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SOFT CLOSE: Wed July 27 8:00 p.m.

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 BJ's of Lyons, KS has closed her store front and is moving her  business to different location. Also included in the auction is  personal furniture and household items from Rocky/Lynn Gaines who are  moving. Selling store fixtures, cabinets, refurbished items, very nice  personal property, vintage & modern furniture, high quality Harp, SW items, collectible glass & dinnerware and other household items,  Sentury Valueguard Combination Safes on wheels,

1 - Navajo Germantown saddle blanket poster By Jack Silverman- Santa Fe, New Mexico with metal frame measures 2' x 35". Needlepoint wood framed work of an oil rig measures 18” x 18”

2 - Print by Paul Calle. Number 21 out of 290. The mat measures 13" x 18” and has 28 x 23 wood frame

3 - Wood framed print named Maxwell House-From Georgetown, Colorado  circa 1979. Matted 9" x 11" in a 14" x 16" frame. Picture of wheat  field in wood 12 x 18” frame.

4 - Wedgewood Bone China made in England. Marked W4076- Devon Sprays.  Includes oval platter, plates, soup bowls, cups & saucers, sauce  dishes, creamer, teapot and 2 lids but no sugar. Very nice gold trimmed set. A few damaged pieces- 2 bowls, 1 dinner plate, 1 salad plate and 1 teacup( pix of damaged pieces shown)

5 - Meito Handpainted China-Made in Japan. Double handled soup bowl,  oval platter, seven saucers and another saucer that looks like them (has yellow tinge to color of the saucer) but is marked eggshell Nautilus.  See no damage

6 - 5 Candleholder village pieces marked "Rothanaburg "ursulaley k  lichthaus". The taller house with ruler to show height, is marked "Made in Lithauania", See no damage

7 - 8 German green stemmed wine glasses, See no damage

8 - Cast-iron barn that says "Stock Farm" and embossed on the front. Is almost 12 inches to the top of the roof. It is opened bottom-no floor

9 -Antique quarter sawed oak piano bench from TONK of Chicago. 2' x 14"  seat & stands 23" tall, Has one blemish on back edge of seat-see  picture

10 - Cassette tapes: They are in a wood Napa Valley box: the Statler  brothers, Willie Nelson, Wonders of Christmas, hammer dulcimer hymns,  Christmas songs- lots of good listening here

11 -55 Louis L'Amour paperback books. Lots of good reading here

12 - Wood child's chair. Maybe it came straight from the old country school? Really good shape

13 - Set of 3 Mahogany nesting tables in very good condition. Queen Anne style. May be from Switzerland

14 - 3 pieces Longaberger pottery from Roseville Ohio. Milk pitcher, pie pan and small bowl. These are dishwasher, oven ware and freezer safe.  Lot includes a nice little angel marked Lladro# ISH 88-handmade in  Spain.

15 - Native American wooden jewelry box, The Sandman from Ouray Colorado , WAQUIV Jemez pottery

16 - Vintage leather jacket. Very nice high-end leather jacket from the  50s with fringe. Looks to be about a size small and good condition

17 - Anasazi spirit warrior stoneware figurine and the other one does  not have a label. Made by artist (Anne Shimek). Both are really really nice pieces folks

18 - Taper candles-most look brand new with some still wrapped in  cellophane. One is even marked European taper. There are red, gold,  green, white and even a blue one.

