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This is auction #3 for the Bud  and Jayne HIll Estates of Bushton, Ks. Also selling the commercial  building located in Bushton, KS simutaneously. If you wish to bid on  the building and the personal property, must register in each auction.  The personal auction has several lots of items still in original  packaging, such as sheets as well as selling the commercial sewing  table. Check out the 168 lots being offered to the highest bidder

1 - Steam vaporizer, hard plastic vintage doll, Sheets that are brand  new still in the package- some of them are queen size, wicker basket,  two metal meat serving trays, plastic sewing basket, aluminum cake mold  baking pan of the pink panther

2 - Wooden toys, artificial fruit, wood snack bowl, pictures painted by  Veda Howard of a little girl and her teddy bear, two boxes of mostly  like new curtains and drapes plus some sheets

3 - Pair of wooden slat back chairs, Wooden paper towel holder and a  very unique handmade wooden shoe wipe with piece of carpet to wipe your  shoes on

4 - Scarecrow and fall decorations, wood ice bucket, mug, a jug, small  fruit basket with wire handle, a sleeve ironing board. Wayne sump pump 1 1/4 x 24" discharge hose brand new still in the package, three  cartridge tin, fall decoration flowers, bedding and some handiwork  wall hangings

5 - Parlor table- Looks like it’s made of walnut- nice vintage piece

6 - Model ML-10 Disco lamp from the 70s. After it warms up it starts flashing- pretty cool

7 - Metal two drawer filing cabinet Metal two drawer filing cabinet-no key and a folding luggage carrier with wheels

8 - 3 Flair Poseable 11 1/2 inch fashion dolls in their original boxes, 4 Mattel Barbie and 1 Ken in original boxes. 11 black flat heel dolls  that are 11 inch tall- still in the original packaging. Louisville  slugger Souvenir bat

9 - Two Thanksgiving Wreaths, 1 Christmas wreath and Easter baskets

10 - Wood furniture: A desktop letter file, a double sided holder, A  rolltop storage unit for the closet- some assembly is required. Vintage  rowing machine

11 - Recliner Recliner with orange upholstery, a plastic box with  informational booklets for the kitchen such as: a healthy way of canning and cooking, joys of Jell-O, Farm Journals country cookbook and box  with handkerchiefs and sewing trim (rick-rack, binding)

12 - Two boxes of Pfaltzgraff Stoneware: cups, saucers, dinner plates, cereal bowls

13 - Cap and gown so you can hold your own graduation, a youth KSU  baseball cap, a youth large panther clinic basketball shirt and a box  full of brand new still with tags- 31 extra long pants

14 - Pedestal table and vintage mechanical recliner that has cloth pull out to recline

15 - Office chair with four legs with rollers, a plastic box full of  sewing notions- such as hem gauge, belt buckles & buttons. Box full of tags that were used on the clothing they made -ones for prices and  others for washing instructions. One arm cover is loose as you can see  in the one of the pictures

16 - Box of new in the package pillowcases and sheets, A shoebox full  of cut pieces of material. A surprise box- it has been gift wrapped and never opened so it may be empty OR it might have some really nice  goodies. A child’s red stepstool that says" this little stool belongs  to me it makes me taller don’t you see when things are high up on the  shelf I reach right up and help myself"

17 - Glass Punch bowl set, Vinyl covered ice bucket with a silver lid  that needs polished, a box full of slide holders, a Clock shelf that  hangs on the wall, a battery operated quartz wall hanging clock, a nice  little vintage warming tray with cord and cover

18 - Oak office desk, with three side drawers and a center drawer- nice condition. 43" x 30” x 30” tall

19 - Heavy duty window covers, A clock with kitties instead of numbers,  vintage brown medicine bottle (probably was full before started sewing a difficult dress), a package of flyers from when the store"Angelic  petticoats" was running and a nice centerpiece bowl

