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Patti is moving and wants to sell the personal property that she  does not wish to take with her. General line of household and  collectible items, furniture, bird bath, patio furniture and outdoor gas grill.

1 - TV Vizio 65 inch diagonal x 33 inch tall screen TV works great and has the original books as well as the remote

2 - Four-drawer chest with metal pulls and mirror that matches. 6 foot  long x 26 inches high. Mirror 22 inches and little over 4 foot tall.  There is an area on front above drawer with some scratches-see pix

3 -  Wood frame double bed. Looks like it is either walnut or pecan.  Very nice mattress and springs is included. The cat, blankets and toy  are not included

4 -  Exercise cat spinner works excellent. Is called "One fast cat".  Very simple to put together and the cats enjoy it. Comes with  instructions so you will know how to take apart to transport and put  back together when you get home. 42 inch diameter

5 - Clock and wildlife Battery operated wall clock and a framed picture  of pair of Mallard ducks after the hunt. Picture matting shows some  water damage but the glass is ok

6 - Towel & toilet paper racks Two pieces of metal with Flowers  decor-one to store towels and other to hold toilet paper roll

7 - Wood frame for pictures Tall wood frame could have many different  uses. It measures 40 x 29. Can use for individual pictures. put cloth in it for decorating piece. Use your imagination.

8 - Metal cage that is 44 inches tall x 32 inches long x 22 inches wide. Metal base bottom tray, on rollers & has hanging perch for animal  or bird. Looks like can be collapsed for storage

9 - Nice heavy double headboard with no frame or rails

10 - Decorative plates & Shadow Box Pix Decorating plates-one with a rooster, another with type of bird, one with pears and four framed  shadow box pictures

11 - Vintage 12 inch standard globe made by "Replogle Globes". It has  some damage & shows the world the way it used to be. Enamelware  includes a tray, coffee, pot and unlidded pot. Rolling wooden plunger  for a food sieve and a wooden back scratcher.

12 - Vintage wooden oak wood kitchen table with two drop leaves and two  Bentwood chairs. Table measures 34 inches long x 22 wide and the leafs  are each approximately 11" at widest point

13 - Metal kitchen utensils includes two slotted spoons, a solid spoon and a fork plus a plaque that says 4H club

14 - Apex TV with remote - does work. One pix shows door open to show the controls

15 - Vintage anvil is marked 70 FA. We think is a Fishers Anvil

16 - 5 foot wood shelf unit. The contents are not selling so they are not included in this lot

17 - Regular size bed frame with wood slats, wood rails, no mattress nor springs

18 - Hollywood bed frame

19 - Italian black enamel wood with suede trim massive bedroom set: Foot and headboard with storage in headboard. Two side tables, corner piece, vanity with mirror and chair

20 - Four wall hangings that are made with light wire and string and a colored print

21 - Solid wood frame with a three-way mirror it does not fold up. 6 foot tall. Items on the mirror sell in separate lot

22 - Hats and neck scarves Hats- looks like they are both vintage. Neck  scarves- one of them looks like from the Roaring 20s and the other one  looks like from Hawaii. Other items include Kansas Junior livestock show scarf and earmuffs

23 - Sonyo TV with remote and wooden box on 4 wheels with the name "Skylar" on the side.

24 - Wall hanging with metal strips the color of brass. Very lightweight. 3 foot tall and 42 inches wide

25 - Embroidery hoop & art Two different sizes of embroidery hoops-  one of them has a embroidered star and a wall hanging little copper pot

26 - Caution light & other electronics Miscellaneous electronics:  Battery operated caution light, keyboards, mini brights, large 3-D glass set and more

27 - Rolling office chair with five legs

28 - Under the bed lidded tote has several cameras plus assorted tins. See the pictures.

