

31 - Avon car bottles -They look like they are all empty. Gett a Dura  bond tough to beat clock that swivels and has an old car on it. A  reclining angel finguerine

32 - Deacon seat toy box Wooden Deacon seat toy box. Clean this up and  you have got a really nice piece for storing items or even just to sit  on. Nice solid old piece. 32 inches long 15 inches deep and 16 inches  tall on the front

33 - Sad irons and glass candy dispenser car, Two welcome plaques- one  with a pig and one with a little peasant boy and girl with duck. One  iron has the trivet and handle, two without handles and toy sad iron  with handle and no trivet

34 - Brand new porcelain type picture frame, Wooden Kleenex box cover  and "genuine hand knotted pearls" in the case. They look like pearls but "buy" them like you see them. The frame has never been used

35 - 15 boxes of Greeting cards. Some have a few cards and some boxes  are almost full- Get Well, Sympathy, Birthday- nice assortment

36 - Jonathan Kellerman books, Cookbooks, Tim Conway and a few others.  As in the other lots of books, take what you want and leave the rest for recycling or thrift shop

37 - Assorted books: Coronation hymns, Dale Evans, The Best new British  Mysteries, King James version of the Family Record Addition, Holy Bible  Concordance, Cookbook, Assorted hardback and paper books= lots of good  reading. Once again take the ones you want and leave the others to be  either taken to the thrift shop or recycle bin

38 - Both paper and hardback books: Readers Digest. Huckleberry Finn.  Slaughterhouse Five, Janet Echovich, John Grisham, Agatha Christie and  many more, Once again take what you want, leave the rest to either be  taken to the thrift shop or the recycle bin

39 - Wood dining room table Measures 64" x 47”. Does need refinished, Comes with a set of four wooden chairs

40 - Nice harvest table with inlaid design on the leaves. This is a  dropleaf with the drop leaves measuring 9 1/2 inches wide each, the  table is 5 foot long and the middle portion of the table is 20 inches  wide In very good condition. Is a pretty piece

41 - Set of six dining chairs. Staton was using them with the table in  lot 39. They do not exactly match the table but they are a set and some need refinished. Each have a vinyl padded back- five red and one  yellow

42 - Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II. Two cardboard boxes with  packages that have never been opened. Did open one box to see what it  contained. Attempted to put out various sizes that is representative of  what is in the boxes. These are brand new to do your own photos folks

43 - Car wheel hubcap that has been converted to a battery operated wall clock. 2 made in China matchbox type race cars- they are not in mint  condition. Do not know if the clock works as no battery, but it is  pretty unique

44 -  Fire King and Pyrex glass loaf pans, Amber colored tooth picker,  Hutchinson Kansas parking tokens and a very nice wood block knife  Cutlery Set -missing one steak knife

45 - Stainless steel pots and pans, piece of Corning without a lid,Teflon coated saucepan & Pyrex ovenware

46 - 4 graduated sizes plastic mixing bowls, Unmarked glass measuring  cup- looks like it holds more than 2 cups, a plastic sheet to put on top of your counter imprinted with some recipes to use while you  are  rolling out your cookie dough plus a part of a salad spinner

47 - Straw work hat and belts

48 - Glass canister and knickknacks Including stackable fruit (hold  small candies etc),bride and groom, angel, coach shaped perfume bottle  with no perfume and a dresser canister with cotton balls

49 - Half pint Steffens cream bottle, Kiwi Johnson whitener for shoes,  foldable fanny pack for carrying around your important essentials when  walking

50 - Dash Compact air fryer with instruction manual/recipes. Included is a First Bank window shield that folds up and stores away

51 - Microwave Roasting rack and muffin pan- both with their original  boxes, Nutra bake the bakeware of the 90s healthy cooking the natural  way with original box, three Echo metal pizza pans and two zippered bags for carrying products from the store

52 - Five ladies watches, one man's watch, bracelet, costume beads,  jewelry dresser box, baby contest awards. Do not know if watches work

53 - LP and 45 records-Iron butterfly, the best of Earth Wind and Fire  share, The Bogeyman, a Good Time Man Like Me and many more. These are  vintage folks

54 - Yoga mat,Water bottle, insulated bags for carrying water and food,  other exercise materials and Winnie the Pooh to guard over you

55 - Electric percolator with grounds basket, Black & Decker coffee  maker along with an extra basket, three carafes plus a little wooden  antique store replica, piece of pottery and a brand new "let it snow"  photo frame

56 - Miscellaneous dinnerware: As well as bird and flower vases, cereal  and serving bowls, handled soup bowls, there’s a few pieces of  matching cereal bowls, dinner and salad plates & cups.