20 - Plywood Storage cabinet with two doors and plant tray in top

21 - Lumber measures 1 x12 and is 10 foot long-only 1 piece

22 - Rugs: 3 x 5 broadloom area rug with fringed-still has tape on it  from when purchased. We think 2nd fringe rug is 6 x 8 which has no new  sticker and looks as though has been used

23 - New wood pieces: Mostly for hanging on the wall and use as a towel  rack etc. We have letters, shelves plus little holders to put on the  table for pins and needles etc and several ducks

24 - Ceiling light fixtures with nice boxes that are packed in to protect them

25 - Ceiling light and 12 matching lamp globes

26 - Chair covers for a wooden chair with matching window valances, curtains and sheets to really spruce up your bedroom


 27 - Chair pads that have never had the store wrap taken off, cotton  filling for pillows or craft items, metal popcorn tin, decorated wood  plant stand, some comfy slippers, gallon jug, table lamp, bundt cake pan and relish plate

28 - Weber Smoky Joe Charcoal grill in box that has never been opened- the color is black

29 - Light fixture that is a light sitting on top of a small ship  steering wheel that needs re-wired, a metal candle stick with the glass  top for the candle and aluminum sombrero hat ashtray. Candle stick  holders, beer mug and a really cool looking Banner with stars

30 - 8 Thumb print beer mugs, box full (dozen plus) of glass banana  split dishes, assorted kitchen utensils including- knives, vegetable  peeler, potato masher, ladles and metal 4 sided grater

31 - Set of 6 C.I. Owl trivets, handcrafted deco metal arch of a French  cafĂ© scene in original box, desk lamp, fly tying kit for fishing,  electronic cubes, Oscar Junior you’re putting partner, vintage  Westinghouse transistor radio-in its original box (shows some damage),  Vintage Airline transistor radio, ceiling light globe and some figurines

32 - Stainless Steel Serving pieces Nitty-gritty work gloves-recommended by Dizzy Dean stainless steel International serving pieces with their  original box, cookie jar with no lid, Irvin where candy dish that is  still in the box, Amway black forest fantasy pattern kit for owls, metal tall pitcher/planter and other miscellaneous knickknacks

33 - Sears basketballs: One has been used and is in a Wilson basketball  box. The other is called a permanent color basketball and does not look like it might’ve been ever taken out of its box- but we don’t know. Is in a box marked Sears

34 - Driftwood for decorating use and a Singer box with a Singer  buttonhole for Singer sewing machine. Spools of thread from commercial  sewing machine and assorted coffee cups

35 - French ivory dresser set with case- doesn’t look like there’s any missing pieces

36 - Vintage French ivory pieces: hairbrush, mirrors, soap holders. Box for razor soap, JR Torrey Co straight edge with case, and what used to be a very nice manicure set that is deteriorated with age- plus is  celluloid comb. If you’re looking for old -this is it folks

37 - Sand stone roses in old Tootsie Roll box- all organic of course.  Several old McCall’s & simplicity patterns, new boxes of unused  boxes of Rit concentrated tint and die plus a "service is our business  sign" and boxes of bags

38 - Assorted stationary, Several unused cards for different occasions,  some really neat keepsake greeting cards with extra large envelopes-  cost you extra postage but they sure are pretty cool. Assorted  magazines and old calendars. Candy dishes, wooden trivets, corked jars  for storage

39 - NFL touchdown darts In original box. It’s all taped shut so we  presume it’s all intact- we’re afraid to takeoff the tape and tear the  box

40 - 8 foot wood table with metal folding legs. In good condition but the top has water damage

41 - Four boxes costume jewelry. Bracelets, beads, necklaces, brooches, rings, earrings

42 - New window AC insulating seals. Box of brand new pumpkins -still  time to decorate for Halloween. Boxes of Hanes Her Way hooded wraps-  several different ones all still in their boxes and also new gloves

43 - New home goods: Four piece sets of wood napkin rings, packages of  swagger curtains, crocheted pillow that is the new, bathroom sets with  rugs, toilet covers and bath rugs- brand new still have the labels