29 - Two vintage woods and a putter

30 - Paintball gun, wrist/ankle weights and a set of goggles

31 - Several purses- some over the shoulder & handbags. Sandals, slippers, insulated shoes and a shoe rack

32 - US Army gear includes a side bag, canteen and a bag

33 - Three nice baseball gloves- a couple of Wilsons. Approximately 20  baseballs, some are signed. One is a Nolan Ryan 500 strikeout 300 win  season and some others and lost regular youth baseball.

34 - Briefcase, ashtray, two combination locks and two electric alarm clocks

35 - Vintage shaving kit is missing the shaving brush. Mirror is not broken and includes a lava lamp

36 - Homedics vibrator, radio controlled clock and a metal box for  stamps. You can tell how old the stamp box is: three cents stamp,  nickel stamp and a forest stamp picture. Radio walkie-talkie and a  police call book from RadioShack.

37 - Pearl snare drum set, includes the drum case and drumsticks in the  original wrapping on them. Has two drum stands and the contents of the  case. Includes cushion stool that folds up and stores easily

38 - Vintage wooden chair with leather seat and a portfolio with various pictures and matting

39 - 1971 and 1974 wedding dresses, including the hat & the  undergarments. Each have been worn one time. One is size 9/10 and other is size 10

40 - 3 piece American Tourister luggage in the color purple

41 - Overstuffed chair that has some stains on it. Still very solid and sturdy so will hold your weight. Includes 2 throws

42 - Soft sided luggage Three pieces of soft sided luggage-each have  handles and wheels. An Optoma bag as well as some other bags

43 - Four piece bedroom set Full size bed, five drawer chest with metal  pulls, side table to hold lamp (top needs refinished), chest of drawers  with four big drawers & three little drawers plus a mirror. Contents on top of the dresser with mirror sell separately. Set of sheets,  bedding and rug included.

44 - Fold up game table for playing poker, a card shuffler and some chips. You will just need to add the cards.

45 - Table lamp, battery operated wall clock, a decorative pop, full of  rocks, a box with a planter and two lawnmower Murray blades that are 24  inch

46 -  RCA, Sanyo tape and CD players, set of speakers plus a turntable

47 - Empty Smokin Joe's racing tin, metal dresser box full of pin  buttons, green depression glass with wire rim that is being used as a  cigarette tray and two brass "apple"-one large and one small

48 - Knickknacks- includes a mushroom, a candle with a little holder,  miniature Liberty Bell and two candleholders that resemble vintage  lamps. Plus a US flag and a "Girls Night Out" singing card.

49 - Bob Hope Christmas tapes, 2 Charlton Heston VHS Bible tapes, blanket, child's toys, LP records and CDs

50 - Seven captains chairs- all six are in good condition

51 - Shaker style chair- is a ladderback with a cane seat. A wicker basket with eyeglasses, golf balls and other goodies

52 - CD and cassette tape holders: two are all wood, the other two have wire slots. Plus a plastic tarp

53 - Curtain stretches with original box and a brass display rack with swivel top

54 - Two Argus slide projectors

55 -  Table is 55 inches long x 28 inches wide x standard 29 inches tall with Formica style top and metal base. The top is loose right now, but  you can stabilize after you get it moved to the spot you want it

56 -  Wood sofa table is an off-white color and measures 4 feet long 18 inches wide 30 inches tall

57 -  42 inch round oak table. This is a nice vintage piece. There are  some scuff marks on the edge of the table. The base has been painted off white. Nice solid piece.

58 -  Vintage bridge lamp that stands 58 inches to the highest point. As you can see from the pictures, it does work as we use it to light the  items we are taking pictures of for this auction.

59 -  Metal wall hanging eagle with 2' x 2" wing tip to wing tip. Is a  gold colored eagle even though the picture that makes it look bronze due to shadow in the room

60 - 12 large and 12 small Parfait sundae glasses. Just showing a representative one of each size- the rest are safely in a box

61 - Post Office poster is "Honoring the heroes of the USA " in 2001.  Promoting the purchasing of "Heroes of 2001" stamps. This is a large  framed poster in connection with the terrorist attack September 11.