57 - Serving trays,depression era celery dish, milk pitcher, salad bowl, assorted other pieces: Custer glass, a nice aluminumware serving dish  carrier, glass deviled egg plat and miscellaneous items to accent your  table

58 - Harmony Musical figurine with original box, sand dollars,  Seashells and a homemade bird nest with eggs plus a nice little  miniature oil lamp with wick

59 - Desk top fan and child's cowboy boots all for knickknacks and two  Christmas movies- one is Home Alone & Home Alone Two and the other  is Jingle all the way

60 - 4 pc Canister set , 60 & 40 watt lightbulbs, ToothPics bottles of vinegar and spray bottles, toilet paper and paper towels

61 - Black and Decker table top broiler oven

62 - Kitchen drawer full of tools including screwdrivers, scissors,  utility knife, glue, crimpers, electric tape, pocket knife. Drawer full  of kitchen towels

63 - Coffee mugs, Basket, counter top mat to dry your dishes by the  sink, paper plates- Happy Birthday, assorted gold trim plates and  anniversary plates. Child's plates and cups, cute little butter knife  with a snowman on it

64 - LG refrigerator Stainless steel with doors that open from the left  to the right and across the top freezer. Like new and buyer even get  some refrigerator magnets. Measures 30" wide, 66" tall and 32"deep

65 - LG microwave that matches the refrigerator. States is an easy  clean with a carousel. Just unplug it and take it home with you

66 - Pumpkin and other decorating including hooked rug for Christmas,  placemats, Christmas pillow, stuffed mouse, a pair of Tolman leather  gloves, assorted toys for the puppy dog and a basket to keep them in

67 - Items from the kitchen: Wicker trays to sit hot pans on, to carry  or to put on the table. Wooden rolling pin, an Automatic Oscillometric  digital blood pressure monitor, cheese grater, ladle, mugs with lids for taking beverages places, juicer, measuring cups. Adjustable walking  cane

68 - VHS and DVD tapes: Harry Potter, Little House on the Prairie  series, Burn firm other work-out tapes, Lord of the Rings and more  including a reproduction Cracker Jack Tin

69 - Wood bookshelf: Foot tall, 18 inches wide, 10 inches deep and four shelves. Items on top and on the shelves are selling in lot 68

70 -  Folding dresser mirror with no dresser plus "Peasant and Our Daily Bread" framed print

71 - Child's room table lamp. Wood child's rocker- missing a seat but  it is a nice solid little rocker that needs to be made usable

72 - Oak parlor table with scalloped edges that measures 2' x 2'™ and is really unique as it has claw and ball feet but also has hardware on  the corners of the shelf to fasten to legs.

73 - Double sized trumble bed with metal rail. Has head and footboard.  Buyer is being given you the bedding, mattress and springs that  currently are sitting on it

74 - Four-drawer chest and drawing table. The chest has bookshelves on  the end and metal handles. Very nice sturdy writing desk that has a  pencil tray and Formica style top for easy cleaning. The items on top of desk sell in the next three lots. These two pieces are upstairs and you will need somebody to help you carry them down the stairs

75 - The American girls collection books

76 - The Survival Series for Kids books written by Joey Berry with  pictures by Bartholomew. Plus book collection of The Classic Pioneer  Adventures by Laura Ingalls Wilder

77 - SV 2000 DVD recorder player plus a remote and Stamina unit

78 - Vintage luggage and stereo stand. The luggage shows it has been  used- you probably want to reline it if you want to use, but the outside is still sturdy and ready to go to work. The stereo stand holds  records and is pretty cool looking

79 - 13" screen TV with remote. Looks like it goes in a child's room- pretty cool

80 - Emerson stereo system with speakers AM/FM and two can cassette  things so you can double and make your own cassette current recordings

81 - 6 gallon shop vac

82 - Sheets, pillowcases, pillows, electric blanket, hot pad, mattress cover and bed cover- all for One money.