44 - 7 Pewter bread trays in their original boxes that say oven to  table. Two piece new wooden candle stick holders, a solid brass candle  holder all new in the box. Slippers with the tags still on

45 - Spools of cording in different colors. A box of table covers-  different shapes and sizes. Chenille Bedspread, other bedspreads and  blankets. Three chair seat pads

46 - Drapes and curtains with decorative cording, American mist for  packing, Easter grass- all brand new in packages. Various throws- one is brand new still in the package, more curtains and work gloves. New  zippered storage bags

47 - Monkey pod wood. Nutcrackers, dual boxes with handle for easy  carry, cutting boards, salad bowls, nut bowl assorted gavel plus a box  full of artificial flowers

48 - Wood tray for displaying small knick knacks, Monkey pod and other  pieces of wood such as nice wood-based candle stick (or attach a lamp),  candleholders all shapes and sizes from little too tall. Plaques for  hanging stuff up. If you’re a crafty person this stuff is for you. Box  of floral arranging foam and wire

49 - Electrical things for the home: Dimmer switches, Fisher-Price door  alarm, combination outlet, switch plates, wire nuts- just all kinds a  goodies plus a box full of decorative dishware

50 - Glass canister set, Texture printed throws-still have their labels, handiwork placemats plus tablecloth and shawl

51 - Wood decor Including napkin rings, wall hanging candle holder,  wooden toy car, wood letters plus cast-iron base for a oil lamp and  other goodies. Ball globe ceiling fixture,miscellaneous linens, table  cloths and different trim/edging to put on table cloths and other sewn  goods

52 - Patch work collection -Most of them are in original packaging  called Hand Quilted Patchwork 13 colonies. Standard shams, a quilt and  another quilt still in the original packaging

53 - Bedding: Brand new mattress pad and cover- still in the packaging  for a full size 53 x 75" bed. There are some table cloths in the bottom of the box

54 - Chenille bedspread and other bedding including still in packaging  bed cover, and a 13 colonies standard sham that is a different pattern  than one in lot 53

55 - Jell-O mode, vintage metal cupcake pan, pizza pan, red edged white  enamel dish pan, 12 hook tie and belt holders, artificial flowers and  miscellaneous wall hangings

56 - Wurlitzer P100 tote- a- tune with stand Plus a wood shelf unit 4 foot long one and a half foot wide

57 - King size bed spread in original packaging, box of plastic  tumblers- two different sizes. Wood candle stick holders- some hang on  the wall, some table top plus one that shaped like a scoop

58 - Sculptured duck accent lamp. Still in its original box. 5 Bar  Slack & Tie Rack hangers- they have never been opened. New packages of lace door panel curtains and table cloths. A box full of wood items for hanging, a mug from the Dallas Cowboys, Tupperware canister set and a coin Caddy

59 - Large ragdoll with padded back rest, brand new Country Crafts  Harvest puffy potholders- still in the packages and other potholders and placemats

60 - Wood decor-Some are blank pieces of wood so you can add your own  decoration, some have already got painting on them. Sheets, some  curtains and looks like a bed skirt, table cloths and blankets

61 - Cast-iron nutcrackers- purchased in 1996-still in their original  boxes. Plastic "squeeze me will toot" boat. Plastic ware including  plates, bowls, cups, stemware and brand new Kiwi suede brushes- still in the boxes

62 - Christmas shopping time: 5 Brand new never used triple woven  afghans, a cheese crock jug, coffee mugs, pottery- like I said Christmas shopping guys

63 - Montgomery Ward five way step extension ladder. Longest length is 16’, 14' is a step ladder

64 - 7 foot wooden stepladder that needs a little repair as is missing  one step. Someone has placed reinforcement cross bars on back side

65 - Roman soldiers parade prints. Outside measurements of the frame are 18 x 42", Fireplace match holder which is a solid wood and  hand-painted duck in the original box and a fireplace fire screen of  antique brass finish with the four fold fire screen