62 - AM Willard Spirit of 76 from Abbott Hall, Marblehead,  Massachusetts. Second one is a picture of our flag. which has been  around for several years. Flag print has some water damage towards top  of the print. I remember seeing the flag print in my classroom, They are pretty cool.

63 - 2 Post Office pictures Past and present American heroes from  February 23, 1945 and September 11, 2001. And "I want you" for US Army  recruiting station

64 - 50 star US flag that hung at the Post Office. Has metal base with an eagle on top of the staff. 2 corners show wear

65 - Two high-back wing chairs with brass tacks and stuffed cushions  with cherry wood frame. Includes the throw pillows and an ottoman

66 - Several sided table and 2 rectangle end tables. All three are made  with marble in the tops. The top of the two marble pieces in one of the tables are cracked as shown in the picture. The table lamp showing in  he pix does not sell. Metal hardware on the drawers of the matching  tables and on the doors of the multi-sided table doors.

67 -  Ethan Allen Chinese Chippendale tapestry covered Downfield cushion couch with rolled arms & cherrywood frame. Sofa measures 6 1/2  foot long. The pillows are included.

68 - 6 1/2 foot folding daybed that has a little bit of damage as shown  in the picture. It has electric connection on the end so you can plug  stuff into it including your phone. Does fold down flat.

69 - Duncan Phyfe tiered table -contents sell in lot 70

70 - Camel table lamp with shade that has hanging beads. Glass  candleholder that has all kinds of beads all over it. An ashtray with a  removable top for easy cleaning

71 -  Occupied Japan small figurine and a gold colored 8 1/2" tall vase-made in China.

72 - Vintage cast-iron Bank that has damage, but the pieces are inside.  Do not have the combination-probably why bank is damaged.

73 - Oriental style urn - the lid is removable. I see no damage on it. Stands 19 1/2 inches tall

74 - Vintage porcelain pitcher. Just need to find a bowl to go with it. Has an English mark. Found no damage

75 - Two round decks of cards & other decks of cards. One from  Coors, one from Las Vegas, 50 anniversary from Delta Airlines, Western  Airlines, club specials, Amtrak and Carnival as well as Wounded Warrior  Project

76 -Tremendous Florence coffee table in the shape of a trunk. Was $5000  new. Covered with alligator skin. Removable and sliding shelves inside. A wonderful piece and in very good shape. There is some personal items  that show the picture that do not go. This is going to be empty when you pick it up except for the trays. Measures 4’ x 29" with total height  18 inches

77 - Costume jewelry includes a beaded necklace, pins & several pairs of earrings

78 - Costume jewelry includes bracelets, two small child's bracelets  with turquoise and some earrings. These earrings are all paired up.

79 - Costume jewelry necklaces, including some chains and all sorts of beads

80 - Costume jewelry mostly beaded necklaces and some chains

81 - Costume jewelry consist of necklace and matching earrings sets,  earring pairs, single earrings & pendants without chains

82 - Costume jewelry rings-several styles and different sizes. Most of  them are sterling bands and there is even a canceled stamp in the bunch.

83 - Locks and keys

84 - Box costume jewelry: earrings, some necklaces & some pendants

85 - A small box of costume jewelry: chains, a ring box and a clamp for a tube of lipstick. A gold color necklace plus a piece of pottery dated  2009

86 -  A bag full of collectible linens that include table cloths. Some  of them look like they could be handcrafted but not necessarily

87 -  Plastic bag with doilies to put under table lamps etc

88 -  Plastic bag full of tablecloths, doilies, even a crocheted hat. Not sure how much is hand done or machine made

89 -  Vintage wooden canes- one has several pieces of tape on it to protect the user

90 - Umbrellas Umbrellas: one says "windproof", a plastic tube plus a  wooden night stick. One is KC Royals and a fold up umbrella

91 -  Vintage teddy bear, an IKEA zipper case to carry small items and throw

92 -  LG window air conditioner that the seller has been using it and  since she is moving, she no longer needs it so is selling it

93 - 6 1/2 foot vintage couch with wood frame. The frame is in really  good condition but the cushion seats need some TLC. Includes a throw  which you could throw over some the torn spots.