83 - Three piece bedroom set includes a bed frame, chest of drawers,  dresser with mirror- but the mirror is broken out. Just the frame and  there is no broken glass. We are going to give you the mattress and  springs as it’s on the bed frame but you are not obligated to take it  if you do not want it. No head or foot board, just metal frame with  wheels. Metal pulls and teardrops on the dresser and chest

84 - Towels and blow dryer. VTECH cordless telephone with original box  and 2 super soakers to get the towels wet or maybe to dry off the kid  after they get wet

85 - Vintage paw foot serpentine dresser with metal rollers. The two  bottom drawers have metal pulls. The two little drawers have the holes  for the pulls but there are no pulls hardware. Nice shape. Dark wood.

86 - Plastic food carriers for cake, pie and relishes. Miscellaneous  boxes that are empty that used to have Hallmark Keepsake cars in them  and a nice little wood wall shelf with heart cutout

87 - (2) 7 inch LCD TV plus DVD. One with a case. There is a instruction booklet plus you get pieces of vinyl self sticking tile for a small  space if you are just wanting to accent

88 - Vintage cabinet with wood pull knob. The top may need some  refinishing but it is a nice sound piece and it is worth taking time to  preserve it take care of it

89 -  2 Cosco Metal framed folding kitchen step stools

90 -  Cleaning supplies: Mop buckets, window cleaner, countertop cleaners, toilet cleaners and more

91 - 16 x 20 green tarp. Chairs sitting on the tarp go in with the dining room table in lot 39

92 - Child's folding lawn chair, Tent, cat house for easy come easy go  for your cat, snow shovel, long handled broom to use on cement, paint  roller with handle to reach the tall spots, rock salt and a mop

93 - Two Child swimming Pools

94 -  Vintage handled coal bucket ask tenderizer, knife, putty knife,  hatchet and a nice little one drawer wood chest with shelves on either  side

95 - Table and pole lamp. Wall hanging mirror with gold colored frame,  three prints with wood frames. One is the school mistress and her  class, three little girls having a discussion and a guy sitting reading  the paper while his family goes to church

96 - Tennis and bat mitten rackets- One with a cover, a frame for one and a motorcycle helmet

97 - Huskee side discharge push mower. 22 inch cut with a Briggs &  Stratton engine. Did not hear it run but it is free when we pull the  cord

98 - Vintage Aurora tube radio which still has the cord. Has some  tubes. We did not plug it in to see if it still works. Has an oak  cabinet. Would be fun to work with guys if this is your thing to do

99 - Plastic tool chest with metal clamp locks. It is currently empty  so you fill it up with your own tools or whatever you want put in.  Assorted wicker products including plant holders, tray and even a wall  hanging

100 - Wood captains chair. Painted green and my husband is a big  Gunsmoke fan. He said it is the only chair left that was not broke over Matt Dillon's head in the bar fight. OR maybe not

101 -  Bentwood kitchen chair painted blue and wood baby cradle that needs some repair. Looks like the pieces are all there

102 - Yard long 3 pane mirror that is 4 foot long and needs to be  refinished but the glass is good-just needs good cleaning. A Williams  metal sign and a financing by Peoples Bank and Trust metal sign

103 - Wood box with 5 collectible glass blocks ( two are smaller), two  Kansas State Royal Purples 1951 & 1952 and Beauty hardback books by  Vogue

104 -Collectible bottles: Assorted shapes and sizes of perfume, Vicks,  Cobalt Blue bottles and miniature oil lamps- nice assortment

105 - Vintage sewing notions- Needles, pin cushions, snaps, buttons,  straight pins & needle holders. Two sets of 3 feather tress

106 - Vintage tombstone shaped clock radio and the innards are intact.  Is missing a couple of pieces of wood as you can see in the pictures

107 -Standard oil company measuring can with lid and handle. Oldie and complete

108 - Red Tiger tobacco tin. It is an oldie and you can still see the tiger logos

109 - Thermos jug in original box. Looks as though has been used very little

110 - Mattel-A-Time talking clock with original box. "Set my hand" and "turn my dial". Fun times here

111 - Vintage medicine bottles In assorted sizes. At least one has the original cork -but it is empty

112 - Vintage table lamps. Both are electric- one candle stick lamp and the other has a brass base and top. Both are metal

113 - Picture postcards and two pink ashtrays with initials LMB in the  center on an eagle. The postcards are mostly scenery type things like  Fairmount College, train station from Frontier Land and ocean front