66 - Bread warmer set Mr. Moka by Italian Express- both brand new in  their own boxes that look like never been opened. Rug yarn, glass coffee pots, wood skewers new in the packages, Home Trends trivets- still  new in the packaging and a food scale

67 - Chair cushions: 2 Brand new 2 piece sets in the packages plus one  loose for just the seat. Several plastic hard plastic containers for  tacklebox or sewing and some check files. Several good uses for these  and would make great Christmas presents. Christmas decorations,  pinecones, I miss Santa plate warmer

68 - Vintage Philco radio with alarm clock, brand new gooseneck desk  lamp in the box, black pillow orthopedically engineered to defeat the  pain and fatigue caused by poor seat support -still in the box

69 - Five piece Revere Ware set that has never been taken out of the  box- still has the plastic seal on- one and 2 quart covered saucepans  and a 9 inch open skillet. A box full of padded placemats and another  box full of new bathroom toilet covers and rugs

70 - Heavy metal bull bank. According to the box, was bought in 1995. Cast iron candle holder that is a reproduction

71 - New children’s pillows from the Flintstones to Power Rangers. Box of artificial flowers and pots

72 - Fireplace match holder-Solid wood and hand painted with original  box, Sears catalogs 1983, 85,86 and a JCPenney 1983. "The Amazon" and  "Borneo" Lifetime Books and New Illustrated Encyclopedia for Gardening-  not a complete set but has seven of them. Nice homemade wreath made with cloth and straw, nice old picture frame with a picture already in it  but you can put your own in it

73 -7 pc New Tulip enamel cookware set in original packaging. Dried  bread and corn for decorating purposes and a Vintage Juliette AC/DC  instant sound solid state AM/FM radio

74 - Wicker baskets with handles, Blue stuffed Dragon, little straw hats for decorating, brass holders for popouri, narrow long light cover to  put above the vanity, a picture frame, straw broom for decoration and  some cloth placemats

75 - Three packaged new twin sheet sets and 5 new hunters fanny pack that are blaze orange and one safety vest

76 - New Natures Garden Decor- One Bird Nest, one Bird Feeder, one  flower pot holder rabbit and two rabbit sprinklers. All in original  boxes

77 - Hanging door curtain panels and curtains-some still im original  packaging. Box of craft items including velvet and other uncut  material, 7 inch black dolls still in original packaging and each of a  pair of shoes and covered plastic eggs that have been made into rattles

78 - Hanging lamp. Sticker says needs repair. Miscellaneous stoneware pieces

79 - Sewing trim, including rolls of ribbon, rolls of Cording and  roping, some velvet ribbon, cotton beads, ruffled trim used for making  puffy sleeves. Box with new set of twin sheets, window valance and a  twin tailored bedskirt

80 - Pots and pans- different shapes and sizes. Some are vintage. parts for poached egg pan, miscellaneous lids. Coffee mugs, beer mugs,  tumblers coffee cups and a vase

81 - Two electric heaters that look like they’re in good shape- don’t  see any damage. One is Super Electric instant electric heater and other  is Arvin

82 - Several Prom 1983 stemware glasses that says "Love Me Tomorrow" plus other glassware. Five globes for lamps

83 - Commercial spools of thread, Scraps of material and a brand new  super wrap twin size bed mattress pad-never been taken out of the  package. Miscellaneous towels

84 - Two boxes of material- both cotton and nylon netting

85 - Christmas stuff: Placemats, scarves, socks, pair of reindeer socks, stockings to hang. Bed comforter and blankets

86 -Sunbonnet girl quilt -Looks handstitched. Very nice piece but shows a little wear around some of the edge

87 - Box of yarn with most having the wrapper still on plus a nice cover for the bed

88 - Four boxes of material and in rolls that were used for making the  square dance outfits, trim etc. Two rolls look as though the papers  never been taken off