94 - Pair of windows with pieces of stain glass or colored glass. 17 1/2 x 44 windows turned into sun catchers

95 - 5 gallon cream can has been painted gold and has Sunflower embossed into the side

96 - 10 gallon milk can has been painted green and decorated. Says "Good morning, America how are ya?"

97 - Lighted dresser top mirror that has a cord. Just need to add  bulbs. A little basket with a lock and an overnight bag. Three pieces  of decor looks like they might have gone on a fence post plus a piece of resin that you could put a candle in

98 -  Vintage gateleg end table nice condition

99 - 1986 picture of the Rice County courthouse in Lyons, Kansas. A cast-iron kettle without a lid and logs for your fireplace

100 -  "The Earth Stove", fireplace tools and screen. Currently hooked up so bring tools to unhook

101 - Wooden spoke wheel off an old car probably a model T. Has a Ford hubcap

102 - Solid iron windmill weight in the shape of a star

103 - Bushnell 525 telescope with adjustable legs

104 - Vintage cushion footstool plus 2 hanging draperies

105 - 4 foot oval shaped mirror with wood frame

106 - Boys bicycle with speed controls and brakes. Looks like a three  speed. The tires are Mark GT. We are not sure of the brand. See the  pictures.

107 - Handicap equipment includes a set of adjustable crutches, walker,  shower bench, a walker without wheels and a wheelchair. If you do not  need them, buy them and give them to the council on aging- they could  always use more.

108 - Steamer truck with no tray no the leather handles. Needs handles

109 - Prestige guitar steel reinforced neck. All the strings are there.

110 - Black coal shovel & handled bucket

111 - Galvanized coal bucket and shovel

112 - Metal enamel sprinkling with black trim, a Christmas light to hang from the ceiling and plastic garment bags

113 - Nila grand piano from the MG Bay Company. Includes the music on the piano

114 -  Hardback books include "National Typewriting Book", "Cisco  Networking Academy Program", "Tom Peters Reimagine", "Bible Grammar",  see the pictures

115 - Vintage trumpet or cornet & wooden box of coasters, a  softball, wooden car and a wooden handle to massage somebody's back

116 - Children's books: Sesame Street and Dr. Seuss books. Other books  include the "Goosebumps" series, Santa Paws, plus The Shepherd of the  Hills, a Billy Graham book and others

117 - Book of Knowledge Encyclopedia, Books by Collier, Sears &  Roebuck, Four Translation New Testament, Ideal Memories and others

118 - Three The Old West books include: "The Indians", "The Cowboys" and "The Soldiers", "Back Roads" and "Hidden Corners". "Treasures of the  Smithsonian", "Time Almanac", "The Purpose Driven Life" and other books. Alistair McLean books, "Ten Stupid Things Men Do", "Young People Ask"  and others

119 - Children's books: quite a few are Walt Disney and The Boxcar Children

120 - A pair of wooden ducks. One of them is marked "Touch of Glass and the other has no marks

121 - Liberace's candelabra Well, maybe it did not belong to Liberace, but it is a nice crystal candelabra with metal base

122 - Glass ashtray, School box has divided storage compartments that are full of marking pins and highlighters. A desk pad

123 - The vanity has been taken apart, and this is one piece and has four drawers and metal handles. Being sold by itself

124 -  Vintage desk with drawers down each side of the knee hole and  drawer in the middle. They all have metal pulls. Wood office chair on  rollers and does have a little damage. After all it is more than a  couple years old, but still solid to hold your body and roll around the  floor

125 - Wooden plant pedestal stands 26 inches tall 7 in.² top

126 - This is a nice piece of cowhide lap rug

127 - Brass coat rack

128 - US military jacket -size 34 regular

129 - Air Force coat size 44S

130 - Folding magna cart

131 - Two rug beaters- one is wicker and the other is metal. plus a rod for hanging towels or something else

132 - Two vintage pole lamps. Both need to be rewired. One has some filigree that needs that has had some repair done.