19 - Viintage Oak commode with brass handles on the dove tailed drawers and brass knob on the doors

20 - American flag with 50 stars and a plastic eagle finial

21 - Oak dresser with mirror-metal knobs and handles. Two door cabinet  shelf underneath the middle drawer and three drawers on either side.  Made of wood that measures 18 inches wide x 71 inches long and 32  inches tall

22 - Pressed wood filing cabinet with three drawers. Does have the key. Inval brand and is on a base with rollers. 16 deep and 18 3/4 wide and stands 40 inches from the floor

23 - Pressed wood computer desk. Top shelf for the screen and  stationary keyboard shelf below. Will hold a lot of other good stuff.  Selling just the desk- the contents are going with the owner to a new  home. Desk measures 24" x 43" and from the floor to the top shelf is  34"

24 - CDs-Brooks and Dunn, josh Gordon, Cowboy Classics by the Flying W  Wranglers, Willie Nelson, Yanni, Carly Simon country hits, steel drum  Island collection, Tracy Byrd and many many more. Lots of good  listening guys

25 - China hutch with glass doors, metal pulls & even has the key to the lock doors. 18" deep x 36 1/2" wide and from the floor to the top  of the China hutch is 72"

26 - Three drawer vintage piece-like a sideboard or buffet, with metal  pulls. 19 inches deep x 31 inches wide and stands 32 inches tall from  the floor

27 - Glass and wood knickknack shelf to hang on the wall, Has metal hinges and knob. Three sets of shelves

28 - School desk with adjustable metal legs, side shelves and a  laminated desktop. 18 inches deep , 34 inches wide and 30 inches from  the floor to the top of the desk

29 - Solid wood desk with four file drawers and metal handles. 22 inches deep x 54 inches wide x 30 inches tall

30 - Pre-Iranian revolutionary enamel platter

31 - 150 year old toy wooden wagon with metal wheels and a really nice long metal tongue

32 - Vintage wooden doll chair. There are a few flecks of paint missing-looks like it might have been originally red in color

33 - Leather bound Time Life The Old West series-.22 books

34 - Spinning wheel with spindles, Includes some Paradise  Owner said not used very much-had great intentions and it just did not  come to fruition. All the owner did was put it together, Never got  around to watching the CD to learn how to use. So is leaving it all up  to you to listen to the CD and spin some "yarn"

35 - Resistol cowboy hat measures 7 3/4. Triple XL ski helmet

36 - 2 Arizona Hatters hat Both say Arizona Hatters-Phoenix, AZ- One is a bowler that is 7 3/8 and the other one is 7 1/2 and says it has been  custom-made and looks like a Rangers hat

37 - Vintage oak library desk that has been cut off to make a coffee  table. Has the middle drawer with the metal handle, Very good  condition. 27 1/2 inches deep x 53 1/2 inches long and stands 19 inches  from the floor

38 - 9 National Geographic map binders. All nine contain maps from over the years from National Geographic

39 - Triplet Christina 25 Harp in Cherry and stands with a strap lock.  Has lap bar, shoulder strap, full levers and a case. Includes a tuning  fork. Was purchased in 2017 & has not been used very much. Stands  39" tall and back is 3' tall. Almost like new so check it out folks.  It even has a soft sided case

40 - Sears electric console model 1430 Zig Zag sewing machine with wood cabinet. Cabinet is closable to store your sewing machine and side  storage of unit with door for attachments etc. Includes: attachments,  instruction book and swivel chair on rollers. Works and will do the  sewing projects you require.

41 - Okin Electric lift chair. Very nice condition. Works and still will do what is required to make your life "better"

42 - Three legged 19" round top table that stands 25' high and 2 step wooden kitchen step stool

43 - 2 Wooden candle stick holders.

44 - Part of a wooden porch pedestal and 3 leg wood milk stool with seat made with several different pieces of wood

45 - Wood doll rocker, wooden pedestal and a large wooden pedestal made out of a table leg that measures 28 inches tall

46 - Tiered wall 3 shelf unit and wooden stepstool

47 - Wood doll rocking chair and pair wooden paddles marked "paddle-O"

48 - Lamb Chop cake decorator sets and packages of party favor stickers, None of these have been opened, plus you get a nice Christmas bag to  carry them home in

49 - Wooden doll rocker and (9) 10" fan metal ceiling medallions

50 - Painting on wood-mushroom painting has been signed by B.. Elliott.  12 inch tall four legged table that is approximately 14 in.² with  laminated top

