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Really nice antique and contemporary furniture as well as  outstanding shop tools. Very good sale. Please note this auction will  close on Tuesday (not on our normal Wed closing)

1 - Western Cottage, organ company, Minidoka, Illinois pump organ. It  was patented in June 30, 1847 and was made in August 5, 1871. It does  work and has a good tone. Does have a "water "ring where something was  sitting on it but otherwise in very good condition. One of the pump  sets has the ivory off. Has a box to store music. Selling music that  you can use on it in a separate lot and a organ stool is selling in lot  2. Very very nice piece. Has inlaid wood

2 - Organ stool swivel padded seat on three legged wood and metal stool. Nice piece and you must get this to go with the organ you just  purchased.

3 -  Students book from the school for the Piano Forte, Irving Berlin's  "Always" sheet music and other books. You need these to go with your new organ you purchased in Lot 1.

4 - 30 day New Haven wall clock. The key doubles as a lock for the case itself, as well as to wind the clock. In really good shape and make an  attractive piece for your wall

5 - Linden 31 day clock that sits on a desk or you could hang it on the wall. Has the winding key

6 - Ingraham mantle clock. Does not have the key with it but any vintage key will work on this. Does run, has the pendulum and does strike.  This clock comes with the original "guarantee" that is on a piece of  paper that is on the back of the clock-have taken a picture of. It's  with the Ingram Club Calgary S 1625. Even has the directions for  setting and regulating the clock. This guarantees with the Ingram clock company not us. We know it's running right now and that is all we can  tell you.

7 - Two drawer vintage lowboy dresser- the handles have been replaced.  It has a beveled edge mirror and made with quarter sawed oak. Has four  wooden casters.

8 - Vintage platform rocker with a dark finish. There are two spindles  in the back that are missing. Has casters on the front. Very sound and  in good shape & rocks nice. Includes a soft pillow to sit upon

9 - Aladdin number 11 lamp that has been electrified. The shade  definitely could be original, but we do not know that for a fact. Is a  very nice showy piece.

10 - Vintage oak parlor table with a shelf. Table top has scalloped edges. Measures 2' x 2' and stands 28 " tall

11 - Vintage metal double bed that has been painted-nice solid piece.  Has a mattress and springs-Monarch orthopedic extra firm type  innerspring mattress cushion with Ginuwine 405 Leegit- bought it for  $89.95. As with all beds we sell- you are just bidding on and buying  the bed. You are being "given" the box springs and mattress. It is up  to you rather or not you wish to take the springs and mattress. The  items on top of the mattress ARE NOT included with the bed-they sell in  separate lots

12 - Four vintage fur pieces. Two of them look like they are collars-  one looks like it is coyote and other is mink with a loop on with his  tail on the back. See the pictures.

13 - Vintage collar -do not know what kind of material and shows some  wear. A purse that is a combination purse and hand muff. A black, fur  hand muff for both your hands to cover up even more area.

14 - Vintage purses: A beaded evening bag with handle, leather coin  purse, eyeglass holder- that also has a place for coins. A little more  modern type beaded bag and a knitted bag

15 - Vintage Baby shoes & blankets: A pair of leather baby shoes,  crocheted slippers and four individual shoes-with no mates. A baby cap,  young child's cap and two baby blankets

16 - Handled upholstery purse with Bakelite closure, a pair of shoe spats, and two fur pieces off coat

17 - Wedding hat, wedding waist, and a ladies top that needs a skirt to  go with it. Advertising pages out of the Harper Bazarr and the Wichita  Beacon. The pictures in the Harper. Bazarr look like they might be to  describe some of the items that we show pictures of in this lot.

18 - Vintage child's sun suit and a pair of longjohns, ladies hat with  veil and a straw hat for a child plus a child cap. Two gloves from two  different sets. Complete in a vintage hat box

19 - Vintage child's dress & a beaded collar

20 - Vintage jacket with bead work on the sleeves and on the back and a  long skirt, The fabrics are not the same so they were for two different pieces of the wardrobe

21 - A pair of vintage jackets. I do believe are ladies jackets. The  buttons are loose on one of them and is missing one button on the purple one. These are nice old pieces ladies.

22 - German clock called "Mannie-UHR mit Schneider" Is a reproduction clock made in the 1800s

23 - Original Dold Black Forest cuckoo clock with instruction manual-in both English and German

24 - Wood framed battery operated wall clock. Approximately 16 in.²

25 -  Eight day wall clock with a wind up key that is attached to the  clock. Is adjustable so you can get it set to tell proper time.  Measures 20 inches tall from the base to the top tip

26 - Vintage Techron electric desk clock

27 - Sessions oak case desk clock with key. Still has the paper label on the back-label is a little worse for wear

28 - Portrait of a assassinated martyrs: Abraham Lincoln, William  McKinley, and James Garfield, plus a certificate of award for punctual  and regular attendance for Verbal Burns from the year 1914

29 - Two pictures of matriarchs of a family in separate frames Both are oval shaped. Very classy ladies and classy frames. One is 2 foot the  other is 22 inches

30 - Picture of grandpa and a portrait of a young man. Both are wood  frames-One in an oval frame and other in an octagon frame. Both are in  nice shape and are approximately 23 inches long

31 - A pair of matching frame portraits frames made of oak that measure. 26x31"

32 - Portraits of two ladies The wood framed portrait is 25 x 28". The  Indian princess does not have a frame and measures 16" x 20"

33 -  Vintage framed mirror measures 14" x 27". The picture of a  little girl measures 14" x 16". The baby picture measures 13" x 16"

34 - Framed picture of the last supper, one of roses, a smaller one of roses and a "By Wisdom House is built... picture

35 -Framed pictures of trees, birds and a decorative wall hanging mirror

36 - Portrait of a little girl, another little girl with her dog and a picture of dolls and other toys

37 - Pictures of turtledove saying He is risen. A picture of Jesus being a guardian angel over two children on a river and a wooden wood framed  picture of farm scenes, including pumpkins & barns

38 - Four framed pictures with hummingbirds

39 - Three afghans with fall colors. Nice to cuddle up with when it's cool.

40 - Six Afghans- pick your color & different sizes, but they all  will be nice and warm when you're cuddling up when it's cold

41 - Assorted blankets and a machine quilted bedspread

42 - A pair of chenille bedspreads, and a Rice County Centennial throw

43 - Several electric blankets & controls plus a furniture pad to  move your new furniture around that you buy at this auction

44 -  A pair of matching side chairs with cushions seats and a table to go between them

45 - Wicker framed wall mirror, fans, runner to put across a dresser or  table and a wicker bedside stand with shelf unit for books

46 - Glass base table, lamp with shade and Honeywell small fan

47 - Three piece bedroom set. The Vanity and chest have metal pulls.  The headboard has two storage units with sliding doors plus an open  space in between. Double size bed. The mattress and springs are  included-but buyer not obligated to take. The bedding is also included. Four-door chest and a vanity with 6 drawers and a mirror. Drawers are  dove tailed and the bottom drawers of the chest and vanity are cedar  lined.

