1 - Etched wall hanging mirror with brass double hooks for hanging jackets. 23" height and 19" wide

2 - Wood student desk 16" wide x 20" depth x 24" height. It’s been handmade from Pine. Has flip top lid

3 - Handmade pine wood student desk with flip lid. Desk measures 16" wide x 20" depth x 24" height

4 - Upholstered child’s rocking chair- Approximately 25 years old. Measures 17 inches wide 22 inches deep and 18 inches high. Chair back is cloth and has vinyl seat. In real nice shape and will make any little girl or boy comfy rather watching their TV shows or reading a book

5 - Little red wooden handmade wagon measuring 18 inches long 11 inches wide and 9 inches high with an internal depth of 3 inches. The tailgate is removable and wagon is made from White Pine. Very very cute

6 - Pr. Light blue Wooden child’s stools. Both have four legs. The large stool is made from mahogany and the small stool made from Pine. The large stool is 14 inches long 10 inches wide and 7 inches high. The small stool is 6" x 7”

7 - Child’s wood booster/ step stool. Measures 14 inches deep 10 inches wide and 6 inches tall. Very good condition and has cute appliques

8 - Doll wooden crib which measures 24 inches long 13 inches wide and 14 inches high at the headboard. The mattress and crochet blanket are included. Lots of fun left in this little deal

9 - Hand made blanket chest made from Arkansas Pine and plywood. The interior depth is 13 inches with a shelf slide of 17" x 16”. The chest itself is 35 inches long 19 inches wide and 21 inches high. Has metal handles-one on each end. Really beautiful piece and will make a great heirloom to pass on

10 - Wooden Halltree-made from a 6 foot high 2 foot wide door attached to a storage box that measures 25 inches wide 19 inches deep and 21 inches height from the floor. Has set of double doors. Storage box made with white pine and half inch plywood. Part of the hangers are deer antlers

11 - Wooden end table handmade from Mahogany and Pine. Measures 16 inches wide 22 inches long and 21 inches high. Has a lower shelf

12 - Wooden 15" square oak top end table with scalloped edges and has pedestal leg with 3 curved leg base. Stands 22" high

13 - Wooden pine quilt rack measures 31 inches long 11 inches wide and 35 inches high. Is in really nice shape and will still hold some good quilts

14 - Table made with a base of treadle sewing machine with top made with 3/4" plywood that measures 3' long, 23 1/2" wide and height of 30". 4 ladder back dining room chairs with new cloth upholstery.

15 - Child’s wooden bench measuring 25 1/2 inches wide 11 inches deep and 28 inches height. Heart shaped cutouts in back rest

16 - Wooden wall hanging note box measuring 13 1/2" tall and 7" wide. Painted white with decals on sides and front. Has open top box with no lid to put in notes/letters plus a towel rod for towel to use to wipe your hands before or after you read your mail

17 - Pair of barstools with wooden pine legs and vinyl seats. The stools measure 26 inches high

18 - Wooden magazine rack measures 15 inches wide 6 1/2 inches deep and is 14 inches high. Very good condition

19 - Wooden small corner wall shelf measures 22 inches high and 7 1/2 inches deep. Has two shelves. In nice shape though does have damage on edge by smaller shelf

20 - Wood serving tray measuring 15 inches long 11 inches wide and 2 inches in depth. Has decals in the bottom. Very usable so be sure to check it out

21 - Double heart shelf measuring 23 inches high and 11 inches wide. You can stand it up right and have 4 or 5 shelves or if you lay it down you can have four slots to make a book rack. Very user-friendly and attractive

22 - Single heart shelf measuring 23 inches high and 5 1/2 inches wide. You can use it as four or five shelf unit standing upright or lay it down and it could be a four slot book rack. Put your thinking cap on and it’s very attractive

23 - Wood and brass wall hanging shelf unit measuring 30 inches length 5 1/2 inches deep and 8 1/2 inches tall. It has two plate slots on the shelf deck and five hooks below for hanging cups or utensils

24 - Candle holding wooden wall mirror. Measures 24 inches high and 14 inches wide

25 - Wooden bookshelf end table measuring 2 foot long 1 foot wide and 25 inches tall. It’s been stained dark color and in very good shape