51 - Longaburger medium gathering dividers, medium chore basket 6-way  divider and other pieces. Plus our legged upholstered covered footstool

52 - Dell computer and monitor, GPX DVD compact/disc player, Kodak ESP 3.2 printer/copier and computer keyboard. Comes with plastic storage  tote with lid

53 - 8 Hurricane lamp glass chimneys. One is frosted with beaded top edge

54 - Wooden display cabinet: 6 foot tall x 30 inches wide x 18 inches  deep. Has four shelves in the top portion and double doors with metal  handles and hinges on the bottom portion

55 - Wooden room dividers and bi-fold doors which measure 70 inches tall and 30 inches wide when it's opened up. The room divider is three  sections measuring 14 inches and is 6 foot tall with metal hinges  connecting them. One of the sections has a slat missing, the white  section has 1 slat that is partially broken. Still very usable and  attractive

56 - Solid wood chest of drawers with brass colored pulls- measures, 54" tall, 34 inches wide and 19" deep. Made in the USA by Pilliod  Furniture division of Ladd furniture Inc.

57 - Wood freestanding shelf unit- Has four shelves. Been painted green and has open back.

58 - Anderson Hickey Company legal metal filing cabinet. Has metal  handles and metal plates to put identification for each drawer. The  second drawer is missing its lock release button and is pulled out  slightly so it does need fixed in that area

59 - 8 Pink footed glass 7" tumblers. Come with a plastic tote that has no lid

60 - Metal legged 3’ x 4’ lamented top kitchen table with wheels

61 - 4 wood frame windows-One has 4 panes and the other three are two  pane windows. They all have wooden frames and two are a set with the  original locks

62 - Wood framed painted picture of trees and a river. I cannot make  out the signature but it looks like "W. OMIM". This lot also has two  throw rugs to wipe your feet before you look at the picture

63 - Wooden shelf unit with eight shelves. 6' tall x 2' wide x 10"

64 - Noritake "M" China from Japan. Partial service of eight including  some serving pieces. We have displayed a sampling of some of what is in  the lidded tote

65 - Everything to sweep with- Including two different sizes of Fuller  sweeps, dust pan, small broom and two large push brooms for large areas

66 - Gardening tools- Including a potato fork, lawn edger, plastic and  metal leaf rakes, and a metal regular rake- all with wooden handles

67 - Shovels: Square nose and a sand scoop. The square nose has a fiberglass handle and the scoop has a wooden handle

68 - Metal two shelf unit measures 3' x 3'. Nice paint job on the  shelves. The top shelf has a small bow so it is definitely not new but  is still very very usable

69 - Wood dresser covered with cloth with metal pulls on the seven drawers. 4 foot long x 14 inches deep x 30 inches tall

70 - Southwest style wood blanket rack and chrome trimmed 3 plate glass shelf unit for the bath

71 - Metal steam trunk. Missing one leather end strap. Has brass locks, You might want to refinish it or leave it the way it was- nice shape

72 - 3' Wooden corner shelf with five graduating size shelves. Stands on the floor

73 - 5' tall metal corner shelf unit with 4 graduating size shelves

74 - Carpenters tools: Hand cross cut saw, caulking gun, framing  square, Stanley number zero, brass faced level with wooden case

75 - Three legged table with cork style top covered with glass. Wooden  magazine holder. Two table covers and some greenery that you can use at Christmas time or pretend like your garden is still green when the dry  heat takes over. Table is 25" tall and 19" diameter top. Two nice cloth covers for the table. The magazine rack has one piece missing as shown in the picture.