48 - Depression era bed with inlaid wood includes head and footboard, metal side rails and wooden slats

49 - Electric space heater- 4 foot long and fits along baseboard. It's a "Soft Heat II"

50 -Three piece, inlaid leather Duncan Phyfe living room set. Includes  two step end tables and a coffee table with a pexi-glass cover. Couple  of nicks here and there, but solid pieces, and still look very  attractive

51 - Wood head and footboard with wood slats and wood side rails. Solid piece of furniture. Has a few scratches.

52 - Depression era glassware: tumblers, goblets, serving pieces, bowls, salt, Dip set- see the pictures

53 - Glass set, Star of Bethlehem bowl and tray, serving sets, cream and sugar set, milk pitcher, candle stick, relish plate and more. See the  pictures.

54 - Depression era juice glasses Carlsbad Caverns juice glass  souvenirs, three depression juice glasses, cream and Sugar from a China  set without the lid for the sugar bowl. A happy face mug with a chip and a nice little lidded dresser box glass jar with original case for  storage.

55 - 26 piece punch set with Arlington design. Has a 6 quart punch bowl and (12) 6 ounce cups with clear plastic hangers and clear plastic  ladle. Has its original box for storage

56 - Four snack sets (3)12 piece, Federal glass company Snackmasters  sets and a vintage eight piece set from Anchor Hocking. All four sets  have their original boxes. The 12 piece snack master sets from Federal  say they have 4 each of snack cups, snack plates, and juice or cocktail  glasses

57 - Hot point microwave- does not have the glass tray

58 - The shelf unit is 5 1/2 feet tall 2 foot wide and has three shelves in an open area. You can put it over a desk or use it for storage  below. The little table is 20 inches tall. Has metal frame with a wood  insert

59 - 3 foot formica top round table with metal four legged stand

60 - Four brown metal folding chairs made in China and it looks like all four have the rubber tips on the legs with the exception of one leg  needs a tip

61 - A set of four metal folding chairs-do not see a brand name on them. They are tan colored and all in good shape. It looks like all of them  have the rubber tips on the legs.

62 - Set of four Samsonite folding metal chairs with cushion seats. They all have rubber tipped legs- some of the tips have been replaced for  broken ones. You also get a black metal chair with cushion seat that has no other mates and it is not Samsonite

63 - Toshiba Regza, 37" TV with wooden entertainment center stand. Stand is 29" wide

64 - Vizio 31 inch TV. It says it is HDMI and has D TV.

65 - Mostly DVD movies, and some VHS- "Look who's talking" " Lone Wolf", "McQuade Tribulation". "Goodwill Hunting", and many more

66 - Eight track tapes & LP Eight track tapes- including "Merry  Christmas with Andy Williams", the "Black Woods Singers", ''The Holy  Bible" plus LPs, including "all day", "singing with dinner on the  ground" by Jean Bartlett, "love song" and series by the orchestra, great songs of Christmas by various artists, including Bing Crosby and more

67 - Cassette tapes, including "How Great Thou Art", "Walgreens Cowboy  Christmas", Tennessee Ernie Ford Hymns, "Freedom of Choice",  Mid-America, Eagles, and more

68 - CDs. Including Willie Nelson, Reba McEntire, Shania Twain, romantic piano, Jerusalem, and more.

69 - This group of 45 includes "Silver Bells" by Al Martino, "White  Christmas", "Born Free" by the Semper Serendipity Singers, and "That's  Life" plus more

70 - Collectible bells Mostly crystal bells but a couple of china. See the pictures.

71 - Bells include one for Christmas, Little Blessings, Cardinal.

72 - Two figurines that were purchased in Bethlehem, a merry Christmas  wood carving with the tree. Holy Bible book ends with praying hands and  some church hymnals.

73 - Five The International Santa Claus collection with their original  boxes. These are from Italy, The Netherlands, United States, England,  and Switzerland.

74 - Six. The international Santa Claus collection from Mexico, (2)  Russia, Wales, France and Scotland. With their original boxes

75 - Five. The international Santa Claus collection from Canada,  Belgium, the Ukraine, Germany, and Spain. All with their original boxes

76 - Hardback books- including Tom Sawyer Miss Marple from Agatha,  Christie, Tom Sawyer from Readers Digest and other Readers Digest  condensed books including You and the Law, which may not be condensed  after all. In the Bible through the ages plus websites, New World  dictionary handbook, and successful gardening books. if you don't want  them all- that's fine just take the ones you want and leave the rest.  Just bid on what you are wanting to take home.

77 - Souvenirs from around the world These world souvenirs include items from Australia, countries we cannot pronounce plus you get "Burns Poems and Robert Burns cottage, but they are from a different Robert  Burns-the seller. Also some Roman coins and some other things that have Burns on them which is obviously why he picked them up when he was  traveling

78 - Travel souvenirs inc pix from Russia Travel souvenirs, including  painted eggs, pictures from Russia, an alabaster piece and more

79 - More world travel gifts Pair of porcelain head and feet dolls,  postcards from Russia, items from his Jerusalem pilgrimage and travel  books

80 - More travel souvenirs Travel Souvenirs includes a spoon from the  World of 1000 Clocks, metal candle stands, a bottle of Kinley which is a Coca-Cola product.

81 - 1971 Centennial atlas of rice county, Kansas

82 - Russian Samovar. Comes in a nice little bucket. There is some  pieces that are in the bottom we presume it has come off the crystal  piece somewhere but still a beautiful piece.

83 - Nine Ty bears with tags and 10 Ty bear tags that do not have a bear to go with them

84 - 1964 Colliers encyclopedia set 24 units, including the index plus years 1965 through 1984 yearbooks

85 - Screw bumper jack and a handheld weed sprayer

86 - Double Makita set Has two cases, a drill and two flashlights

87 - Two Ryobi 12 V rechargeable drills with cases plus a bag to carry  everything home in. There is only one charger and 1 battery

88 - Tach Dwell tester by Dixon in a little drill box along with a 26 pound pressure vacuum gauge

89 - Timing light, a small grass seeder. Heavy duty staples, a leather holder for a hammer and a plastic container with vintage door locks.  Calliper and wire pliers-both rusty

90 - Two 7 1/4 skill circular saws. One is in a nice case with an extra  blade. It also has a gauge to go with it and the other one does not have a case to go with it or a blade.

91 -  Black Cat pressure washer 1300 PSI's - 1.6 GPM's model BC 2000 in its original box. Been well taken care of.

92 -  A pair of jackstands and a Gaylord wood clamp

93 - Remington power actuated tool with RAM set. Includes power fasteners

94 - California pneumatic heavy duty sand blaster kit with original box. Oregon filing guide for precision chain saw sharpner with its original box

95 - Fireplace starters from Pine Mountain Superlog. They are double log shape and each 6 pounds, There are five bags that have not been open.