26 - Coffee table With refinished plywood top and metal legs. The table top is a three-quarter inch piece of plywood that is 34 inches long 19 1/2 inches wide and stands 16 inches tall. Very attractive

27 - Wall hanging wood shelf Measuring 14 1/2 inches high and 13 1/2 inches wide has three shelves with pegs for hanging cups etc. very handy attractive unit

28 - Table with painted Formica top measuring 39 inches long 17 1/2 inches wide and stands 26 1/2 inches tall with a pair of matching wood slatted back chairs with new cloth upholstery

29 -Metal rolling kitchen cart painted red with white trim and measuring 15 inches wide 20 inches long and a height of 30 inches. Has three shelves and has casters. Been newly repainted. Very durable, ready to use and functional

30 - Wall hanging wood pegged coat rack made from pine wood and measuring 24 inches long and 5 inches wide. Has six pegs for hanging whatever you want

31 - Towel holder with pine wood base measuring 7 inches wide 4 inches tall. Has a hanger made from brass

32 - Wooden shelf to sit on a table top and made with pine wood that’s been stained a darker color. Measures 18 inches long and 6 inches wide

33 - Wooden six legged table measuring 32 inches long 19 inches wide and 29 1/2 inches tall. Has a veneered inlaid top. In very nice shape and will look good in anyone’s living room. This is NOT a folding gate leg table.

34 - Etched oak wood framed wall hanging mirror measuring 23 inches wide and 19 inches tall

35 - Small wooden brown camelback carrying case with metal hook fastener and measures 14 inches wide 10 1/2 inches deep with the interior depth of 6 1/2 inches. Very good shape and has metal reinforcement on the top edge of the trunk and the bottom edge of the lid. Has Made in China sticker on bottom

36 - Child’s pine wooden rocker measuring 12 inches deep and 22 inches high. Has decorative decal on back. Has a label on bottom brace rail stating "Life Begins with Storkline. Chicago, IL"

37 - 3 piece Depression era vanity set. Measures 42 inches long 15 1/2 inches wide 29 inches tall. Has a detachable mirror, four drawers and newly cloth upholstered bench. Bench is 22 inches long 14 inches wide and 18 inches tall

38 - 3 legged collapsible camp stool with canvas seat and metal legs. Has a nylon storage bag. Measures 18 inches high

39 - Harley Davidson Dakota 15" vinyl fashion doll in original box with accessories dated 2002 Franklin mint tag included

40 - Harley Davidson Dakota 15" vinyl fashion doll in original box with accessories dated 2003 Franklin mint tag included

41 - Harley Davidson Kristy 17 " porcelain bride doll in Original box with accessories dated 2002 Franklin mint tag included. Includes the bride bouquet

42 - Seven A&W mugs. Bought at Wellington Kansas between 1954 and 1955 in 4 different sizes

43 - Pair of glass churches. Open bottoms & no markings

44 - Five Avon beer steins. Numbered and dated: Golden Eagle big horn sheep 1976, English Setter 1978, "1911" Ford model T 1979, Cattle Drive 1980, Wright Brothers 1981

45 - 5 Avon beer steins: Trains 1982, Baseball 1984, The Blacksmith 1985, The Shipbuilder 1986, The Goldrush 1987

46 - Four Avon beer Steins plus 1 Japan mug. Ducks of the American Wilderness 1988, Firefighters 1989, Racing Car 1989, Country and Western Music 1994 and Japan peasant mug

47 - Pair of lighted porcelain Angels. Battery operated. Will go well with the churches in lot 43

48 - 2 pairs Homco peasant figurines. 1 set numbered C-2006 and other set numbered 1417

49 - Porcelain figurine pair. Old man with pig and old woman with basket of vegetables and chicken at her feet

50 - Homco figurines. Peasant pair marked 1258, aristrocrat marked 1463 and mother with child marked 8743

51 - Occupied Japan figurine with red mark

52 - Charlie Brown vinyl 13" doll. 2004 Playing Mantis, Inc

53 - Radio Flyer Roadmaster tricycle measures 14 inches high and 21 inches front to back. Very nice condition doesn’t look like it’s been ridden very much

54 - Pair Green lid depression canister jars and 3 50th anniversary December 24, 1978 Pinkies Café Macksville, Kansas milk glass coffee mugs

55 - Depression glass: all are clear glass. 5 matching custard cups and one plain. One rib plate, covered dish, bowl and spiral bottom matching plate

56 - Collectors plates Yellowstone cup and saucer souvenir set, handpainted German plate that has been repaired & Japan figurines

57 - Four crocks. Two same size, one smaller and one smaller yet. No cracks in any of the 4. Ready to make homemade bread?