76 -  Hanging wooden brochure rack-measures 26" tall and 23" deep. Box  of Christmas lights with their original boxes. Do not know if all have  been used but three of the boxes show they have been sitting on the  shelf for a while

77 - Vintage "Torkline" baby bed with wood side rails, wood head &  foot boards, and adjustable depth springs (can move mattress and springs up or down as child grows)

78 - Old framed dresser mirror. Wood frame has been antiqued green plus the top edge of a dresser that needs a little TLC. Metal typewriter  stand on wheels
79 - Wooden piece of a commercial display cabinet and a nice little child's wooden shelf unit for their dollhouse

80 - Wood top to put on top of card table to make it round. two pieces  of framed wood that might have come off of a twin size waterbed

81 - Cabinet doors and drawers with metal hinges on doors and metal glides on the drawers

82 - Office pressed wood shelf unit with 3 upper shelves and bottom  portion has two sliding doors with 2 shelves. Measures 72 inches tall x  28 1/2 inches wide x 11 1/2 inches deep. One of the metal handles on the bottom doors needs to be reattached- it is inside the unit as shown in  the picture

83 - Brass hall tree that stands 67 inches tall with four feet and four hooks

84 - Franklin 4G wi-fi router, Mini H2O rugged Bluetooth speaker by  Altech Lansing, My DLink to use on the window to get TV and a Kocaso  Tablet with keypad and carrier-has the instruction book

85 - HP PSC1110 "all in one" printer, scanner, copier

86 - Bassett Walnut secretary desk with middle drawer, a double drawer  and a single drawer on the left-hand side of the knee hole. Measures 4  foot long x 25 inches wide x 30 inches tall. Has a curved scalloped  back to keep stuff from rolling off the back of the desk

87 - Success With House Plants Library- Volumes one through five.  Includes metal book rack. Now you have no excuse for your plants to die unless you are just not reading

88 - Office Max Paper shredder. 21" x 21" x 17" square table that shredder sits well on. Faux leather insert in top of table

89 - Two sets of Sterilite storage shelves. One unit has two shelves  plus the top and four drawers, The other one has four shelves plus the  top for storage, they stand 5 1/2 foot tall by 2 foot wide by 18 inches  deep

90 - Office chairs. One is vinyl covered swivel chair on 5 leg rollers  with cushion seat and back. One arm has been taped up and front part of seat has also been taped because it’s been well used. Still a  comfortable chair and still does its job. The other chair is a straight back metal frame chair with leather back and seat with wood sides on  the handle

91 - Wood Office desk measures 4' x 22" standard 30 inches high. Has  four drawers on either side of the knee hole. The bottom on the  left-hand side is a double file drawer plus has the middle drawer.  Metal pulls and knobs

92 - Swivel office chair with cushion seat and mesh plastic back. On five roller legs- no arms

93 - Four drawer legal size metal filing cabinet. Do not have the key but it is not locked

94 - Vintage oak swivel office chair (is not a rolling chair) and a side stand

95 - Swivel upholstered office chair on five leg rollers. The seat  shows some wear but a nice padded cover would be a great way to still be comfey so continue to do its job

96 - 3 foot round glass top metal frame & legs patio table with  four matching wire framed green vinyl padded seats. One seat has a  slight tear- see the picture

97 - Box full of assorted picture frames. Some have pictures such as a  rose and the others are empty to fill with your own pictures. Nice  assorted sizes, some wood and some metal frames.

98 - Assorted framed pictures. Have one that is metal framed- the others are wood

99 - Cooks Essentials hot pads & 2 qt pressure cooker with  instructions, vintage glass quart milk bottle. plastic refrigerator egg  holder, plastic ice tray, deodorizer, new in the box Mini waffle maker  from Dash

100 - Photo albums and two black tubes to hold bracelets. Foot prints  of God picture and 2 sets 56" x 36" curtains and Valance-still in  packaging

101 - Collectible glassware: Including glass jack-o-lantern lamp,  divided condiment dish, pink footed ruffled edge bowl, crackled glass  with fall leaves, pair of pink candle sticks with candles and more

102 - Metal framed ironing board with cover. Wooden expandable wall hanging coat rack

103 - Pair of Table lamp shades. Three metal trays- two of them are  Christmas, another tray has tomatoes & other decor plus a wooden  tray