96 - Caulking guns, router guides-two different types, wire leads and a sewer snake

97 - One chainsaw is a Homelite, the other we cannot find the markings. The one without the markings is missing the pull rope.

98 - Respirator -still in its original packaging, air tubing, some tiles and some rods

99 - Two plastic shelving units with four shelves and stand 6 foot tall. The contents on the shelves sell in the previous numbered lots.

100 - Electronic items, including an alarm clock, telephones, telephone  wire, high speed Internet wire, headphones, cables for amplifier from  channel master

101 -  A small safe with key and handles. Can fit in a small area plus  you get a file box to keep the paperwork in that does not need to be  locked up

102 - Vintage biscuit tin measures 10 x 10 x 12. Does have a name on the bottom but we cannot read it.

103 - Child's toy cash register

104 - Canon AE-1 camera with the instruction book, tripod with bag, and  several Vivitar parts: including lenses. See the pictures plus you get a nice bag to go with the camera equipment

105 - Cameras & equip: A tote filled with hanging lights, leather  bag for Camera plus you get a tripod with original box. Kodak Instamatic cameras, and Kodak EasyShare Canon, another camera with the case.  Start your own camera business

106 - Midland emergency, Ready Rescue number 240, channel emergency  citizens band radios- brand new still in the box. It says the batteries  are included but you might consider getting some fresh ones. Been  sitting on the shelf for a while.

107 - Dream machine FM/AM/CD clock radio with a CD rewind playback. Plus you get a lunchbox with a thermos jug

108 - Old radio tubes and parts. Nice assorted box.

109 - Lone Wolf picture- frame has a little damage but the picture is  good. A tin type picture frame, a vintage thermometer picture of the  red bud blossoms near the Washington monument, Picture of Jesus praying  in the garden and assortment of different sizes of frames with no  pictures. Also a child's slate board from the old country school house

110 - Two jewelry boxes plus a small jewelry box. Several photo  holders. Does it look like some have ever been used but they are all  definitely empty.

111 -  Assorted picture frames- all shapes and sizes and ages. Some  vintage oval frames plus newer wooden frames- different sizes. Do you  need pictures framed - This lot is for you

112 - Glass and ceramic utility pole insulators. Don't see these anymore as you go down the road

113 - "Treasures of wisdom on talking with God", "Barbara Johnson I  don't suffer from insanity", Washington DC hotplate tile made of  aluminum and cardboard dream catchers that has never been opened.  Coffee pots- one for Brewing & ones to keep it hot. Wicker holders  for paper plates and much more

114 - Vintage wood jewelry box Traveling pamphlets, "Cave of the winds"  banner & old collectible road atlas. Brass candle stick holder,  plastic piggy bank, from an atlas, wood dovetailed butter box, brushes, nice collectibles.

115 - Collectible tins Log cabin syrup, allspice, ships Neets foot  compound, treasure chest canister for a bank, an old breast pump,  transistor radio, Mini-vuer, some other goodies

116 - Vintage Oneida Community baby cup with its original box- doesn’t look like ever been used. Scudder’s brownie spread, which is a  confection butter maple flavor nice little tin with a bail handle.  Presto canning jar with a bail handle and glass lid.

117 - Collectible tins & ointments Rawleighs antiseptic salve, Penn  Champ all purpose machine oil, Cloverine menthol bomb salt peter, a  bottle that says sold only in Rexall, Drug stores, Denver mud to be used on minor burn, sunburn, etc. and a tin of perfect circle oil rings for  the Pistons

118 - Razor blades Everything to make you look good. Three straight  razors with box to keep them in. Some other supplies- a safety razor  with extra blades and a Crisscross safety razor sharpener with its  original box.

119 - Andis electric hair clipper set with original box, belt buckles: 2 are from 1981 HTI pipeline, 2 with ducks and another one that says  Merit Award 1985, 1986 and a billfold

120 - Coleman Propane lantern and 2 propane fuel bottles. Wooden Windsor blended cheese box.

121 - Vintage wooden table Measures 3' x 18" and is 25" tall Has a measuring strip on one edge

122 - Metal top of chicken feeder-no bottom, a stoneware bottom for a chicken feeder and a metal tea pot.

123 - Watt USA oven ware bowls with the Apple design. 9 inch and 6 inch with small chip on rim, missing the middle size

124 - Two vintage coffee pots, hotplate, an aluminum coffee maker to put on top of a stove and an electric percolator urn. There are several  cords. We haven’t tried to see if any of them really operate the  particular items but you get the whole lot.

125 - Hamilton beach 14 speed, solid state blender and tiered metal  snack tray. Pair of vintage wooden crutches, metal shower towel holders, and a red stick with ball on top

126 - Vintage metal cake carrier, Metal roasting pan without a lid,  another part of the roasting pan with a rack in the bottom and handles  on the ends

127 - 12 inch white enamel bowl with black trim, plus a camping set  consists of two different size pots with their lids. Go camping and use  the wash bowl to wash your dishes and cook in the pots.

128 - Vintage Hamilton Beach table top mixer has one bowl marked  Hamilton beach & beaters -We know nothing about it. Nice collectors  piece.

129 - Aladdin lamp parts & Wicks, a cute oil lamp with burner and  chimney, a metal miniature oil lamp, and a cast-iron bracket to hang  your oil lamp on the wall

130 - Five chimneys, two oil lamps- both have burners. One is an old  burner and the other is a newer one has red oil all ready in it. These  are not shippable due to the red oil.

131 - Caloric cub portable ultra-ray broiler. Has its original box

132 - Three Monterey Western Ware plates. Does not look like they’ve been used very much

133 - Assorted shapes and sizes of collectible trays. Including a bread tray, handled meat tray and a part of a separator. There’s also a  metal carrier to put either casserole or baking dish in.

134 -  Vintage eggbeater and collectible tableware, including forks, knives & ladles

135 -  Small blue granite roaster, vintage match box holder to hang on  the wall, broiler pan, a vintage food grinder and other metal ware

136 -  Vases, candles and some artificial flowers to put in the vases

137 - Red trimmed white enamel pail without the handle and a saucepan

138 -  Wooden wall hanging corner shelf, and a "THe Burns" hearts to hang on the wall

139 - 18x15x5 Wooden case

140 - Nesco roaster with the inserts so you can cook your turkey or bake a pi whatever you want to do

141 -  (2) 6 foot tall 3 foot wide six shelf units with plywood on each  shelf. Nice set. The items on each unit sell in other lots. This is  only the shelf units-not the contents.

142 - Vintage Men's jewelry includes: cufflinks, tie tacks, tiebars,  watch fob, stick pins, and three pocket watches-West Clock, Equity and  one cannot read

143 - Vintage Women's jewelry includes earrings, necklaces brooches-  rhinestone some are plastic and do not know if all the sets are there.  These are just miscellaneous. There is some of them that do match.