114 - 1940s Parker Quick bottles. All three are almost full, now just  need to find yourself a good old fashion pen. There are some for Lot 165

115 - Rubber motorcycle and cop. In very good condition. The rubber is not cracked or brittle. Has been well taken care of

116 - Vintage Ford Brothers Five Ring Train Wild Animal Circus for  Thursday, October 17 in Lyons at the Van Pittman Land Showgrounds. Has a little bit of damage as it has had some tape on it

117 - Topps baseball cards 25plus of 1960, 25plus of 1961 and 25plus of 1962

118 - Vintage Circus poster: Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey  Circus which was taking place at the Sports arena twice daily on  September 15 through the 16th

119 - Assorted pencils and pens. Ballpoint pens, colored pencils,  eversharps and stapler. Some advertising, some fancy and some plain  Janes. Great for the pencil collector. I bet you can add to yours from  here

120 - All Metal "Slick Toy" farm implements. Still in the regular  packaging. 8932 spreader, 8925 mower, 8927 disc. They are all heavy cast aluminum and stamped steel

121 - 1936 Ford coupe model with original box. Four tumblers from Curtis Noel with vintage car stamped on them. Does not look as though ever  been used

122 - Essential Depot Greenery Life Essentials Soapmaking starter kits  with their original boxes. Do not look like any of it has been used yet

123 - Cobalt glass guitar bottles and Brown Mrs Butterworth bottles

124 -  Vintage perodicals: Style Seven, The Wing Piano Souvenir Book, Hitler's Armored Car, Home Companion

125 - Two Chief paint headbands, two boxes FoMoCo genuine parts for the Ford motor company paint.

126 - Toy metal army jeep. Someone has taken pretty good care of it as  still has the steering wheel, the spare tire and gas can. Can even tow  another vehicle

127 - Masonic Lodge slides that fit into a projector: The force of  Lebanon, Masonic book of constitutions, Masonic Tenets and Babylon

128 - Tear gas pencil with original box and the directions. Bag of  Sunday School pins, Hensley Oil company from Burton Kansas, Maytag  needle threader and two vintage packages of cigarettes

129 - Life- Like Chessie System trains with engine, caboose and three cars

130 - Standard Amoco transistor radio. Says it's leadfree Amoco and  it's a really cute little piece. Even has the directions for how to  operate, The box that is in has been written on but has nothing to do  with the contents

131 - Two Revel 1/25 car kits In original boxes. The Mothers 1931 Model A panel sedan Cherry Pie and a Team Drag panel Simple Simon Pie wagon.  Both are unassembled kits

132 - Advertising; ball point pens, political pins, Jackson Grain  Company oil company calendars wall hanging without the calendars, 1943  Westin locker plant for Michigan thermometer calendar, John Wesley  Harding pure silver Needles, flashlight from Belgium flashing company,  used truck headquarters for your city dodge dealer postcards

133 - Polaroid Model J 66 electric island camera kit with case in the  original box. For those that want to get back to yesteryear -three  barely used corsets

134 - Acro battery operated chimp porter in original box. It works

135 - Three boxes with vintage classic antique autos banks- 1955 Ford  Thunderbird coin bank. 1941 Lincoln Continental coin bank and a 1930  Cadillac coin bank. Package of assorted vintage cars

136 - Antique Ford running light and unity spotlight with Bakelite knob

137 - Brown Clorox bottles, Quart milk jug, a small drink bottle,  vintage juice glasses and other vintage bottles. In wooden fruit box

138 - Large Campfire marshmallow tin, 50# Cardboard box that used to  hold ALL atomic automatic detergent and set of 3 Westbend copper  kitchen canisters

139 - Tin litho Frantz made in the USA-The Great American game. Old  baseball game that came from the Garage Hardware- Sterling, Illinois  neat old game. Not complete

140 - The Amazing Bizarro magic kit. 15 amazing tricks and it looks like everything is there. You can do your amazing tricks for all your  friends

141 - Gilbert chemistry experiment lab in double tin box, Number 12045  safety tested from the Gilbert Hall of Science. Fun kit folks

142 - Old metal tins: Golden roast mixed nuts and a 1 pound Flemings flavor rich coffee tin

143 - Jungle Wonders Wild Animal Circus-Promotional circus poster. The poster was not produced yesterday