104 - Glass oak display case that sits on top of the table or stand.  Measures 4' x 30" x 14" and has wooden knobs, a glass shelf and a mirror in the back. it does have light so it can be plugged in and light up  your life. Notice wear underneath the doors. That is the only "damage" I see

105 - Wooden table with Formica type top. Measures 5' x 30" wide x 28" tall

106 - Glass fruit in wicker basket. Hanging wooden corner shelf that  measures 20" tall. Some damage on one of the sides of the shelf  unit-see pic

107 - Two mirrors: one is wall mirror- measures 40" tall and 22" wide.  The other is off a vanity dresser and still has the bolts to hang onto a dresser. 24" x 28". Has strips of gray tape to keep supported till  find new place to use.

108 - Wooden secretary desk that is 4' x 22" standard height 29'. Brass  handles, 2 deep drawers and 2 smaller drawers on either side of knee  hole and middle pencil drawer

109 - Heavy duty wooden chair. Been painted antique red. Lot includes a plastic mat to sit under the chair that has some damage and a set of  cushions to make the chair a little more comfy

110 - MVP SuperLine Heavy Duty Metal framed Shop Creeper-In good  condition. 6 casters. Measures 1026 x 436 x 104mm. Comes with  instructions- as we know some of you guys are gonna need that  information such as "Lay down on Do not to stand on (ha ha)

111 - 50 foot heavy duty extension cord

112 - Air deck safety handrail with instructions how to attach it to a ladder. Good place to put your can of paint

113 - Electric 16" Bushwacker hedge trimmer, Challenger II handsaw, tree saw and an electric cord to run the Bushwacker

114 - Dynatrap electric Bug zapper, Polar Band-It Two in one headband  and neck gator- brand new in the package, nylon rope, plastic paints  sticks, protective Eye goggles, 2 pairs nippers, brush and a LL ion  battery charger

115 - Trouble light, wicker oblong basket, garden shovel, spray nozzles, water sprinkler & extension cords

116 - Nelson gear driven sprinkler with a 90 foot diameter coverage,  plastic with metal nozzle lawn sprayer, plastic rain gauge, dual hose  control adapter and a flashlight plus some miscellaneous cords

117 - Rubbermaid style trashcan with no lid, decorative holders for the yard, Bucket and a couple of tube towels plus weed zinger

118 - Electric Dynatrap insect trap, Insulated drink chest. Lid has  cans. A metal drip pan to put under pans in the oven to keep from  dripping all over the oven

119 - The paint runner- Brand new still in the box from QVC. Hummingbird feeder, brand new hanging plant bracket, paint edger and another paint roller

120 - Painting supplies: Including new rollers, caulking gun, point and  paint for doing corners, Black & Decker Bump Speed Spool and  Neatsfoot compound to refurbish your leather footwear, paint tray and a  handi- painter. Black and Decker automatic shut off steam iron

121 - More painting supplies-Including what is called a wall mouse kit  to repair/ patch for fixing holes and cracks in minutes. Supplies to do some other wall repair. Hammers and other tools, lawn sprinkler. pliers and a container to hold miscellaneous small things like screws and nuts and bolts etc.

122 - Savory blue graniteware roaster pan, hand painted piece of satin  type glass, cute Li'l Westinghouse washing machine with salt and pepper  shaker set for rollers and lid saying "sugar". Decorative picture  frames, three hole paper punch, a large drinking glass OR maybe it's a  vase and a coffee cup

123 - Real Flame Odorless nontoxic wood substitute. 24 cans are in the  box. Read directions completely before using. Light the fuel in the  can to start and to turn off the flame you put the lid back on. Be quite conversation piece whenever you use, if nothing else

124 - Complete 12 volume International Standard Bible encyclopedia 12 volume set. They are illustrated and fully revised

125 - Quilting frame pieces, Maple quilting frame with stand in original box. "Aunt Martha's Lap Frame for Quilting". Solar guard and banner to  hang outside your place of business to draw attention, soft blanket,  lace tablecloth and macram© plant hanger.

