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McPherson Glass has glass working tools in a storage bin that they  are selling to the highest bidder through On-Line Auction. Shelving,  Billco Glass Graph Air Table, power and hand tools and more.

1 - Wooden glass rack on rollers

2 - 10 ft Van glass rack. Made by Unruh Fab, Inc. Sedgwick Kansas. manufacture date February 2003

3 - (1) Wrangler St Goodyear P265-70R17  (2) Michelin Defender LTX M/S LT265-70R17 tires

4 - Metal shelving We have no idea of all the parts are there to make a shelf but it looks like shelving parts to us

5 - Foot stomp hydraulic tool: No one is around to explain how or what this machine was used for. Buy what you see

6 - CR Lawrence Co model No 2200RP belt sander. powered with a 1 hp Baldor single phase electric motor. extra belts

7 - Snap on wrenches: 7,13, 14,16, 17, 1/4 inch and 4(4) 1/2 inch

8 - Miscellaneous wrenches. Some are SK, both SEA and Metric, thin profile open end wrenches

9 - Snap on tools: Half inch ratchet, half inch extension and 3/8 inch extension

10 - Miscellaneous tools. Sockets, breaker bars, ratchet Summer are SK

11 - Allen wrenches, levels, rulers, 100 foot tape measure & square

12 - Rubber mallet, chisels paint, scraper

13 - Pneumatic tools Grinder, impact wrench, metal shear, paint gun

14 - Straps Rope, ratchet straps, Lisle 1/2 inch impact tool set

15 - C- clamps and quick grips

16 - Seven vice grips of various sizes and designs

17 - Pipe wrenches and other tools- two 14 inch Pipe wenches, crowbars, pliers, hatchet and more

18 - Craftsman all-in-one cutting tool

19 -Drillbits and Hole saw

20 - Allen wrenches: 14 of a 20 piece set by Allen- Manufacturer of the original Allen wrench. A complete set of Eklind 050–3/8

21 - Cord hand tools. Craftsman 3.5 amp jigsaw, Bosch rotor- hammer, electric stapler/nail gun

22 - Master mechanic tap & die set. Miscellaneous SK sockets

23 - Wagner power painter

24 - Two air hoses and six orange cones

25 - Small drill press, Wen grinder and broken drill for parts

26 - Makita 9031 belt sander, Makita 419OD Saw

27 - Easy outs, punches, screwdrivers, hooks, impact driver

28 - Adjustable retaining ring pliers, Bolt cutter, hacksaw, copper tools, wire stripper and more

29 - Glass working tools S209 aerosol, mirror edge sealant, molding clips, lots of other items

30 - Pop rivet guns

31 - Caulking guns

32 - Little giant ladder accessories and more. 4 glide wheels, wingspan, roller stand stool, wooden glass moving tool

33 - Roller cart and plastic storage containers- a lot of glass working related tools

34 - Black toolbox some contents in some of the drawers

35 - Roller card and contents- no key but unlocked. Channel lock shop vacuum and electric heater

36 - Wooden cabinet with contents. See the pix

37 - Metal shelf and contents. What you see on the shelves in the pictures is included

38 - Bilko glass graph air table with grid top. About 50" x 84” x 35” tall

39 - Dewalt 18 Volt Finisher Nailer with charger. No battery. Only  accepts 16 gauge straight fasteners, 1 1/4 to 2 1/2 x 16 gauge finish  nails. DeWalt DW 9116 charger, plastic storage case and extra nails.  No battery is included

40 - Dewalt 18 Volt, DC 759 1/2 inch cordless drill, DW9116 7.2-18v charger- no battery is included

41 - Dewalt 18 Volt 547 heavy duty cordless adhesive gun -no battery is included

42 - DeWalt DW 920 18 V cordless screwdriver. No battery

43 - Dewalt 18 Volt DC 411 4 1/2 inch heavy duty cordless cut off tool. no battery

44 - Drill and saws without batteries. A charger is included but may not go with any other tools. The plastic storage tub they are in is also  included

45 - Dewalt 18 Volt DC 545 heavy duty cordless adhesive gun-no battery is included

46 - DeWalt DW91167.2-18 V one hour NICD battery charger


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