144 - Chautauqua advertising poster "Behold our new century featuring  American visionary voices". Promotion for 2000 at the Lyons Middle  School of Lyons Kansas

145 - Vintage Summit heating stove finial and fancy metal hanging ceiling chandelier

146 -Ironstone plates and serving platters plus a purple glass horn of plenty

147 - Milk glass spice jars, Zinc lids and lotion bottle

148 - Assorted perfume bottles. Some cobalt blue, different shapes and  sizes of jars and some with lids. A package of four booty sets of doll brush and comb mirror. In a wooden fruit box

149 - Child's salesman sample Oak China cabinet made with metal pulls on the two drawers, metal hinges and latches on the doors. 18 inches tall, 12 inches across and 6 inches deep

150 - Chilton aluminum an automatic electric buffet percolator with the original box.

151 - Hasbro adding machine with the original box. Features five  columns and totals up to 99,999. Toshiba transistor radio. Raleigh 10  transmitter radio with case

152 - Empty Maytag multi motor oil, Quicksilver two cycle outboard motor oil that has never been opened, Texaco Marfak heavy duty number two oil that has been opened

153 - RH double ratchet Breast drill HUBLEY noisemaking that does not make noise

154 - Vintage periodicals: Time magazines from the 1968, Large hardback bound Arkansas Democrat newspaper from WWII and family circle magazines from the 1960s. Old news is good news, right?

155 - Vintage Playtime amber colored glass dishes In original box,  Teapot, four plates and four sets of cups and saucers. I did not look  at each and every piece but I see no damage

156 - Two vintage advertising wall hanging thermometers. One is from  Price Radiator Service of Hutchinson, Kansas. The other is Standard from Hoard Oil Company from Courtland, Kansas. Standard thermometer has the  glass thermometer missing

157 - Large Coca-Cola beach umbrella in plastic protective case. Looks to be in very good shape

158 - Pabst Blue Ribbon scone light

159 - Two shoe lasts. One has one arm that says "3-1" and other arm says"2". The other last has no markings

160 - Mechanical service Inc. padlocks. 10 boxes with padlocks and keys. Do not know if they are keyed alike or if each box has different keys  for their locks

161 - Railroad Date nails with the dates of 30s - 50s

162 - Paper shotgun shells. 12 gauge Gambles paper shotgun shells -16 in all

163 - Wooden nickels and round tuits- Mostly from Pratt Kansas

164 - Pocket knives: One has mother-of-pearl handle, 1 Boy Scout and 3 Camp King

165 - Vintage fountain pens. Check out the ink bottles in Lot 114

166 - Limited edition NBA basketball cards. Collectible boxes featuring  Michael Jordan from Upper Deck Locker Series. 1 box #1,1 box #4, 1 box # 5 & 3 boxes # 2. Not covered in plastic or tape but cards are  packed tight so they are full (do not know if all original cards are  there). Upper Deck NBA playing cards in a "locker" showing a Bulls  jersey # 23, a package of 100 trading cards from Baseball with Nomar  Carciapaira , Gary Sheffield and Ken Griffey Junior-never been opened.  The 100 cards plastic package has had one corner clipped off as you can  see in the picture.

167 - Vintage toys. Including animals, donkeys, camels, chickens,  people, fish. Auburn forklift and a tractor driver that has lost his  head and does not know which way to turn -very realistic representation. Fords cars, train engine and a plastic jet plane

168 - Souvenir bats: Arizona Diamond Backs with the major league in  emblem, Pete Zavia 125 Louisville Slugger and an expandable telescope  periscope from Walt Disney

169 - Little Golden Books: Mr. Dog, The Goat that went to School,  Child's Thought of God, My Kitten, Billy Goats Gruff, ABC tails

170 - Jay Wolf Chevrolet tag holder, Mark Hanson’s, Jay Wolf Chevrolet, Lloyd Belt and Readi Motor Company dealer tags

171 - Warning signs: No smoking by order of the Farmers Elevator, Mutual Insurance Company, Warning Natural Gas Pipeline Signs and owner  financing sign

172 - Three nested wood boxes

173 - 50th anniversary Ducks Unlimited Beam Bottle. The bottle is still  sealed and filled with Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. 50th  anniversary 1937 to 1987 Ducks Unlimited Special Edition. Green  Enamelware coffee pot to use on your campfire or your stove in the  house. Does not look like it is ever been used or else was just taken  well care of

174 -  A wall hanging thermometer and a monster magnet From "WHAM-O"

175 - Dropleaf dinette table with metal base and formica top

176 - Wall hanging medicine cabinet with mirror. Mirror could use a good cleaning

177 - Shop wet dry vac

178 - Earmuffs with its own box and marked made in Australia. Nice  little dog in a boot that makes a good door stop, plus couple of dogs  that go outside-one is a bobble head and other is battery operated(maybe a watch dog). A fall assortment of flowers in a wicker basket.