126 - Gardening tools: Snow shovel, sharpshooter, square sand shovel,  wire rake with wood handle, Fuller workhorse carpet sweeper and a  swifter broom and a piece of copper pipe

127 - Garden art. The multi-colored glass pieces could be bird waters.  They are very attractive= decorated with butterflies, hummingbirds,  dragonflies. There is only one j-hook metal stand for hanging one of  the pieces. Two plates have hanging chains. 1-18" with butterflies and  4-11" glass plates (2 with dragon flies and 2 with hummingbirds)

128 -Chair Rolling swivel padded office chair. Has 5 legs with rollers. One arm shows some wear-see picture. Good condition

129 - Asbestos sad iron-does not have holder. Unmarked sad iron with holder- the holder is marked "PAT. May 22nd 1900"

130 - LubriMatic Grease gun, Sears metal bubble level and handled paint roller

131 - Plastic tool tote full of goodies: Dinytrap refills, screwdriver,  vice grips, Multipurpose timer, C- clamps that still have their tags -  they have never been used, Ergle handle tool that is never been used,  lawn pluggers, different types of pliers, tape measure and 2 packages of unopened packages of sewing machine needles

132 - Plastic Tool tote stepstool. Includes electric hand drill (cannot  see brand name), plastic jar with assorted drill bits and paper bag with screws

133 - Garden supplies: tin funnel, lawn hose sprayers, tape measures, pliers, screwdrivers and miscellaneous wrenches

134 - Electric Dynatrap insect zapper, Flashlight, screwdrivers, saw  blade, framing nails and a spray handle to put on the end of a  hose-looks like has never been used

135 - Master mechanic circular saw- 2 hp 7 1/4 inch

136 - USA pottery vase, latch hook wall hanging, Wooden cat, poinsettia  cloth tablecloth, pr. candle sticks, wall hangings- one of a ship made  with string, wood cut outs and vintage pin cushion

137 - Wood dresser boxes, wood wishing well, artificial flowers, double sided brush, an extra wood lid and a wall hanging mirror

138 - Battery operated candles- Still in original box and have never been used. VTEC telephone system

139 -Cooks Essentials bread machine. Choose from 14 different programs. Stainless steel exterior

140 - Pink glass place settings including: seven handled mugs, two  cereal bowls, six salads and six dinner plates. Quick look shows no  damage

141 - Compote and kitchen items: three matching oblong rubber type  storage units, Marigold fruit compote, Temptations little loaf pan with  ceramic drip tray, napkin rings set of six still in the box, plastic  letter tray to sit on your desk, wire basket and some miscellaneous tins and plastic candy tray

142 - Ninja set. Does not look like been used much

143 - Cookbooks "Fat Free Living Cookbook" and "River Road Recipes".  Cloth bag, book "The Truth That Leads to Eternal Life", aprons and a  hook rug of a swan

144 - Wooden knickknack hanging box and large commercially made wall  picture-It will cover up big holes. Wood shelf measures 3 foot tall 18  inches wide. Picture measures 3' x 30"

145 - Scrapbooking supplies: Two brand new in the box back*multi finish  cartridges for permanent adhesive and antibacterial poly fill quilted  stickers

146 - Straw broom, adjustable metal walking cane. Snow Joe, a swivel  sweeper, wooden peg rack-could be used for drying boots or hang on wall  to hang items from. A wire basket and a sod buster rake

147 - Box of Jumbo pack mates-Never being used. Great for comforters,  sleeping bags, cushions or seasonal wearing coats. Freestanding TV tray that folds up (similar to what they have in hospitals) and a metal  folding tray that usually is on the patio

148 - Boxes of never been used Candle Impressions, Sewing basket with no lid, glass vases, Jack-0-Lantern, Christmas decorations- including a  candle trivet, weighted fabric snowman doorstop, assorted bags for  carrying items around and potholders