89 - Box full of bolted material. Bottom third is individual placemats  plus there is a box of ruffle material- according to the side of the  box. A piece of cloth backed vinyl material

90 - Nice wooden decoy, Looks like it’s never been in the water but is missing one glass Eye

91 - 2 half sheets and one full sheet of three-quarter inch plywood. 2 pieces currently being used for shelving

92 - 12 concrete blocks. Currently being used to hold up the plywood shelving

93 - Pair of Christmas tree stands with plywood base attached to stands. Oval shaped table top, wooden headboard, wooden kitchen chair that’s  been painted, three pieces of carpet- one still has sticker 3’ x 5’ with fringe, and the two other pieces of carpet, Metal framed kitchen  stoo with metal fram and vinyl seat and back

94 - Two Huffy Mark 10 men’s 10 speed bikes

95 - Duck decoys from T.J. Maxx plus a condiment tray to put in the  middle of the table with your condiments and a hot tile for your hot  pan. Brass finger hold candle stick, pewter candlestick and  miscellaneous frames

96 - Drapes, throws- some are new and still have the original tags on  them so they make great Christmas presents. Artificial flowers and  wicker baskets plus a little wooden box

97 - Twin size handcrafted quilt. In its original packaging from the  Imperial Collection. Full-size Highlander bed cover in original  packaging, new rugs, new Santa cuddly blanket in bag and a handi-work  afghan

98 - Hardware hooks of all kinds plus you get a cosmetic organizer.

99 - Placemats, pillow, brand new 72" tapestry runners and 7 stuffed duck chair armrest

100 - Halloween decorations: Electric candles, jack-o’- lantern, Spell  book (book opens up on its own, Halloween candles with batteries,  spiders. Plus you get an assortment of collectible handkerchiefs and a  wreath plus oven mitts

101 - More Christmas shopping folks: Never been opened cotton calendars  that measures 16" x 25", holiday placemats, Sentimental Times afghans  -these all have their original labels. Then there is the miscellaneous  curtains, new towels and napkins

102 - New still in the package sponges and bundles of roping

103 - Hanging chandelier and wall lamps, Giant pencil sharpener with  Smiley Face pencils- still in the original packaging, photo album with  magnetic pages that's never been unsealed from the plastic, 1 inch poly  binders and spiral notebook paper plus lampshades for the lamps that are in the box

104 - New bedding still in sealed packages including standard shams,  ruffled bedskirt, window toppers, drapes. Queen flat sheet and a king  tailored bedskirt

105 - Carpet scraps & artificial flowers, Brand new 72 x 64"  aluminum 1 inch mini blinds two other sets not boxed (do not know  sizes), bushel baskets that are probably a quarter a bushel size with  handles, golf bag with no clubs, a window shade and a framed picture

106 - Ottoman on rollers, KSU big top popcorn tub, some fancy high top  boots one with velvet like tops and 1 pair with vinyl tops-all are 7 1/2 medium. Do not look like ever been worn

107 - Rubbermaid bin cart- Brand new still in the box. Has never been  put together. Two reversible 16" plant brackets that are brand new still in the package. We think all the parts are there for the cart since  it’s never been put together

108 - Hoover sweeper, Wood stepstool, 1933 Dusenburg jigsaw puzzle that  still sealed up so all the pieces should be secure, 50th Golden  anniversary trivet with a nice frame, a set of speakers from Panasonic  they’re called thrustersm and a sock stretcher Or maybe it’s to put your shoe on one so you can get it shined

109 - 12" diameter world globe From the world classic series. Has its own free standing stand

110 -Salesman sample china hutch. 3’ x 20"- even has the slats for the plates

111 - Two stallion 38 cap pistols that work- they just need some caps,  plus a glass Coke pitcher, A&W root beer mug, "One small step"  published by the Hutchinson news- still in very good shape and metal  pitcher with a plastic handle and assorted ladies bags- some leather,  some straw