58 - Metal lunch tin with bail handles and tray under the lid, Nut chopper and a small fingerhold oil lamp which is amber colored

59 - Glass condiment set-Set of six bottles with metal tops complete with wire carrying case, vinegar bottle and a Turner battery and Electric Company from Lyons, Great Bend and Russell magnifying glass to put on your desk

60 - Checkered tablecloth, depression glass cake tray and two glass serving bowls. Bowls and cake tray do not match

61 - Depression glassware: Two bubble glass saucers, three matching saucers, amber colored bowl, two glass serving trays and two longstem goblets with matching pattern but different sizes

62 - Toilet safety frame- Brand new still in the box: supports up to 250 pounds, foam armrest offers comfort and assures grip, provides support around the toilet

63 - Prepology bowl and plastic storage canister

64 - Potpourri bowl, glass vase and Pamper Chef container-top part is a measuring cup.

65 - Ceramic Harvest serving pieces: Gravy boat with tray and covered bowl. Both look like turkeys

66 - Depression glass trays, Gold painted goblet glass cookie jar with no lid- looks like it came from an old drugstore, two metal cookie sheets and a framed print

67 -Glassware: Vinegar cruet small compote milk picture and to stand goblets & 3 cutting boards in various sizes

68 - Kitchen utensils in crock holder, pitcher with ice cylinder, tall depression era flower vase and roll of nylon rope

69 - Glass vase, metal colander and working Vornado fan

70 - Universal Electric coffee pot and Stainless steel with plastic lid coffee server. Percolators glass top is damaged but it should still work

71 - Stanley 19 inch toolbox-Full

72 - Lap desk and 4 gold trimmed goblets, one plain goblet, plastic storage trays, Rubbermaid water bottle, Glass candle holder and a kitchen timer

73 - Ceramic skillet, Paraffin Lamp oil- jug is not quite full, colander without the stand, two glass trays, stoneware pie pan, two Pamper Chef hot pads and two frames- one still in the bag

74 - Sifter, tube pan and LP records

75 - Warm mist humidifier. Brand new still in the box plus wall prints and decorative plates

76 - Glass coaster set and tray with butterfly motifs in wicker

77 - Depression glassware: Small bowls, Amber Sugar bowl, sauce dish, black amethyst type plate, green depression bowl and a green dresser dish with lid

78 - Lightning rod ball, California pottery nut set, Japan rabbit planter with chip, USA pottery milk pitcher, American made Crocksville cream pitcher, an unused old valentine-so take it and use it

79 - Modern bowl and pitcher set-in good condition and will look attractive on your antique commode

80 - Depression glass: Carnival glass iridescent colored, nice depression bowl, a small depression bowl and a medium size depression bowl with fruit in the bottom- damaged

81 - 2 piece Candlewick chipset

82 - Coleman lantern mantels, Joan Finney campaign hand fan, Kansas postcards and a Whiz Kids comic book

83 - Depression era items: Hair combs, individual salt and pepper shakers, French ivory letter opener, folding fan, meat fork, small cordials, pewter creamer marked USA and a punch cup as well as an ivory letter holder

84 - Assorted picture frames and some with pictures. Some new but most are used

85 - Pictures and frames plus a desk clock. Several McCall's magazines

86 - Hat box and 6 clear depression glass footed sherbets

87 - Box of goodies: Some items include a Christmas tree holder, plastic tray, Better Homes & Gardens cookbook’s, metal light cover and lots of other things waiting for you to discover

88 - Collectors plates, Vanity case, Easter eggs, watering can, TV Show "Mash" video tapes, picnic plastic plate holders and decorated box with a USA stoneware cup

89 -  Potpourri canister container with lid

90 - Jell-O molds, Book, plastic trays, evening bag, insurance company hand fan, perfect bacon bowl and much much more. Dig and enjoy

91 - Picture frames: Some are brand new still in the plastic, couple 25 x 30 frames, prints including 3 unframed of Merry go round horses