149 - Box of mostly wood picture frames. Some have pictures such as  flamingos, a German Shepherd and others need pictures. Two cloth  covered displays for individual pictures with no frame. Also a very nice wood lap desk

150 - Wood coffee table. Two planters that have the dirt in them but no plants and a multi sided pillow with apple decor

151 -  Jewelry box and vintage costume jewelry. Look at the pictures for detail of what is in the box-necklaces, pins, beads, earrings

152 - 2 sets of Plastic Storage bins. Blue bin has seven drawers and the white bin has six. They both are 13 inches deep 7 inches wide stand 26 inches tall. They do come apart in the middle to make two sets of each

153 - Shakespeare plays from the library series. Season 2,3 and 4  includes teachers record guides, plus American folk songs for children  record -sung by Pete Seeger

154 - Small arms ammo box marked "1500 cartridges 7.62 mm NATO". The  box does not have ammo but has: GTX Castrol, tire gauge - still on  display card, spray paint, tie down straps and more

155 - Garden tools: Wooden handled rakes, wooden handled garden hoe,  Black and Decker 12" electric trimmer, a broom and a couple shovels

156 -Outdoor Metal Plant holder rod and metal rail for stairway or some other place support needed for walking

157 - Easy wheels metal cart

158 - Werner Wooden step stool-Label states 2 foot model W130-4. Very good condition- does it look like has been used much

159 - Canco cracker tin filled with vintage cookbooks and recipes-The  Good Housekeeping cookbook Seventh Edition, Better Homes and Gardens  "The New Cookbook"- that has definitely been used more than a couple of  years. Various other cookbooks and handwritten recipes

160 - Ceramic cat -already house broke plus owl that sits on a plateau with a light in it

161 - Yarn and embroidery pieces including: a metal hoop, all sorts of  thread plus craft books. Wood darning egg and a wicker fan. Comes in a lidded tote

162 - Sawyers 550R slide projector and four empty slide reels with their cases. Have the original paperwork and instructions for the projector

163 - Wooden Pepsi crate. You can still read the word Pepsi and it has  been out in the weather so it’s collected some leaves. The bottom has NO holes. This was not made in the plastic factory

164 - Sterilite storage unit. Just one drawer- not a set. Contains a  Readers Digest create cards & calendars. Stampabilities dye ink pad. Fiskars starter set for cutting shapes and borders. Latch hook mat  that as partial work done. No latch hook yarn

165 - Rowenta the most powerful handheld steamer with the original  paperwork. A metal and glass framed picture, microwavable steam  container, Rubbermaid storage units bottoms and lids

166 - Wooden Birdhouse parts In a nice tote with lid. Yard long picture with some birds- sure they won't go to the birdhouse.

167 - Miscellaneous storage tins. Different sizes mostly Christmas tins. One has bird feed and the others are empty. Two rolls of aluminum  gutter guard

168 -Lidded Sterilite tote with Formby's Paint Remover Wash and cans of turpentine plus several foam pieces

169 - Walnut hanging clock, Fruit basket with pieces of wood, framed shadowbox, square cutting board with feet

170 - Lexmark 5200 printer, two keyboards and a Canon PIXMA 1600. The  Lexmark does copy/ scan/photo- can hook to Wi-Fi and has the original  users guide. One keyboard is a Dell and other is a Logg- tech. Don't  know anything about any of them but the Lexmark does not look very old

171 - Galaxy oscillating fan and timesaver motorized coin bank with clock- with original box

172 - Plastic buckets, Blue graniteware kettle without a lid, a blue  graniteware lid for a larger kettle. The bottom of a planter to catch  the water, Easy Grow Greenhouse trays that have not been used and oil  filler Spicket. Paintbrush and a gallon gas can