133 - Freestanding birdcage with metal frame and cage

134 - Vintage youth chair needs re-glued and the red paint is chipping off so it also needs to be refinished

135 - Two vintage folding chairs- one with red seat

136 - Four wooden TV trays with stand for easy storage

137 - Projection screen with original box

138 - Two vintage desk lamps

139 - 18 inch round end table and it has been repaired as you can see in the pictures. Has a wooden base of three legs. The table crack is just  top layer

140 - Vintage three leg half table. 22 inches long and the deepest is 10 inches

141 - Vintage half table 2 foot wide and the deepest point is 1 foot

142 - Two collectible lanterns: one is a small red one missing the  chimney the other ones a little taller and does have its chimney

143 - Vintage style metal candle lamp has a candle in it and is a  reproduction. A battery operated Conger Lantern Company (railroad)

144 - Wards better lantern

145 - Hibbard Spencer Bartlett Railroad lantern. No 2. OVB. This needs  good cleaning, Used damp cloth to remove dust to expose the information about the lantern

146 - "The original formula Dr. McGillicuddy's Mentholmint Schnapps  imported from Canada". This is on a mirror. The mirror has been cracked, but is still good piece of conversation. Measures 20 1/2 x 35

147 -  Vintage crock and paper, Mache horse. The crock has been damaged and repaired

148 - The two handles have wicker wrapped on the metal handles. The crock stands 21 " tall 13 inch diameter

149 - Plastic dog line to let your dogs have a good run, collars and  chains, plus a bag full of hardware for your drawers. Four 3 ring  notebooks

150 - Box full of candles: some scented candles, all kinds of colors, some clear bowls to put candles in

151 - 5 gallon shoulder jug- see no damage

152 - Kraut jar without a lid but does have the bail handle with wood.  Redwing Decorated chicken fount (Buttermilk feeder)-no base

153 - Western Stoneware gallon jug with one chip on the edge. Sounds like something is inside. It might be an old cork.

154 - Number one Western stoneware jug from Monmouth Illinois. Does have one chip on the edge, otherwise in really good condition

155 - Electric Five Jewish Menorah, two bird houses and patriotic cloth bags

156 - Four legged two door cabinet with metal pulls. The back has been  cut out so you could stick a TV in it. Also has a shelf so possibly  could use for a stereo system. Measures 39 inches long x 19 inches wide  and stands 51 inches tall

157 - Four picture frames, three are multi side and one is a farm scene  with a metal frame. Two of the frames have painted picture of windmills by Lavada Rogers

158 - The picture sizes range from 11 x 17 and 24 x 20 Or 28, Some have  frames. Mark McGuire, assorted cars and Muhammad Ali. I have taken a  variety of pictures to show you what is in this lot

159 - Depression glass that consists of glass trays, cream and sugar  set, candlestick holders and some candles. See the pictures.

160 - Two pieces of oatmeal glass, green depression candlestick holder,  small cup and saucer sets, a footed bowl, a relish plate, short  sherbets, vinegar cruet and the glass coffee ground basket from a  corning coffee pot-but no coffee pot. Wooden bowls

161 - MSE China includes dinner plates, salad and lunch plates, cereal  bowls, cream and sugar plus some crystal bowls, two metal handled trays, glass relish and another glass coffee grounds basket to a corning  coffee pot, but no coffee pot

162 - Cloth placemats, a wooden box with Black Label whiskey bottles that are empty- "sorry". Wooden box with essential oils

163 - Lighted China hutch with glass shelves. All the items inside the  hutch and in the bottom sell in other lots. As you can see the light  does work. The hutch measures 4 feet wide, to the top of the door is 69 inches and is another 10 inches to the top of the cabinet. 14 inches  deep

164 - Tile pictures These framed pictures are all made with tiles.  Handpainted by Territorial Tiles of Santa Fe, copyrighted designs of  1977. The large tile is American Indian glaze tile that was done in 2013

165 - John Wayne portrait from McClintock era. Movie promotion of Hatari and another from scene in Hondo

166 - Drawer full of corks. We assume they are all fishing corks. I have no idea where they were to come from otherwise :).