112 - 19" round based lamp with crocheted shade. We just pulled it out  of the box to take a picture for you otherwise it’s never been used

113 - Flintstones ceiling fan- never taken out of at box nor assembled. Includes a VHS tape called the Flintstones wacky inventions and owners  manual still intact- so you can follow the instructions to assemble

114 -  Monkey pod wood items: Wood salad bowl, nut dish, divided trays, a dresser style box plus a brass bowl and other goodies

115 - Extension cords- Some have never been taken out of their packaging and all kinds of other electrical supplies

116 - Three pictures: One with a glass cover and the other two are nice paintings- one on wood one on Canvas

117 - Everything you need in trunk of your car: A Snap Shovel that is a  collapsible snow shovel, Trunk organizer plus a sewing machine case  brand new in the bag and a tennis racket

118 - Rolls of new wrapping paper, Paperback & hardback books  "angels all around", "total healing", "Core 52 Harbor Cove", "daily  revelation for supernatural breakthrough", "healing the whole man",  "God’s promises for every need" plus some old telephone books and a  Bushton business Association plaque. Gift bags of pumpkin spice and  other autumn collections and a vintage frame- brand new in the box for a 5 x 7 picture

119 - Two new wall mirrors with a wood frame that divides them into four squares, a decorative metal hanging fixture and needlework Star to hang on the wall

120 - Large wicker pumpkin with removable top so you can use it for  candy for the neighborhood goblins, bamboo style fans for wall hangings  and a white denim purse

121 - Country Santa- Hand painted with wood stand and still in its  original box plus Angel potpouri/soap holder -brand new in the box

122 - Wooden spice rack with spice bottles- some are clear some are milk glass

123 - Wall hanging wood bookshelf. Fireplace match holder with a  mallard duck -solid wood, hand painted and still in original box plus 2 pictures in wood frames

124 - Pipe wrench, Claw hammer with wood handle, screwdriver, two  coffee cans with some nails, two file express folders and sad iron with no handle

125 - 3 TV trays plus 1 without table frame, wooden wall hanging with  pegs for hanging up jackets and looks like it used to have a mirror but  now just oval hole, metal fruit cake tins and a large painted paddle  board or wall decoration

126 - 16’ 6 gauge Booster cables In original box and Deluxe trunk organizer with nine expandable pockets still in the box

127 - Three lamp globes and an outdoor light

128 - Wood framed horses head, trumpet that has a little trouble with  bottom, Brass vase, ice bucket, metal tin powder box and a metal tin  with a deer. Three Wood figurines- one is a rabbit with a place to put a candle another rabbit with a close pin to hook on Notes and a chicken  who was probably a paperweight

129 - Father Christmas and a table lamp with a glass ball and metal base

130 - Metal wall hanging, rectangle mirror, Aladdin Stanley thermos and a nice leather carrying bag

131 - Wicker baskets in different shapes and sizes plus a willow fall  wreath and assorted fruit figurines that look like might be papier-mâchĂ© -they’re very lightweight

132 - Wood turtle lamp with a pretty neat shade, wicker baskets with handles and a wire basket with plastic trim

133 - Linens including fringe tablecloth, bed covers, afghans, trivets and all kinds of goodies in here

134 - Artificial fruit

135 - Box with leather belts and new neck scarves. Seven glass  chimneys, glass bowl, black light bulb and a fluorescent bulb- both are 2 foot

136 - 18" Under counter cabinet light fixture In original box, jumbo  snow off windshield cover in original box, new trouble light with a 25  foot cord, heat lamp covers, night lights and other new electrical stuff

137 - Fireplace match holders- Solid wood and handpainted ducks with  original boxes. One is a Mallard plus a nice wooden box made of solid  that says firelogs

138 - Small kitchen appliances: Electric skillet, electric griddle & two toaster ovens