144 - Women's vintage jewelry includes a cameo brooch, pair of earrings, couple gold chains 1 with a locket

145 -  Vintage jewelry- mostly men's stuff. There is some cufflinks, buckle, tie clips and tie tacks

146 - Two metal base lamp, a cast-iron base & fourth one has a  marble stand with the wood stand. Two of them have shades plus there are some parts- see the pictures.

147 - 4 foot cedar chest with a 50 x 22 lid. Is sitting up on blocks, so has never had any water

148 - Brass shelving unit with three shelves that the wire is covered  with a piece of glass. Plus you get all kinds of artificial flowers to  plant in the spring instead of trying to raise flowers in our drought  conditions. Have a miniature Christmas tree & a comfy Santa Claus.

149 - Edison sewing machine with cabinet. There is a few sewing notions  in the cabinet door and the Edison Sewing Machine Guide Booklet.

150 - Vintage wooden high chair has an enamel tray, nice painting of flowers on the back strip -nice piece of furniture

151 - Vintage metal framed highchair with metal tray. Has an adjustable seat.

152 - Oak table that has the lamp going directly through the top. Has a  place to hold your magazines or books and a shelf on the bottom.

153 - Pretty cool piece-has a place for your magazines and papers, place you could put your lamp, little cubbyhole to store stuff in and an  open area for more storage, The doors on either side of the taller  portion both open into the same storage space

154 - Wooden magazine rack and a half round side table. It probably needs re- glued as table is a little wobbly.

155 - Three leather seat pressback chairs. The two with a star on the  back need seats repaired. The third one is ready to go to use right now. The are are sound, just need to fix the leather seats on the 2 that  match.

156 - Vintage baby buggy with wire wheels. Can lay the baby down and  shade the baby. Needs to be restored because the old fabric is falling  apart but the frame is all there

157 - Aluminum folding stepladder

158 - 5 gallons of latex eggshell enamel paint, a plastic tub being used as a trashcan and a nice little wood stool

159 -  Metal Trumbull trundle daybed, has a covered mattress on it and is up to buyer whether to take the mattress or not

160 - Very nice insulated Flask thermos- no brand name on it. Really nice heavy duty Coleman flashlight/lantern

161 - Rectangle table that measures 5' x 38", one adjustable lounger and four swivel chairs two of which are on six wheels. The other two are  stationary. They all have cushions. They are on an indoor patio, so in  very good condition. Includes two 16x16x16 tables, ramp style footstool and a marble slab measuring 2' x18" that is sitting on top of one of  the small tables

162 - Corner metal shelf with graduated size shelves. Has been used on  the enclosed patio, so in very good condition. 63 inches tall. the  bottom two shelves are 17 1/2 inches deep and the smallest one is 9  inches deep. Widest point is 26 inches.

163 - 31 inch Magnavox energy star, flat screen TV

164 - 1 gallon Tupperware container with lid, plastic insulated coffee  server, plastic 1 quart pitcher with lid, 2 microwave dinner trays, and a plastic gravy boat. Two pastry sheets to roll out pie crust

165 - Tupperware style, as well as china & crystal bowls, wicker  basket, custard cups and assorted lids. A 2 quart Tupperware mixing  pitcher with handle. 16" x 11" Oak wood shelf that stands 4" tall  -currently used to hold the telephone in the kitchen. Phone is not  included in this sale

166 - 3 x 3 1/2" wall hanging from Thomas Kinkade called "Painter of  Life. Year 1999 from the Victorian Christmas III series. Has the  certificate authenticity stating this is an authentic Thomas Kinkade  fine art reproduction lithograph from the original painting.

167 - Double boiler pot, sauce pans, cookie sheets, cooling racks,  Pyrex mixing cups, apple slicer, microwave bacon cooker, cake pans-Pyrex and metal

168 - Pressure cooker pan, small double boiler, metal pie pans, as well  as a quiche bowl, Tupperware cups, tumblers, Pyrex & Corning ware  bowls

169 - Covered butter keeper, two sets of small ice cube trays, a Tupperware pitcher, and a plastic onion storage container

170 - Misc plastic storage containers including some Tupperware, assorted lids and sizes of containers

171 - Assorted sizes, shapes and colors of potholders and t- towels. Some t-towel have the personal touch of handiwork

172 - Two different sets of Corelle dinnerware- one set has six bowls, 8 cup saucers &10 cups. The other set is called Corelle coordinates, which consists of 8 mugs, six cereals and 8 each Salad and dinner  plates

173 - Two slice toaster, Westinghouse handmixer, Braun handheld blender  and a box of assorted measuring cups, measuring spoons and mixing  spoons. Some are Tupperware.

174 - 10 inch Pfaltzgraff skillet with lid, Red Copper10  inch skillet with no lid, 2 hard plastic cutting boards and two cutting  sheets

175 - A drawer full of kitchen tools: a meat tenderizer, slotted spoons  and turners, rubber spatula, wire whisk, Tupperware measuring spoons,  knives, tea ball strainer, baster, ice pic, and many more pieces  including corn on the cob handles

176 - Teaspoons, long handle teaspoons, paring knife, serrated knives,  straight knives, assorted dinner and salad forks, table and teaspoons.  Several different patterns, comes with a plastic divider tray.

177 - Dish cloths, paper towels, SOS pads, vinegar, ammonia and assorted cleaning supplies. Take what you want and leave the rest.

178 - Set of three blue ribbed mixing bowls (large bowl has edge  chip-see pix, salad bowl set with four matching salad plates and four  dessert bowls. Set of eight plastic blue custard cups for desserts

179 - Set a four blue coffee cups and a set of six blue handled mugs

180 - Seven smoked colored glass tumblers with six matching juice  glasses. Six clear tall glasses, with six medium size and seven juices

181 - Round oak 4 foot diameter table with a 2 foot leaf that can be  added. Four matching oak chairs that have cushions for comfort while  sitting. This is a pedestal oak table and all the chairs and the feet of the table have plastic caps to keep them from scratching the floor. The table shows that it is being used every day in the kitchen, but it is  in very good shape and so are the chairs.

182 - Two sets of salt and pepper shakers and a tooth picker. They are three separate patterns

183 - Porcelain hummingbird figurine- 10 inch tall Homco beautiful  classic porcelain of hummingbirds and flowers with its original box. I  see no damage.

184 - Oak framed beveled edge glass top sofa table With a bottom shelf  to display items. Gold metal accent strip on the legs and around the  glass insert. Top is 4 foot 2" x 17" and stands 2 feet from the floor.  Matches lots 187, 188 & 189

185 - Mountain Chapel by Thomas Kinkade with wood frame and glass front. Frame is 15" x 20". Has certificate of authenticity on the back with a copyright date of 1999. Comes with the original box to store it in.