173 -  Metal thingamajig made with various pieces of metal auto parts.  Three containers that have screws, nails and nuts, a plastic flower vase and a electric bun warmer that's filled with pot holders instead of  buns. Wind chime with metal bells with a metal beaded starburst

174 - Bissell power force upright sweeper. Uses Style 7 bags filters and belts. Has five height adjustments

175 - White wooden cabinet (not pressed wood) with three open shelves  and two doors with wooden knobs. 6 foot tall x 1’ wide x 10" deep

176 - Sound Design stereo system with an AM/FM stereo receiver, triple  tape player recorder. plays eight tracks as well as cassettes. Comes  with some LPs Trouble maker Willy Nelson, 10 years of gold with Kenny  Rogers plus several cassette tapes. Has two auxiliary speakers

177 - Cassette tapes from several different genres: Roger Miller, Gene Autry, Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Christmas and others

178 - Cambridge SoundWorks Computer auxiliary speakers, unopened package telephone line cable, chlorine resistant flapper for a stool, guide  lights to plug into wall for night light in original packaging,  Essentials cleaning wipes. Novi Tech trashcan paper shredder with the  plastic trashcan

179 - Two line business digital cordless multi handset system, several  other phones plus rolls of new coax. All kinds of technology stuff- I  bet you can find a use for this good stuff

180 - Melitta 45 cup stainless steel coffee urn with original box.  Includes the innards and ready to go to work for you-though you will  have to buy the coffee

181 - Be ready for whatever lighting you need: American RK12 Barn  lantern, 18 inch kitchen and bath F15 T8 warm white tube light, two  candleholders and assorted candles

182 - Oriental dancing Figurines,decorative German plate-been repaired,  Depression custard cups, bowls and salad plate, pewter cream pitcher,  Yellowstone Park cup and saucer set, French ivory letter opener, a  collectible folding fan and nail bar

183 - Presto pressure cooker sealing rings-Still in the original  packaging. (Stock number 09903 & 09902). New Taylor meat  thermometer still in sealed packaging. Black and Decker coffee maker  with pot and a container full of coffee filters, a wooden knife block  with steak knives- probably not the original knives, a framed  needlepoint of Cross. Harley Davidson knickknack items. Metal magazine  holder, a plastic tub filled with miscellaneous items such as: a multi  plug mouse trap, adhesive caulking and other odds and ends

184 - Metal frame pressed wood cabinet and shelves. 65" to the top of  the metal stand, the bottom portion is 15" deep, the whole unit from  outside to outside of metal stand is just short of 3 foot wide

185 - Sentury Valueguard 1330 safe with combination. Measures 23  inches tall 17 inches deep and 17 inches wide. Measurements includes the rollers

186 - Sentury Valueguard 1310 safe with combination. 22 inches tall 17  inches wide and 14 inches deep. Measurement include the rollers

187 - Triumph seed belt buckles. One is dealers appreciation for 1984  and the other one says dealer. Each are in original foam lined boxes

188 - HP 8 inch digital picture frame- solid wood frame with four  elegant double mats to match your decor, "Take picture, insert card and enjoy." Brand new- still in the box. Has a 2 GB internal memory

189 - Showtime rotisserie & BBQ with pans and other accessories to cook in this appliance

190 - Weber Spirit gas grill with propane bottle, Ready to help you  enjoy outdoor time for cooking so you do not have to heat up your  kitchen. Will clean up very well, Has not been used much

191 - Wrought iron six piece patio set : Lounger with wheels on the back that also has adjustable back, two side tables, a straight chair, a  swivel chair, and a two seater that moves back-and-forth. Does not have the pads but the iron is good and just need cushions. Has been sitting  on porch, not out directly in weather

192 - Nextgrill with one side is for burning charcoal and other side for using gas. Does not have a bottle to go with it and needs some upkeep. On rollers to easily maneuver

193 - Black & Decker blower/vacuum Electric Black & Decker  blower/vacuum. Super vac and mulch. Has a vortex vacuum system. Works  good