92 - Kitchen bowls, Weight watchers container, Dynamite Shack game with original box from Milton Bradley

93 - New doll parts Plus a large jar/vase of Christmas lights and potpourri

94 - 2 Boxes of assorted books: Hardbacks as well as paperbacks. Lots of good reading if you go to quarantine

95 - Beanie babies, dolls plus PA amplifier system from Bogen

96 - Assorted old frames that still can serve a purpose- different shapes and sizes

97 -GE mixer on stand with no attachments, Flexible desk lamp, depression bowls, sunglasses, quartz wristwatch, a gold color lapel pin with red rhinestone in case plus American Legion past commander pin

98 - 1979 Houston Texas American Legion decanter. Green liquor bottle from Portugal. miscellaneous goblets and shot glass

99 - Sunbeam filter free ultrasonic humidifier with manual and Westbend Stir Crazy popcorn popper that has cracked lid but popper still works

100 - GT express 100 with recipe books and instructions plus still in the original box-crystal ice with two 4"candleholders and two 8" tapers. Staples, stapler, brass incense burner and other brass pieces plus a miniature watering can

101 - Food processor, desk top ball bearing electric clock, wicker basket with attachments for the processor plus two cruets

102 - Sculpture wooden mallet-used for sculpturing stone, Radio Shack Camcoder/Camera tripod and orange extension cord

103 - Panasonic Palmcorder/Camcorder. Model PV-L352 with carrying bag. Has original box

104 - Samsonite luggage- 3 pieces soft sided luggage. Does not look like ever been used

105 - Royal Traveler hard sided suitcase. Has key. Only damage is black scuff marks on outside

106 - Fellows plastic file box. Box full of handiman magazines and booklets

107 - Holmes Space heater, pieces of brass trim, wall lamps and plastic planter

108 - Goose cookie jar with box that shows a rooster but this is definitely a goose. Has a small chip on base top edge and some wear on blue paint on goose neck. See pix

109 - Kenmore vacuum that has place to use Sears and Roebuck cleaning solution. Guessing also a rug shampooer but no instruction manual. Hoses are cracked/broken so will need need hoses. Also selling in this lot a Lakewood space heater

110 - Porta pot with 2 rolls of toilet paper included

111 - Framed Shakespeare print. "Much ado about nothing" from act three scene one. 32" x 26" wood frame with glass.

112 - Cobra 138 radio, Starduster 27 MHz Citizens radio base station M-400, Milwaukee 1/2 hour super charger, 2 show shovels, Wood shovel with painted scene on wood shovel

113 - Large office desk with 2 drawers left of leg opening and drawer at top of leg opening for pencils, etc. Desk approx 5 1/2' long. One of the drawers has D-Link boxes. No instruction manual. Also included in this lot is metal base to a copier. Includes shelving for paper etc under copier with door to close up the area

114 - Folding metal walker with plastic hand grips and wheels. White shower chair

115 - 4 drawer black metal letter size filing cabinet. 2nd drawer needs catch/release repaired

116 - 4 stackable chairs with metal frame work and vinyl seats and backs. 1 tan and 1 brown and set of 2 green. Plus adjustable office chair with 5 plastic wheels

117 -Pair of collapsible baby strollers. Good condition and will get your baby/young child around

118 - Kerosene space heater, sleeping bag, bicycle air pump, plastic weathervane(needs pole), Wood handle

119 - 5 drawer tan metal letter size filing cabinet. Has a flip on right hand side that goes full length of cabinet

120 - Gray 5 drawer metal letter size filing cabinet with locks on top 3 drawers. No keys have been found. None of the drawers are currently locked

121 - 4 drawer filing cabinet with letter size drawers having "wood" look but are metal

122 - Green 4 drawer metal letter size filing cabinet.

123 - Royal 440 Manual Typewriter with Metal typing table with drop down leaf. Locking wheel castors on table.

124 - Wingsong Sounds of Nature Monitor. Brings the peaceful sounds of birds and nature into your home. Wireless Microphone transmits backyard sounds to the receiver in your home. In original box

125 - One is picture of Spanish hacienda in wood frame with glass. Measures 20" x 29" actual pix size. The other measures 24"x35' actual picture size and it is picture of a farm and is in rough wood frame

126 - Picture of an old cowboy standing by fence showing wind blown soil from the dust bowl days. Was done by H. Veatch in 1977. Actual picture measure 20"x24" with glass. Has finished wood frame

127 - Light Globes, camera flash bulbs, staples and other misc items.