167 - Two antique USPS mail door covers. One has the combination for the lock

168 - Bar supplies include shot glasses, ashtrays- some from Coors and  Budweiser, plastic stir straws, bottle pour spouts, toothpicker &  toothpicks to put in the toothpicker

169 - Wooden Kraft cheese box & whirley jig Wooden Kraft American cheese box and an Indian in a boat whirly jig

170 - A set of steer horns to hang your hats on the wall. The horn span is 56 inches.

171 - Three Oil lamp pottery pieces with lids

172 - Vintage metal 7-Up tray -holds 12 bottles

173 - This lot consists of ashtrays from different places, a small ice bucket, 2 liquor bottles and an official bartenders guide

174 - Two horse hames- one is metal and one is wood

175 - Sonoma Oneida Excel plates, eight custard bowls in the shape of  flower petals to Kansas plates, and one "Made in Germany" plate

176 - 12 oval shaped dishes that can be used for banana splits

177 - Stuffed animals: Willie coyotee, moose, roadrunner and duck

178 -  Wood wall box that has a mirror and a place to put a small plant  or goodies. A rope woven wall hanging and a wooden vintage rolling pin

179 - Two barstools that have metal rims to rest your feet, a nice oak  bar with inlaid marble. The top measures 5 foot long, 40 inches tall and a brass foot rail. On back side has wine storage and compartments.  Solid Ethan Allen oak piece.

180 - Three piece set Black & Decker gardening tools includes a  shovel, weed chopper and small rake plus a Little Giant sump pump.

181 - Four Burgundy glasses with gold rings, one large Tumbler with no  rings, two small juice glasses with no rings and six large wine goblets

182 - Two wooden trains: the ones with the blue paint are magnetically  connected. The other is a Christmas train with Santa Claus as the  engineer.

183 - Vintage ceiling hanging lights

184 - Chickens Rooster sitting on vegetation is approx 2 foot tall, a  hen with an open back to put a plant in, a candy container that has no  candy and a white plaster chicken

185 - Rushing river picture Small waterfall in the river surrounded by trees. Has wood frame that measures 32" x 18"

186 - Eight stemmed glass goblets that are 6 inches tall

187 - Stemmed goblets & juicer Five stemmed goblets and a vintage juicer

188 - Seven Budweiser Beer steins

189 - Three Coors beer steins with Brazil on the bottom. A pewter beer stein with a lid and a Nashville mug

190 - 10 glass coffee mugs & 2 Route 66 ceramic mugs

191 - Three cruets and two extra cruet tops

192 - Nine small lights to put by your bedside or on your desktop

193 - Three vintage oil cans, tin holding Dorrell matches and a vintage Railroad flashlight

194 - New revolving punch tool set in original box and a brass door knocker that says BULLA

195 - Vintage sewing basket with several TV and other electronic  remotes. 2 glass rods, metal candle snuffer, miniature Christmas  decorations and a dinner roll basket

196 - Oval shaped table has an extra leaf, five straight chairs and one  captains chair. The chairs have gold cushions. Table is 5 foot and leaf  is 11 inches.

197 - Phillips VHS player TV that needs some repair. I heated plush throw with original box and gift bags.