186 - Lilac cottage by Thomas Kinkade. Frame is 45" x 36”. Does not have the Certificate of authenticity

187 - Glass top coffee table matches lot 184, 188 and 189. Is an  octagon and measures 41", Oak wood frame, brass trim on the beveled  glass top and gold metal bands on the legs

188 - Glass top oak lamp table with the drawer underneath the bottom  shelf. Beveled glass is trimmed in gold medal Oak framed with gold metal strips on the inside of the legs matches Lot 187, 189 and 184.  Measures 27" x 22"

189 - Beveled edge gold metal trimmed glass top with an oak frame. Gold metal strips on the inside of the legs and a drawer underneath the  bottom shelf. Matching tables are in lot 187, 188 and 184. 27" x 22 is  the size of the end table

190 - This wood vintage lamp table has four legs. A lamp goes up through the center of it, and has spindle arms to keep things from falling off. 5 foot from the floor to the top of the lamp 20 inch diameter table top

191 - Gary Elliot print with a quote from Matthew 10:29. Jesus is  holding a sparrow. Measures 38 inches wide 24 1/2 inches tall

192 - Framed print that measures 34" x 27 1/2” has no signature that is readable. Print is of a floral stairway

193 - Pair of 30 inch tall, metal base table lamps. Picture shows one  with a light on in the other one is off. They are touch lamps.

194 - Tempus Fugit grandfather clock. Really nice condition. Stands  6'2" from the floor to the top of the spindle. Was made from a kit. and  really nice piece

195 - A green colored 7 foot long hide-a-bed couch. Really good condition and has two pillows to go with it

196 - Pride mobility products corporation lift chair. Has the owners manual

197 - Oak wood sliding rocker with matching sliding footstool. Nice  removable padded cushions attached that can be removed for easy cleaning

198 - Swivel rocker with pinkish colored uphostery. Very nice condition. Has arm covers.

199 - Magnavox 49" flat screen with original paperwork and remote

200 - Oak TV stand 3 foot across with side doors & metal pulls. Has a space that you could put a sound system, and side doors that look like  they could hold CDs

201 - Nice set of J&G Meakin China from Manley England. Have dinner  plates, salad plates, soup bowls, sauces, butter pats, covered tureen,  covered butter, cups and saucers. Plus you get a very nice old vintage  piece that is marked the same. Service for 10

202 - Computer desk with a pull out tray for the keyboard. Router is  from AT&T and it is not being sold. The printer will sell separately

203 - Pin+gear shredder, that also shreds credit cards. An HP DeskJet,  1510 all in one print, scan and copy with the instructions

204 - Four sets of coasters, one with hummingbirds, another and with  trees, and set of metal with felt back. Small globe for your desk, a  three hole punch, Northern Gas promotion Frankoma number 471 ashtray.  Weather barometer to hang on the wall and a box of 3.5 inch computer  discs from Memorex

205 - Swivel adjustable five legged office chair with rollers plus a plastic trashcan. Small damage on one arm- see the pix

206 - Two drawer oak file cabinet with metal pulls. Holds hanging files

207 -Pressed wood two drawer filing cabinet. One drawer for hanging files

208 - Four shelf pressed wood unit. Has adjustable shelving plus an oak wood shelf rack. Three ring binders and a record keeping book. Stands  4' tall and is 2 foot wide. The wall shelf is 17 inches long.

209 - Oak rolltop desk- looks almost new, Wood pulls on the four  drawers. Wooden pulls on the roller. Has three drawers down the side  and long medium drawer and two side drawers. It has got a hook up for a  phone line and electricity has a tube light underneath for lighting all  have been unhooked from the wall so it’s ready for you to take home  with you after you pay for it. It is 51 inches long 22 inches deep. Not quite 4 foot tall

210 - Oak cane seated chair. Looks really good with the oak desk in lot 209

211 -  Autumn Gold Century Service dinnerware from Similar Vitreos.  Three bowls, 2 cups, nine saucers, five plates, one small platter, three salad plates, five small bowls

212 - Pink depression: Footed glass bowl, Food platter, oval dish, 2  short stem sherbets, pair of candlesticks. One piece is Miss America  pattern

213 - Seasonal tableware: Christmas set of tableware with a platter,  bowl with handle, Christmas tree shaped serving dish, cream and sugar  plus you get a gold colored set which includes a crystal stick butter  holder with a gold colored cover, salt and pepper shaker and a napkin  holder with gold colored glass square tray. Plus you get a duck metal  trivet

214 - Lifton "Wild Rise china chocolate set with cream and sugar set. Japan tea pot with 3 cups and saucers

215 - 75th anniversary of First Baptist Church- Frederick, Kansas 1883  to 1958, a piece of hand-painted Bavaria, a nice ironstone platter with  23 karat gold- Has a chip. A really nice plate and six saucers that are  unmarked. Plus a set of eight Harkerware that are oven proof and  dishwasher safe

216 - Two ironstone platters, a Crown hotel ironstone platter, Royal  underglaze, platter, Woodbury China platter, "Our daily bread platter",  cereal bowl, and a covered dresser jar-most of the paint has come off

217 - The Uxbridge Meita China plate, German made bowl, Kleiber 22k  Bavarian bowl,"The Poppy" square plate, Enesco Happy Anniversary cup  w/saucer, Ellinwood souvenir dresser dish, German marked baby cup, Royal Grafton Demi cup and saucer and egg shell cut out with Nativity scene  placed inside. Several unmarked pieces including 2 poached egg cups

218 - Depression era Green chip bowl, cereal, bowls, Tumbler, relish  plate, mayonnaise bowl, spoon, goblet, vase, and an unmarked chip bowl  and serving platter

219 - Dining table has six chairs & two extra leaves. Matching Glass front and sided China hutch with wood doors. The bottom portion of the hutch has doors and shelving as well. Hold a lot of goodies folks.  Hutch measures 53" and 7’1” tall at highest point. Does have a light in top

220 -  Framed old print of roses with the name "Danhui Nai". Framed  –The Invitation” from God. Both are old frames. 34" x 38". And  25" x 22".

221 - Wall hanging shelf unit with gold color, metal glass shelves plus a pair of wicker baskets with handles, a potted plant in the middle of  can and a artificial Ivy in a third basket

222 - There is a 40th anniversary oval tray and a 60th anniversary  plate. The rest of the items are all 50th anniversary including plates,  cream and sugar, large Tumbler, wedding ring frame and a plaque with a  pen

223 - Tempus Fugit grandfather clock that was given to Robert L Burns in recognition of 25 years service in Internorth Inc. 1983

224 - Pottery that is marked "MB". One says Anna Marie so I don't know  if that is Anna Marie Burns, or someone else. The Christmas tree has  been broken and repaired. There are two green leaves and a pair of  Quail.

225 - Queen size bed with wood foot, headboard & frame, chest of  drawers, two side tables and a vanity. This is good heavy solid wood. It is well-made it did not come from Walmart I’m sure. There is a  mattress and springs that are being given to you because they cannot be  sold but buyer has the right to not take the mattress & springs.  There is also a coordinated bedding set with no sheets. The doiley on  top of chest is included

226 - Pair touchable bedside table lamps that fit perfect on the side  tables for the bedroom set. I'm sure you want to keep them all together.