179 - Bissell pet hair eraser cordless hand vacuum captures more  embedded pet hair with motorized brush. Has the original box and all the descriptions to know how to use it

180 - Bissell power fresh floor cleaner. Light weight and looks like it is easy to maneuver

181 - A- frame swingset with two seat swings and a Kaboom race car baby  swing. One of the poles has a crack but it does not necessarily mean  that it is not going to stand up to kid pressure

182 - Wind chimes, a bunny guarding the front steps, 2 snow shovels, mop and broom. The bunny is plastic but is heavy and it has damage from  being outside. Look at the pictures

183 - 2 Garden hose and 1 sprinkler on wheels for easy moving. Tie up  cable for a dog, two rubber door mats to put by the front door and a  Sunbeam charcoal patio grill. Been kept on front porch so shows rust  from the weather

184 -Wooden bench with metal insert and frame. Insert has horses.  Sitting on the porch but it is in really good shape. Cleaning supplies: Includes two outdoor doormats (one rubber and one canvas) and a yard  stick that had some chunks taken out

185 - One wheel True Temper metal 6 cu ft wheelbarrow with metal frame and wooden handles

186 - Igloo shape Indigo Dog house and rubber feed pan

187 - Two sided swimming pool ladder and a roll of fence wire

188 - Home made trailer. Made from the best part of a pop up camper.  Bring help and chain saw to get it out of the trees that have grown up  around it. Has a bumper jack and a spare tire carrier as well as a three arm hitch. 7 1/2 foot long by 6 foot wide

189 - 55 gallon steel barrel

190 - 14 foot composite canoe with paddle. Does have 6 " crack towards under corner of one end

191 - 6 foot long two wheel metal trailer that is 4 foot wide. Needs a  new floor. Has a nice hitch on, needs new tires or at least repaired

192 - Five hole 16 inch rims and some others that have tires with them  so there are three rims that have no tires and three tires that have  rims

193 - Three pieces of 4" PVC pipe approximately 5 foot long

194 - Approximately 100 used bricks in various sizes and colors. Some with holes and some without

195 - Approximately 15 metal sign frames

196 - Miscellaneous wood Including a wooden ladder, window shutter, and a wooden metal piece of metal. 2 x 6's and 2 x 4's, They are in good  shape will still lot of life to get out of them

197 - Rubber trashcan with metal tomato cages. It time to start planning your garden folks

198 -  StarCraft boat 12' aluminum fishing boat with oars and fishing  seats. This includes a trailer that looks like it would handle up to a  16 foot trailer. It does not fit this one exactly but is what Mr. Staton used to carry around this fishing boat. You are getting a boat,  trailer and the oars all for One money. It also includes an extra  trailer tire. Bill of sale given upon request

199 - Bulldog implement hitch, 14 inch four hole rim and two tires

200 - Two wooden sawhorses

201 - Huskee seven speed Quick Cut Mower with snow blade. 16.5 hp 42  inch cut Briggs & Stratton engine, shifts on the go but this  particular mower is being sold for parts and has extra mower wheels as  well

202 - Garden tools: Old Maddox, potato fork, wooden handled rake,  assorted shovels- including sharpshooter, Roundpoint plus some chain

203 - Hedge trimmer, Limb trimmer, two wooden handle rakes, 2 come- alongs and tire chains

204 -Post hole digger, wooden handled ax, sledgehammer, wood splitter, garden hoe and yard sprinklers

205 -  Miscellaneous cans. None are full, some are empty. Gasoline  cans, enamel reducer, funnels and milk carton to carry the cans around  in and a plastic tub

206 - MAC 2816 gas powered String trimmer, Electric hedge trimmer with  some cord to go with it and some extra string for the McCulloch string  trimmer