198 - Military Ammo box, plastic toolbox and a mailbox that looks like has never been used

199 - 4 foot bubble level and a large frame for hanging posters

200 -  Extension cords- at least one is a heavy duty

201 - Kansas Day papers, Valentine box, Rice County Centennial plate and several collectible buttons

202 - Blue granite bowl and stoneware bowl for popcorn

203 - Spongeware bowl

204 - Red trimmed enamelware, metal Bundt pan and mixing bowl. Nutcracker set and metal milkshake cups

205 - Blue graniteware: small roaster and small canner

206 -  Vintage light globes. Group of three and group of two-rest are all singles

207 - Coca-Cola 8 ounce bottle lemon lime B1 beverage Fremont pride beer bottle, cream ale bottle 35 Farms County Corkin bottles with wire bales and Alka-Seltzer jar and a menthol medium jar to Bank one from Chandler national Bank and the other lines exchange Bank both Lyons, Kansas  postcards for Brazil France that are still still in their regional  wrapping

208 - Two boxes of dominoes, Hrats!, checkers, chutes and ladders & other games, cupcake and square muffin tins, TV tray and two cooling  racks

209 - Chapin Home and Garden sprayer with original box plus household extension cords

210 - Three framed Santa Fe train pictures

211 - Full size electric blanket with dual controls in a plastic bag.  Stuffed lion lying on top to protect it till your ready to crawl in bed

212 -  Two twin size bed sets- the bedspreads are reversible. Includes pillow shams, top cover & bed skirts.

213 - King size comforter, two square shams and two pillow shams

214 - Plastic bag contains two comforters and two shams

215 -  Two rectangle pillows & two square pillows

216 -  Two painted canvas prints and a southwest style shower curtain

217 - Empire pain management system "tends device" in original box. Dave Ramsey, "Financial Peace University" membership kit. Fuller Brush  Crystals for window and outdoor surface cleaner and an ABC fire  extinguisher

218 - Five picture frames: one has a snowman and two children. One has a background of Barbecue Rib Entree, Peacock and 3 empty frames.

219 - Wagner Paint sprayer & motion light with original box

220 - Vintage Montgomery Ward family scale

221 - Wagner Control Spray double duty handheld sprayer for all fine finish projects, Does not look as though it has been used.

222 - Omron five series blood pressure monitor and a splint wrist brace in original packaging

223 - Brass blow torch and a vintage electric toaster with no cord

224 - Bacon press from Taiwan and a singing teapot

225 - Gray granite ware coffee pot without lid or the innards and an aluminum water pitcher from Italy

226 - Vintage overnight case & ice bucket The vintage overnight case has tiger cloth and is full of brush curlers. The ice bucket has a  bamboo covered handle & plastic tongs that match bamboo handle (But  not bamboo-just looks like bamboo).

227 - Two pairs of metal candleholders- the silver looking pair have candles and the brass hangs on the wall

228 - Vintage coffee grinder and an aluminum grater

229 -Hall's Autumn Leaf coffee pot -does not have the innards, the lid  nor the cord. The spout does have some damage. A picture that has a  crack from the top to the bottom and a blue USA water pitcher with chip  on rim

230 - Amber depression era bubble pitcher, Marigold/iridescent colored candy dish without a lid and black vase

231 - Sack full of wood trim, wood base wood brackets that have never  been opened. Two wooden plaques, framed "Sprinkles are for cupcakes not  toilet seats" and styrafoam hydrant caps to keep them from freezing.

232 - Different sizes, different styles, different types of picture frames

233 - Are you an artist and looking for frames for your artwork? Are you a dealer that needs picture frames? Whatever you need frame wise might  be in this box-all shapes, sizes & styles

234 - Wheat pattern creamer, coffee cup plus a blue satin glass footed, fluted, bowl and misc trays

235 - Five vintage coffee and teapots in different shapes and different sizes. One does not have the lid the other four do.