227 - Oak wood jewelry chest with brass pulls. Will hold a lot of  jewelry currently-is empty, but I'm sure you can fill it up. The doily  draping it is included . Jewelry chest measures 42 inches tall 23  inches wide

228 - Padded bench that fits at the end of the bed

229 - Upholstered wing back recliner chair with wood legs. The auctioneer got tired putting on the numbers.

230 - 31 inch Samsung flatscreen TV with a rolling cabinet that measures 30" x 2' forward to sit on. Move around easily for watching from bed.  The TV has the user manual

231 -  Sewing machine notions, including glitter, sequins, pincushion  with pins, thread, button holers-one from Singer and one from Kenmore,  as well as one that says New Royal. Get a crazy daisy winder for finer  hand weaving

232 -Sewing notions: including scissors, pins, buttons, needles, trim

233 - Pocket knives: one from Pete Conklin tractor service of Chase,  Kansas. The others are all unmarked plus you get some metal shoehorns

234 -  Wooden clothes pins, 40 W lightbulbs, night lightbulbs hair pins, tweezers, eyeglasses in cases, and a bell ringer

235 - Ironing board and a Hamilton beach steam iron

236 - Kirby Avelir 2 home care system with owners manual and original box

237 - Metal steamer trunk still has the hardware does have just one leather handle measures 30" x 17" x 1'

238 - Two vintage dolls Little red riding hood cape doll has straw legs  that need repaired. Maybe the Wolf got a hold of her. The baby doll  looks pretty good shape-does have damaged finger tips. Has some damage  and there is damage to one leg. You are also getting several pairs of  metal curtain rods.

239 - Royal toy stove. The back piece is loose

240 - Vintage table lamp with a pull chain. Scene of ladies in a garden

241 - Three tea balls, and one spoon for using with your tea, a fan of  Jesus praying in the garden from Price Funeral Home- Marysville, MO, a  child's flour scoop and a child sad iron

242 - Victorian Walnut parlor table. The lamp and child's toy stove sell in different lots. This is just the parlor table.

243 - Collectible figurines Dutch boy and girl carrying water, a little  soldier holding an anchor, trust in the Lord little girl with her  basket, cowboy made in Texas, a porcelain piece that needs restrung and  others- see the pictures

244 - Collectible miniature dolls Collectible dolls include a papoose  wrapped in a blanket, a little brown baby wrapped in a blanket and  Indian chief in a blanket, two bisque dolls that are in paper-mache

245 - Miniature bisque dolls, some porcelain and China

246 - Folding wooden TV tray

247 - Precious Moments doll with sprinkler can and stand. With original box

248 - Precious Moments doll in patio with stand and original box

249 - 1981 Charter Member Precious Moments collector club 1981 charter  member figurine with a box that has been changed from 1983 to 1981. It  is not the original box plus a Jonathan David "Jesus is the answer" from 1977. It is not in the original box.

250 - Precious Moments love Bearath all things Precious Moments #7183  bell from Jonathan David and 1981 Love Beareth all Things. Neither one  are in their original boxes

251 - 1979 & 1981 Precious Moments 1979 "Be not weary in well doing" & 1881 –there is joy in serving Jesus”. both from Precious  Moments. Neither one are in their original boxes.

252 - 1982 & 1983 Precious Moments 1983 is a members only "Caring"  and 1982 is "bless you". Neither one are in their original boxes

253 - Precious Moments: "But love goes on forever" 1979 Neiman Marcus  Christmas Bell "Peace on Earth" from 1980 and a 1990 members only  figurine box that is empty, a Precious Moments box that was for "He  cares for you" but it is also empty. Precious moments round trip  ticket, Precious moments collectors club bag, collectors club binder  with newsletters plus a personal Precious Moments gift registry

254 - Precious Moments collectors club designed giftware PM 390, PM 590, PM 690, PM 490, PM 790, PM 390 and PM 190. Precious Moments last  forever 1981 charter member piece and the His eye upon the sparrow plus a flat washer metallic dove

255 - Precious Moments Christmas ornaments with boxes

256 - Precious Moments Come, let us adore him along with a nativity stable. Fgurines in original box

257 - Precious Moments Christmas animals: cow with blue bird, camel ornament, and a nativity puzzle block

258 - Precious Moments 15th anniversary commemorative and there's a Christian welcome here figurine

259 - Precious Moments on angels wings and awaken the spirit of adventure from the Hamilton collection

260 - 4 precious Moments figurines 1982 charter member, 1991 symbol of  membership, boy clown holding mask, and girl making up with mirror in  her hand

261 - Precious Moments animals: Pig with a chicken on her back, goat and a donkey. The donkey does not have a box

262 - Precious Moments charter members figurines: 1984- Join in on the  Blessings, 1986 -Birds of a Feather Collect together and 1985- Seek and  Ye Shall Find

263 - Precious Moments mug with the name, Anne on it and three little Bells. One says "Love Covers All"

264 - Precious Moment membership 1987-Sharing is Universal, 1988- A Growing Love and 1989-Always Room for One More

265 - Precious Moments 1984 membership charter "wishing you a season  filled with joy" 1993 symbol of membership (Loving, Caring and Sharing  Along the way) and 1995 symbol of membership-You're the Sweetest Cookie  in the Batch. 1994 You're The End of my Rainbow

266 - Precious Moments, Members Only 1987, 1992 and 1991: Only love can can a home, one step at a time, and loving you dear valentine. Pm 873, PM921 pm911

267 - Precious Moments Members Only figurines: 1987 feed my sheep, 1987  Loving you dear Valentine. 1991-Lord Keep Me in TeePee Top Shape

268 - Precious Moments Figurines: Boy leading wagon with Girl on moving  day, Girl finding Mouse Inside her Lunch Box, Trust in the Lord and  commemorate year figurine. God bless our years together.

269 - Precious Moments Members Only figurines 1986- I'm following Jesus, 1985-The Lord is my Shepherd, 1984- Trust in the Lord to the finish,  1986- Grandmas Prayer.

270 - Precious Moments members only figurines 1988-You Can't Chuck a  Good Friendship, 1983-Dawn’s Early Light, 1984- God's Ray of Mercy,  1987- In His Time, 1988- God Bless You for Touching My Life.

271 - Precious Moments figurines: Eggs Over Easy, Smile Along the Way, God Is Love Dear Valentine, and We Are in it Together

272 - Precious Moments figurines: God's speed, God is love Dear Valentine, Blessed are the Peacemakers and Eggs Over Easy

273 - Precious Moments figurines: girl with piggy figurine. boy carving I love you in a tree with girl, nurse giving shot to bandaged teddy bear, boy with chicks.