128 - Maxitrol manifold RV111 and RV81

129 - Axle wheel mounts with bolts. They are 4bolt and measure little over 2" center hole

130 - Stainless Steel Spiral Wound Gaskets. Lamons 316L APX2. Ranging from 2" to 6". There are more boxes than showing in the photos

131 - Two toilet lids in boxes marked Mainline collection ML1055 and a duck figurine. Both toilet seats are white

132 - Steel pipe fittings some are brand new and some have been cut out

133 - 3/4" black iron Pipe fittings, pieces of rebar and Roof Top Blox-Adjustable piping support

134 - PVC fitting covers And molded under sink pipe covers all new

135 - Direct coupled damper actuator with non-spring return. Pieces of PVC pipe, misc electric lighting and electrical parts

136 - Four fan shrouds. Look like seldom if ever have been used

137 - Air vent covers-several. From Superior Supply Company. Some still covered with sealed plastic

138 - System 636 gas vent and covers. Most look new, but one has some damage

139 - Green metal steamer trunk with metal fasteners. One leather handle on left side and one on the front under the latch. The other side has no handle and do not see that there was one on the other side. Back and bottom of trunk show water damage. See pix to view the damage. Has the removable tray. Trunk is filled with miscellaneous food tins- one marked Charles chips potato chips

140 - Rebar, piece of pipe and a piece of plastic pipe

141 - Children pop up books: Peter Rabbit in the Forest, Dusty’s Farm, Santa Claus is coming to town. fun fun. In good condition

142 - Little golden books- Total of 17 including: Benji, Country and City Mouse, Kittens, Mommy, Day at the Zoo- lots of good reading. In good condition

143 - Whitman Big Little books: Popeye, Mickey Mouse, Dick Tracy, Goofy and a little little golden book Red Hen, Dumbo plus Mickey Mouse Beach Club baseball cap and a Mickey Mouse baseball cap from Disney World

144 -Wooden dresser boxes: One is an inlaid dresser box and the other is for a metal bodied rubber stamp

145 - Four wooden cigar boxes: Clubhouse, Packed by Ayers and Held mer C.E.D. CAL, Green's Hand Made Corona Size and Giant Redwoods of California. All 4 boxes in good shape

146 - Children’s books: Including paper books from Hanna-Barbera for the Flintstones and Huckleberry Finn, Scholastic books Pippi in the South Seas and Teletubbies, Sesame Street book Sleep Tight, Winnie the Pooh hardback book and a hardback book of Dr. Seuss Stop the Ball

147 - Red glass vases with white linings. One has sticker stating- Made in China "snowflake"

148 - Durango cowboy boots Size 9 1/2 D. They haven’t been worn very much so lot of good wear left to show off your cowboy style

149 - Allegro Zenith VHS player: has remotes and one box of tapes included. Mostly John Wayne. Sorry about the category selection as there is not one for VHS Tapes

150 - 3 boxes of VHS tapes: Mostly John Wayne but there’s a lot of other good ones in here SSSooo if you spend a lot of time in quarantine you will not get bored

151 - Box full of DVD tapes. Several hours worth of fun and entertainment -just get the popcorn

152 - Early 1970s Black and Decker 1 1/4 hp circular saw in original box- all metal and works good

153 - Air bubble-Portable air tank

154 - Five cigar boxes: Wm Penn perfecto, Swisher naturals, gold label double Claro Pantrla Grande, Lord Clinton and Roi-Tan

155 - Miscellaneous tools-Nice tool pouches, coping saw, Grenard rubber mallet and a nice flexible shaft driver set

156 - Metal tool box full of goodies: Sabre saw box full with buffing wheel compound, wall hanging items, turnbuckles small vice and miscellaneous drivers and cutters. There is NO Sabre saw, just a Sabre saw metal box filled with smaller items and tools

157 - Hand tools: Set a screwdrivers, half inch and other sizes box and crescent wrenches, 3/8 ratchet

158 - Ammo Box with Two collectible drills- Quarter inch Montgomery Ward Powercraft electric drill which works- just need cord. The other one is a quarter inch Powerhouse Electric drill and a nice old army metal ammo box to keep them in