139 - Electrified Commercial sewing table. 25 inches wide 30 inches tall 14 foot long- has two 7 foot sections for breaking apart to move. Each section contains a Pfaff 180 sewng machine. Selling it as a unit  simply because we could not get the sewing machines out without tearing  up the table top

140 - Silk flowers and decorative wall hangings. Most the wall hangings still have the label so "hey Christmas, people"

141 - Decorative Sunflower table cover ensemble still in the box. Mr.  and Mrs. towels that look like they’ve never been taken out of the box  but they do need cleaned before you use them

142 - Lipton sun tea jars Two cases of four 1 gallon jars that have never been opened

143 - Handled wicker basket filled with five bags of laundry hangers  with 20 pegs that have never been opened. Auctioneer says neatest thing ever

144 - Mallard decoy fireplace match holder- Solid wood and hand-painted, in original box plus a box of Lipton tea Lipton sun tea jars that has  been opened and only has one jar in it

145 - Votive holders still in the box. One is marked solid brass the other is a pair of candlesticks

146 - Tin containers: One with a floral arrangement and vase and other  one has fruit. The one with the flowers has a hole in the back so can  be hung on the wall. The other one is a little heavier so it’s meant to sit on a desk

147 - Vintage Imperial Party Time solid state record player in case. It plays 45's and 33’s -cute little dude guys

148 - Metal flag standards-Four round bases and one three legged base

149 - Campbell’s soup set: Comes with a soup pot to heat the soup and  two handled soup mugs to enjoy. Not in original box but still has the  cardboard packing frame and cardboard label.

150 - Wood and metal decorative pieces. A box of metal artichokes, a  walnut wood nut bowl with one metal nutcracker and wood touring car with workable wheels

151 - Natures Garden Decor Squirrel sprinkler and a bird nest birdfeeder

152 - Vintage Schonbach Bohemia violin singed by Martiin Vuguer, With case.

153 - Fine Ceramic Poodle In original box plus a box of Lipton four 1  gallon sun tea jars. Has been opened but all four jars are in the box

154 - Fine Ceramic Saint Bernard In original box plus a Lipton four 1 gallon sun tea jars box that has never been opened

155 - Vintage plastic cold drink carrier with Styrofoam. Nice shape

156 - Tins, pair brass candlesticks, Sears number 34205 replacement  cartridges for water filters, two rectangle boxes for dresser top and a cotton bag for "select yellow popcorn"

157 - Porcelain dog dish and two plastic file boxes that still have the bands on from the store

158 - 5 Wood knobs that screw into the top of a post going up the  stairway, wood key shaped wall hanging key holder, a little wooden box  with wooden "O's"

159 - Wood decor: Paper towel holder, folk art heart shaped block, wood candle stick holders, another wall hanging candle holder, a wooden  horse for the wall and a nice large clothes pin to keep your notes  together

160 - Magnus Organ. Blow into the tube and play away- it still works

161 - Wood shelf unit with open back and six shelves. Measures 7 inches deep 32 inches wide and 5 foot tall.  All items on and around are sold in other lots

162 - Wood decor: Including a goose, a duck with artificial flowers, a  two tiered rack to hold spices, a piece that looks like an old slate  board that;s been transformed into something decorative and wood  Plateau. Gooses legs need re-glued

163 - Metal wall hangings, metal steak serving trays and nice ice bucket

164 - Decorative rod system: Four brand new in the package 48" x 80 up  to 84 inches (3 Crackle antique finish and one black finish) plus a  plastic rake and a push broom. Two CafĂ© rods still in their packages

165 - Box says new pillows and they do not look like they’ve been used.  One is a set to put on chair, some regular decorated pillows but they  look like they all go on furniture with only one has ties

166 - New in package full bed sheet sets, Toilet covers, bed cover,  placemats- both cloth and plastic, all kinds of napkins of different  colors and styles, shower curtain rings that are still in the packages  and an oven mitt

167 - Table runners in original packaging - a full box full plus a box with curtains that looks like one nice set

168 - Wicker and wood baskets and wire chicken holders