274 - Precious Moments figurines: You have touched so many Hearts, Boy  and Girl Angel Candle Climber (one of the rings is broken and the pieces are in the box), God Speed, The hand that Rocks the Future

275 - Precious Moments figurines: To A Special Dad, The Lord Bless and  Keep you, Thanking Him for You, The End is in Sight, and a 1990 symbol of membership My Happiness

276 - Precious Moments figurines: Girl with Goose in lap, Grandmother in Rocking Chair, On the Telephone Boy with Bible On Crutches and Mother  Needlepoint Working

277 - Handiwork includes: needlepoint stitched tea towels &  pillowcases, crochet work, some fancy table cloths that probably were  purchased. Nice assortment of collectible textiles

278 - Sears Craftsman riding mower. LT 2000, Intek 17.5 Briggs &  Statton engine, six forward Gear drive,one reverse. 40 inch cut. Always been cared for, but this is an old Mower that has seen lots of use. It  will need tender, loving care. Don't think you are getting a new mower.  Has grass catchers.

279 - Craftsman snowblower 5 hp 23", 10 inch impeller eight speed. The  Craftsman Sear II Snowblower is on tracks. You guys know how good tracks are on a snowblower.

280 - One horsepower Sanborn air compressor. The hose comes out so you  can move it easy enough. Comes complete with air tools, nozzles, gauges- everything you need do use it right away. See the pix showing the  attachments. Has lots of hose.

281 - Thorsen Air Hammer with four chisels. Has the original box

282 -  Acme half inch impact wrench. California pneumatic 3/8 air ratchet wrench

283 - Midwest products portable 9 gallon air tank

284 - Miscellaneous shop supplies, including an air pump and lots of washers

285 - 2 Nail Bars, screws, tire chain-we do not know how long they are.

286 - 2 wagon wheels that came off of a child's wagon but there is no  wagon- just the wheels. The wheels are 6 inch and in good condition but  very greasy

287 - Filter Wrenches-Both chain and belt type. Plus a number 453 smoothing brush

288 -  Five pairs of tin and metal shear pliers also some cutting pliers. All in a plastic tub

289 - Snap ring pliers, wire strippers, wire cutters and saw set. In plastic basket

290 - 4 claw hammers, one big framing hammer, blacksmith hammer, a small ball peen, and the best part of a rubber mallet- That was used when he  was angry? All in plastic tub

291 -  Nice box full of mostly Allen wrenches as well as Feeler gauges, string level, small caliper

292 - Slip and lock nut wrench, lots of drill bits- including Masonary and some special nut drivers. All in plastic tub

293 - Box full of screwdrivers of all sizes, both flat and Phillips

294 - 2 inch ball, two 1 7/8 inch balls, three pans of hose connections, lawn sprinkler supplies and miscellaneous screws and bolts

295 - Three shop organizers that are full of washers, bolts, screws  (both wood and metal) and cotter pins. You get the whole kitten caboodle with this lot.

296 - Army surplus organizer Measures almost 3 foot long. This one is  clear full bolts, nuts, turnbuckles- a little bit of everything that you need in the shop. It is not attached, but bring Help because this thing is heavy heavy duty guys.

297 - Tree saw, shop supplies & tomato cages- see the pictures

298 - Craftsman rollaround tool box Top and bottom units- nice toolbox  combination stands 45 inches tall and wheels are good. The tools have  been removed

299 - Folding aluminum ladder that you could put in various  configurations just like you see on TV. Has instructions and safety  precautions in approximately 20 languages. It will do anything and  everything that you wanted to. Do you know what we're talking about God. look at the picture.

300 - Two nice tree saws, two 18 inch pipe wrenches and 24 inch pipe wrench

301 - Nice come-a- along, like new multi plug electric extension, nozzle for garden hose, nail bar, Tie down straps

302 - Extension cord & a trouble light- put the two together and you can get in and out of of a lot of " trouble"

303 - Shop creeper

304 - Limb pruner with extension and extra rope

305 - Good little sledgehammer, splitting wedge, splitting mallet with handle, 2 four-way tire irons and a single tire bar

306 - Good log chain with hook on each end, grease gun and some oil changing pans

307 - Aluminum scoop shovel number 12, steel scoop shovel, wooden handle garden rake, scraper hoe and two nice square nose shovels

308 -  Keller 6' wooden folding step ladder

309 - 8' folding wooden step ladder

310 - Sharp shooter shovel, pruner with an extension so you can reach  the tall trees and a metal snow shovel. A garden hoe with a wooden  handle. There are some other things in the corner that are included in  this lot which includes stick marshmallow cooker.

311 - Three cement yard ornaments. A couple of squirrels and mushrooms  with turtles, a water Reservoir and a 40 inch warning Post

312 - A pair of lawn chairs, hedge clippers, pruner and a couple of tiedown straps

313 - 4 foot wooden folding stepladder

314 - Concrete Deer Buck, doe and baby concrete deer to put in your  front yard. The fawn has had a leg repaired (See the PIX). Crack between the antlers on the Buck. A block with a piece of marble on it that is  really heavy. Make a good paperweight.

315 - Black Jack Floor jack with a 360 rotation handle and 2 ton capacity. A Hydraulic jack

316 - Plastic funnels, heavy duty oil, synthetic oil, 10 W 30 & several different containers

317 - Several pairs of safety gloves, a collectible Master Oil jar with the metal funnel -check out the pictures

318 - Three shelves of goodies, including carbon choke cleaner, foam and fill for cracks, power steering fluid, polishing compound, polyurethane spray, windshield deicer, repair a flat tire sealant, windshield wash,  hoses. Check out the pictures

319 - Rain suit is not marked but looks like size medium. Metal  trashcan. Wear the rain suit when you clean out and wash your trashcan

320 - Files, rasps and Aluminum wire with rubber coating

321 - Nails, screws, baby food jars full of goodies and some springs for screen doors. All in a plastic tub

322 - Hacksaw, caulking guns, bolts, screws, all kinds of fastener supplies, a nice tote and feed trough

323 - Craftsman 20 V maximum string trimmer/ edger, Has the instruction manual as well as the rechargeable battery

324 - Gallon gas can- almost full, By the time of the sale, value of  the gas may be about $40. We have all kinds of tiedown straps,  fasteners, squeegee and a little bit of everything in a nice tool  carrier.

325 - Waterloo 17" three level toolbox clear full of tape measures,  Needle nose pliers, channel locks, claw hammer, hatchet, all different  kinds of tools and screwdriver sets. Nice nice box full guys.

326 - Toolbox full: Tow cable, jumper cables, fire extinguisher,  screwdriver, drill bit set, screw sets and some really nice box and  socket wrenches

327 -Vintage dresser with brass pulls-1 pull does not match the other 5. Swivel beveled edged mirror. Very nice solid piece. Been well taken  care of.

328 -This mirror was once on a dresser, but now it has no dresser. Do you need one for yours?

329 - Pair of metal car ramps

330 - Tarps, burlap, shower stool, piece of plywood, and a folding chair. with a wooden seat.

331 - Voit 400 exercise bike and a back Exercise cot

332 - Nice heavy duty wheel barrel with wooden handles and metal frame

333 - Two wheel cart

334 - Craftsman 14 inch chainsaw with case

335 - Craftsman 10 inch direct drive table saw on wheels. Is 2hp and has the guides. Very nice unit.