236 - Kerosene lamps and an extra chimney. One has a metal base and there is also an extra mantle

237 - Vintage glassware: Buttermilk pitcher, Mickey Mouse mug, Mickey  Mouse bars of soap, milk glass boat tray, pint milk jar, Disney glass,  glass ketchup bottle and 1 gallon jug without a lid

238 - Brass Candlesticks, plus a wire candleholder that you can probably hang up if you wanted to. Wood tulips

239 -  2 wood framed pix. Both frames are 27 inch and feature Cowboys riding horses in the middle of cattle

240 - Two prints of skylines- one is showing a locomotive & train  going along the tracks. Another one features mountains and a river. Both are 24 inches wide

241 - Pair of framed Barbara Rupp paintings. Frames are 12 1/2 inches across

242 - Lined and padded case. 32" x 17 inches & 7 inches deep

243 - Vintage two tiered metal frame table with Formica shelves. 23 inches tall

244 - Box with audiobook set, Country Gold cassette tapes, Raiders of the Lost Ark VHS tapes Louis Lamour and others

245 - Pair of electrified accent lamps to put on either side of a mirror. Comes with chimneys plus an extra chimney

246 - Wooden two shelf unit This two shelf unit measures 34" x 18" x 22" high. It has been painted green.

247 - Box full of mostly VHS tapes, including Indiana Jones, Jurassic  Park, the Addams family, ET and more. DVDs include Avatar, Guarding Dad  and others

248 - Kirby G5, upright sweeper with attachments

249 - Lladro figurine called "Cinderella's lost slipper" that has been  retired. Includes a picture of a listing on eBay plus a pair of baby  Reeboks, ceramic porcelain floral candle holder and a Spanish folding  fan.

250 - Plastic Silverware tray, full of a large set of Oneida tableware and a bag of vintage tableware

251 - Six Norman Rockwell plates. Three originals and three duplicates. Two have boxes

252 - Vintage blue graniteware coffee pot

253 - Vintage ledger book & checkbook. Ledger book has extra pages. A very large jumbo universal remote light switch and 1999 owners manual  for a Honda Civic. Hometown Journal paper from 2023 about "Williamsport  Bound" Little League baseball champions

254 - Pair of brandy snifters, vintage canning jar, heavy duty, coasters, steam iron, pastry cutter, cork coasters and more

255 - Metal cabinet sits out on the front porch so has weathered well.  Repaint it to match your color scheme. A kerosene oil bucket with  gardening tools and a wood box

256 - Werner Folding metal table to display plants on the front porch, 3' x 9" and 12"

257 - Two large plastic planters, a metal framed multi armed holder with pots for small plants.

258 - At least two sets of wire frames for kennels or exercise pens

259 - Dog exercise pen still in original box plus a fold up kennel

260 - Pet taxi

261 - Two vintage cast-iron kettles- different sizes. One has a number  eight on it and I can not tell what the other one says. see the picture  & make your own decision as to size

262 - Vintage footed bathtub- has a modern faucet

263 - Rubbermaid yard cart, some plastic planters and two metal cones

264 -  This guardian lion is 36 inches tall & he has been guarding  the house a long time. He is not solid concrete so he is not going be  that hard to move. So no major damage, What looks like crack in the pix  is actually a string that is tied around him

265 - Three concrete stones are for decorative purposes- you could put them under a table and make a bench out of them

266 - Galvanized square tub, round bucket with handle and a plastic planter. You can dump the dirt out or take it with you

267 - Vintage wrought iron spiral plant holder- has six steps with a holder for potted plant at the top

268 - 49 inch tall aquarium with filter light, etc. 16" across top

269 - Concrete birdbath and porch pedestal. Porch pedestal is 1 ft.²

270 - Concrete fountain is not connected to anything. It is  freestanding. Lady holding her urn on her shoulder. It measures 59  inches.

271 - Concrete birdbath. 33 inches tall. First pix shows the birdbath upside down

272 - Gold lion that seller has sitting in her flower bed. He stands  majestically on his little pedestal for a total of 17 inches from the  ground

273 - Patio set -Round table with metal frame legs and four rocking style chairs. 46 inch diameter table

274 - Vintage coated wire egg basket with wire handle

275 - Metal base swivel charcoal grill. Clean up and start barbecuing.

276 - Concrete pedestal with a squirrel. You just need to add the pot with flowers

277 - Charbroil classic gas grill with an auxiliary burner and propane bottle

278 -  A pair of duck decoys

279 - Pair of folding plastic sawhorses


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