207 - Lasko fan and gas cans

208 - Coleman gas lantern and a kerosene lantern. The kerosene chimney has a crack in it otherwise they both look in good shape

209 - Vintage neck collar for a mule or pony. Garden tool holder and an air pump

210 - Quikrete Quick tube building form, Metal door thresholds, pegboard and another piece of board for hanging your tools up

211 - Gutter getter. Gallon cans filled with various odds and ends such as nails, screws, screw bolts. Folgers and Kroger coffee cans, Zerex  antifreeze can

212 - Various tools for your shop, Including a clipboard, stove pipe, nuts, miscellaneous bolts and more

213 - Nice metal machinist toolbox full of all kinds of miscellaneous  tools, acetylene torch tips, assorted metal files, air tools and parts.  Parts for your tap and die set, various leather stamps-do not know if  is complete, Allen wrenches and more

214 - Cole Steel two drawer metal file cabinet that is clear full of tire irons and much more

215 - Welding helmet and goggles

216 - Small level, flush and fill kit, squares, level framing squares, flashlight

217 - Toolbox with wood bits and a nice little organizer

218 - Box and open in wrenches, caulking gun, snippers, screwdrivers,  paint rollers without the rolls, c-clamps. Look at the picture for more  information

219 - Miscellaneous tools: Side cutters, channel locks, combination pliers and screwdriver set, and collectible oil can and more

220 -Several different sizes shapes of funnels- one galvanized. Most are plastic, coal shovel, square nose shovel, valve handle, good receiver  hitch and some electrician tape

221 - 10 20 gauge shotgun plastic shells, black miniature souvenir baseball bat, good currycomb and paint scrapper

222 - Rockwell 3/8 drill press 38 variable speed -runs good

223 - Miscellaneous filters, 5 inch bench grinder that we could not get  to run, box and open ended wrenches, and more miscellaneous tools,  Even a dustpan to clean up after yourself

224 - Welding gloves, Vintage ball mitt, softball, plate glass for a lamp and striker to you light your torch

225 - Hammers and hand saws plus a vintage drill handle without the drill bits

226 - Wooden corner cabinet- Slants from both directions to help it fit  into the corner. Comes stocked with spray paint including rust-oleum,  acrylic enamel, contact cement, as well as some glazing and more

227 - Craftsman saw, car light, a hatchet, speakers and two grease guns

228 - Hand saws and a miter box

229 - Two small floor jacks, hydraulic jack stand and hitch part

230 - Rusty Toolboxes and sockets

231 - Space heater, Coleman heater, electrical connection covers,  lawn/garden sprayer with original box. The heaters are in rough shape

232 - 6 foot folding aluminum step ladder,

233 - Vice and Battery operated lantern

234 - Pipe vice, Pipe wrenches and the parts to an outside pole lamp light

235 - Rope, battery box, tool boxes & tool trays. Dig down deep- there is some really good stuff in there

236 - McCulloch chainsaw parts and oil

237 - Garden tools and jack stands. Leaf rake, snow shovel and brooms

238 - Five drawer wooden chest. 40 inches wide x 45 inches tall x 20  inches deep. Was used in his shop so just needs a good cleaning and it  still has good life left

239 - Collectible oil cans, Mastercraft hubcap, paint, propane bottles,  under coating, ethanol fuel conditioner- nice assortment of goodies

240 - Four hydraulic jacks and a piece of log chain

241 - Metal for signs

242 - Clark 4 1/2 inch metal bandsaw- we plugged it in and motor runs.  It is very rusty, needs a new blade but can be refurbished

243 - Approximately one and a half to 2 pounds of welding rod in metal  tube. Marked as Lincoln Fleetwood 180 and a lawn spreader

244 - Minn Kota trolling motor, fishing rods, bait bucket, fishing net - parts are parts

245 - Jumper cables& trouble light, Plus rack and a coal shovel that has the handle bent for easy scooping

246 - 1965 Ford Mustang for restoration Mr. Staton's dream was to  restore this 1965 Mustang. He got the body primed to get ready for a  new paint job but will need to be re-primed as some rust is now showing. Still has the seats and needs a lot of work but if you are a Mustang  fan you know how to use TLC and bring back to life. Does have an  antique title. No one has been able to get it started so do not have  any idea what all it is gonna take to get it back into "fun" condition