336 - Sears Craftsman 6 inch joiner. Very nice. On stand with wheels, good motor with extra plane knives

337 - Nice big Craftsman radial arm saw on stand with wheels. Comes  complete with molding guard, miter vice & dado blades. Everything  you need guys. This is a nice one

338 - Chainsaw extension handle

339 - Miscellaneous sawblades, they belong to various things that we are selling in the sale. There are a few carbide tips

340 - 3000 pound hydraulic floor jack

341 - Approximately 6 foot Wood wooden clamps- nice big ones guys

342 - Pair of metal sawhorses

343 - Two have both ends, one has just the female end

344 - 2.0 shop vac with attachments- see the picture

345 - All kinds of clamps. Pipe wood clamps, pistol grip type clamps, seat clamps, clamp clamps. A nice selection

346 - Wire brush on stand- see pictures

347 - KMC 6 inch bench grinder

348 - Six amp battery charger and two buckets of miscellaneous shop  supplies. General plumbing, and fixer up stuff- look at the pictures

349 - Framing squares, nail puller, yardsticks, metal and wood box, wrenches and coping saw

350 - Two like new 20 pound propane bottles, they are the right kind

351 - 4 1/2 inch right angle grinder with original box and a Skil palm sander

352 - Black & Decker 4 1/2 inch right angle grinder with its original box

353 -Little electric chainsaw, chains, chain, chain oil and all the  other oil that you need. We do not know if it would go with lot 338 -  you be the judge

354 - Two solar lights, great toolbelt, WD-40, and lots and lots of sand paper. Kneepads and more

355 -  Approximately half gallon of antifreeze, all kinds of super tech  motor oil, 20 W 50 and other kinds. Some bar and chain oil and two  little cans I don't recognize

356 -Nice bit drivers, oilcan, unusual tool, hardware holders, utility  knives, scrapers of all kinds, and many other things too numerous to  mention. In a plastic tub

357 - Ryobi rechargeable tools: Ryobi 18 V Sawzal, Ryobi drill, Ryobi  flashlight. Also have a 20 V lithium battery. Did not find the charger but these tools are working

358 - Nice set a punch and chisels

359 - Seven adjustable wrenches-different brands and different sizes.

360 - Complete tubing kit plus some extra cutters, airbrush kit, nail puller, assortment of nails, chalk line and hammerheads

361 - 21 piece socket wrench set- both 3/8 and 1/4 inch drive. Quarter  inch drive socket set with lots of extras and an extra set of 3/8 drive  sockets. Three nice boxes here

362 - S&K socket, deep well socket, 3/8 drive very nice

363 - Miscellaneous sockets and Extensions

364 - Craftsman nut buster, S&K torque wrench, like brand new impact driver

365 - Good wood levels, aluminum level, framing squares, combination  Promark box & open end wrenches, screwdrivers, brace, and some other miscellaneous items like scissors

366 - Central machine 5-speed drill press. Comes complete with a bid index. Looks really good & runs good.

367 - A box of miscellaneous: wrenches, ignition wrench, chargers: 120 V Black & Decker charger- is working but we have not found the tool  that it powers. Have brushes, dustpan, strings, and goggles.

368 - Brooms and weed eater with a twist edger

369 - US Tool Company 3500 W generator with its original box

370 - Two organizers with assorted screws

371 - Organizer filled with bolts, screws, furniture refinishing parts

372 - Small item organizers with assorted parts. They have a fliptop and a pull out tray.

373 - Dowell former, tape measures etc- look at the pictures

374 - 5' Folding metal picnic table plus the contents on top. . Glue, air freshener, door knob, and more- check out the pictures

375 - Boxes of plumbing supplies and a red bucket that's missing its handle

376 - Halogen light, catalytic heater and electrical supplies

377 - Electrical and plumbing supplies including a little plastic watering can

378 - Plumbing, charcoal, charcoal lighter, Coleman jug without the lid and several other things. Look at the pictures.

379 - Coleman lanterns- one looks as though not used much and has its original box, the other one is Battery operated

380 - Daisy Powerline 856F multi pump, air rifle with original box

381 - Coffee cans, plastic cans and original boxes of assorted nails

382 -Wooden filing cabinet with four metal drawers (with wood fronts

383 - Wallace tractor yard stick, 2 Floodlights, a box full of plastic  prongs to put in the ground to string Christmas lights, a couple of  pieces of wood, other yardsticks and piece of styrofoam

384 - Plumbing items, timers, motion sensors, tubing, large zip ties,  saw blade covers- but there are no sawblades in them. See the pictures

385 - Nice little Graham scale weight set. It is missing some- probably  three. Some Carborundum and some sharpening stones for your knives.

386 - Tap and dye parts plus a metal tacklebox

387 - All kinds of tape, furniture repair parts, wiring, biscuits for a  biscuit machine. Lots of sandpaper, grease gun and much more including a nail apron.

388 - 21 inch metal toolbox full of PVC parts

389 - 17 inch metal toolbox with holesaw drill. Bits: wood bits, Masonary bits and some mortise and tendon bits

390 - Toolbox 20 inch metal toolbox with two drawers. Just has a few  guides, a stripping machine for phone wire and Mahoning machine but nice toolbox.

391 - 19 inch toolbox with all kinds of float towels. Everything you need for bodywork, plaster, concrete etc

392 - Nice metal toolbox that has compression gauge suppliers, drill parts and float-o-Matic wheel balancer

393 - California pneumatic air chisel with box

394 - Wind chimes, super sliders, canning jars, SWR meter and more- see  the pictures. Nice bucket of old door knobs and light switch parts

395 - Shop roller and a Carol work light with cord on a reel so you can expand it out

396 - Paint, stains, water seal, wood paste, wood finish, rust o-leum for leakage in rubber and more. See the pictures.

397 -  Rollers brushes, paint, pans and other equipment you need to  paint. Remember you are gonna buy paint like lot 396 so you will need  these tools

398 - Soldering gun with lots of solder and supplies. Very nice little Dremel- looks brand new in the box

399 - Phone parts wiring for the house, switch plates, other  miscellaneous plumbing supplies and electric trough for your dog, goats  sheep and so forth

400 - Three stapler guns and all kinds of staples. You will be in the staple business with this lot

401 - Union number 58 Jack plane, extra blade for the gambles plane. Little block plane and little tiny one.

402 - Wire cutters, screwdrivers, miscellaneous small wrenches, and a nice set of wood chisels

403 - Extension cord with a trouble light and an extension cord wrapped around a winder

404 -  Miter box with extra saw and a keyhole saw

405 -  Wood saws

406 -  Both fuller and rigid pipe wrenches

407 -  Miscellaneous extension cords for the house

408 - 36 inch pipe wrench and pipe cutter

409 - 6 foot metal level- very nice and a 4 foot wood brass bound level, even nicer

410 -  Pop riveter, snap ring pliers, paint brushes, wall paper roller, claw hammer, special wrench and paint can opener's

411 - Good working Black & Decker work mate- just as handy as a pocket in a shirt