159 - Metal Toolbox with Craig 1953 complete set of sockets, with crank and ratchet and other miscellaneous tools included

160 - Green metal ammo box with rechargeable Craftsman 3/8 inch drill with charging cord. Hasn’t been used for a while and may need a new rechargeable battery. Also included are miscellaneous screws and a wire cutters

161 - Wood chuck plane and metal funnel

162 - 1997 Hamilton Beach malt mixer-works. Grandkids not "ordering" shakes when they visit so time to let someone else enjoy the fun

163 - Three hatchets and they all work

164 - Brand new in the boxes Insta cling tint film and Auto Drive rear sunshades plus a cable

165 - Five handsaws- Good shape and ready to go to work for you

166 - Two pieces black trim white and 2 pieces red trim white enamelware and #8 cast iron skillet

167 - Sears Craftsman model 315.17480 router with table and guide. Bonus of maddox blade (no handle) in the box too

168 - Sears Craftsman router bit kit and Router Template with original box

169 - Sears scroll saw with storage box

170 - Lawn chairs: all folding. lounge chair and the other two are just regular armchairs. One of the lawn chairs has some frayed straps. Framework is good on all 3

171 - Coleman camp stove with original box

172 - Coleman lantern with original box, gallon can of Gasoline stove and lantern fuel (feels full or at least almost full), filter funnel in its original box and package of new mantles. The box has been around a while but the lantern looks like it’s never even been lit. Since there is flammable liquid in the fuel can, will NOT ship the Fuel can if you are considering having this lot shipped.

173 - Coleman lantern in good condition. Needs new mantels

174 - Box of carpenter tools: Two good braces, carpenter square, bicycle wrenches and a folding metal yard stick from the DeKalb corn company JP Scheuring Co

175 - Food/Cheese graters, Eveready flashlight, a '00' tin skillet and aluminum pitcher

176 - Enamelware: Blue graniteware coffee mugs, sauce pan, 2 spoons and small skillet. Red trimmed white enamelware coffee percolator with grounds basket & dish pan, black trimmed white enamelware refrigerator pan and sauce pan

177 - Bottle and can openers with advertising: Winters Oil-Lyons KS, Pepsi Cola-Lyons Ks, Chase Cleaners-Chase KS, Conoco-Lyons Ks, Midland Mutual Insurance-Newton KS, assorted screwdrivers and a Eveready flashlight

178 - 10 model cars In various conditions- somebody else did all the work and put them together and all you need to do is put them on your shelf and enjoy

179 - Delta scroll saw sitting on an industrial-strength stand. The saw works but the switch needs repaired as is always on and only way to turn off is to unplug cord. Thus will be on as soon as you plug in the cord.

180 - 24 inch rigid pipe wrench and saw blade for a circular saw (like the one selling in Lot 167)

181 - Brakeman lantern and Pepsi metal pop bottle carrier, sifter, potato masher,assorted open end wrenches and rechargeable flashlight

182 - Craftsman rechargeable set: 15.6 V drill and flashlight. May need to get new batteries as it’s been a while since been used. Comes complete with hard case

183 - Black trimmed white enamelware- Oval shaped tub plus round dish pan. Kraut cutter, ten sieve and a wooden handled sieve

184 - Emerson sewing machine model FA870 and wood cabinet with 2 drawers. Has original manuals

185 - Dietz lanterns: One red and one no color, Red one marked No2

186 - Old milk can with lid. In very good condition. You find the cow this can will hold the milk. No rust.

Lyons, Ks

BJs 024

Bidding Opens Thurs Feb 11th 8:00 a.m.
Bidding Soft Closes Wed Feb 17th 8:00 p.m.
Pick-up by appt. only, Fri Feb 19th 1-7:00 p.m.

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Betty Martin-Owner of BJ's in Lyons,KS is doing her Seasonal Cleanup through ONLINE Auction to move out the "past season" merchandise so can display "new" season products. There will also be included in this cleanup, items from other consignors. Sales TAX will be collected on all store merchandise ONLY. If you are a merchant and purchasing any of the merchandise being sold by BJ, must have tax exempt certificate before making payment. There will be quite a variety of new, used and recycled product for you too look over and ALL will be sold ONLINE auction only. Be sure to check it out.


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