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Melinda Dixon has moved and is selling the  personal property she is not taking, through online auction. NOTE: The  previous tenants had dogs in the house so there is dog hair on some of  the items. The electricity has been turned off so used natural light  through the windows, tripod light and flash for taking pix. If what  you see in the pix needs clarification, please call or email and we will strive to get you a better pix.

1 - Barstools. Two with metal frames and two with wooden frames. The  wood ones need reglued. All four have nice tops that have been recovered recently

2 - Fender speaker on wheels with double speakers model: ultra Chorus

3 - Two office chairs. Both with upholstered backs and seats and each have five wheels. One has arms

4 - Metal music stand, Felt board (approx 24" x 30”) and wicker basket with some odds and ends

5 - Double recliner with console in the middle. This is one of three  pieces- see the other 2 pieces in lot 6. They are a suede/soft leather  type material. The white piece showing in pix is the tag lot # we  attached to identify the lot-not damage

6 - 7’ Couch and recliner. Recliner is broken on right hand side. Does  still recline and close. Sofa is 7’ from outside edge of arm to opposite outside arm. These match double recliners in lot 5. Suede/soft leather  type material

7 - Box of goodies- Including a roll of red tickets to use in drawings  and giveaways, Tie down handbook for truck movements, military tough  stories solution, disc JRTC trainer mentor for airborne

8 - DVDs: The Lord of the rings- the Return of the King, Adventures of  Tintin, Gone With the Wind- that still in sealed package, NIV parallel  study Bible, Walt Disney’s New Groove

9 - Books: Half the Sky Human labor and birth, calligraphy sketchbook,  spiral notebook, Take the Road Less Traveled, spiral plastic bound  photo album, Mystery of the Silver Coins and many others. Makeshift  shelving is selling in lot 10

10 - Makeshift book shelves is made with 6 2x6's and seven concrete blocks. The books sell in Lot 9

11 - Books and clipboards as well as spiral books. Warners Midwifery.  Birth Emergency Skill Training, Along for the Ride from Medford, Prayer Journal, EMT flashcards. Nice assortment of EMT type reading material  and more

12 - Sony HDR-CX240 Handy Cam With original box- do not know if it’s  ever been used. Pair of ONN walkie-talkies, battery flashlight, Korg  Chromatic Tuner CA-30 and aluminum watering can, as well as a package of AA batteries-never been opened

13 - B.R.I.G.H.T light Series: Bright Radiant In Godliness Holiness and Testimony CDs and books

14 - Brass fireplace tools with Holder

15 - Picture frames: various sizes- some with metal frames some with  plastic and some with wood. Some with plastic or Glass inserts and some have not inserts. A map from Operation Desert Storm and a 1986 shuttle  launch picture

16 - Vintage oak chair with leather seat that has been recently  reupholstered. Nice straight back solid chair with no mates in the  house. Missing one side rail on the bottom legs and it does have paw  feet

17 - Military canvas bag, tote with blankets a few towels and 2 pieces  of foam for packing. Conversational Hindu lessons on CD and some odds  and ends- see picture

18 - Pressed wood shelf unit measures 58 inches long x 15 1/2 inches  wide x 31 inches tall. One small shelf is laying on top of the unit.  Contents of the shelf unit are being sold in lots 19 through 27. The  back is open.

19 - Eureka vac NEN110 series -has the owners guide

20 - Assorted Light bulbs: Soft white 15 W LEDs, 40 W-light bulbs-all in a plastic basket. A wire basket full of what looks like new JĂĽrgen  products, unopened bars of dial soap and a vacation packing check list  pad

21 - Two collectible lidded tins: Pepsi-Cola with some rust on the lid and a snowman,

22 - Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham Hardback cover book. Not sure if it’s ever been read, if so it was gently used

23 - Dora the Explorer " It’s Friendship Day" and Jack Prelutsky "It’s  Halloween", bag of Paper Mate pens. part of a G.I. mess kit (no lid)  and two very large fasteners with soft grips

24 - Qwik tune guitar professor, Men’s vinyl banded wrist watch and two men’s belts. Plug in nightlight and a small bowl

25 - Euro-Pro X steam generator iron. Professional type ironing system for household use- complete with instruction manual

26 - Steel Series headphones, Cords, pair of leather gloves and a multi plug-in to change a single plug into multi plug-in

27 - Walkie-talkies, Game controller and cords

28 - Hamilton Beach table top hamburger griller and microwave bacon cooker

29 - Dressmaker sewing machine with foot pedal. Did not find any other  attachments. Is designed to fit in a sewing machine table, but can sit  on top. Included with this lot is some cable and packages of guitar  strings.

30 - Vintage Stewart Warner BC wood framed radio and an empty wooden  silverware chest. Been converted with wiring like use on phone charger.  Includes "Blade of Glory" DVD

31 - Fancy material, a small area rug, dish cloths and oven mitts

32 - Carver One Air paint gun

33 - Vintage wood buffet. Measures 56" long x 19" deep x 35" tall. Looks like it has a new top on it but the rest looks original. Nice metal  handles, three drawers and two set of shelves with doors that have  lions head pulls

34 - Piano music books, American flag with an eagle on top of the pole, a nice big tote to hold everything in and an assortment of books. See  pictures to see titles on some of the books

35 - Work boots. Both are size 9- a pair of knee rubber boots and a pair of canvas top boots with leather bottom

36 - Regular size bed with Hollywood metal frame, bracket to hang  clothes on the door, pillows and will throw in the mattress and springs  for no charge

37 - Wood Silent Butler, Secretary chair with five legs with rollers and upholstered back and seat. A box of assorted hangers

38 - Wall mirror and books. The plate glass mirror measures 28 x 30.  Box of assorted books including 2015 Gun Digest, Indian Cuisine, picture frames. There is an assortment of books. A Citizens Soldier DVD

39 - Power strip and books. Paperback as well as hardback books-  Captive on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, God Loves You, some picture frames,  night lights

40 - Army Camo and fatigues. Most of them say size medium and the others do not have sizes in them. Good quality clothing to keep you warm when  it’s cold and the cold is coming folks

41 - Low wood coffee table. Measures 4’ x 2 1/2' and stands 10 inches off the floor

42 - Recliner and upholstered office chair. Both need reupholstered.  The office chair has four legs and wheels. The recliner works and has  wood feet. The white spot on the back of the recliner is a pad to keep  from damaging wall when laid back. Comes with nice complimentary pillow

43 - Sterilite storage drawers- Set of three and you get the contents  which are exciting I’m sure, plus a full length mirror with wood frame  that’s been painted red

44 - Swivel recliner rocker The recliner works, it swivels and rocks.  It’s an overstuffed chair and it’s pretty comfy. Nice shape. You do  not have to reupholster this one unless you don’t like the color

45 - Pelouze 250# scale, Metro 290# bathroom scale, snow shovel, yardstick and broom

46 - Assorted sizes and colors soft sided bags including a briefcase and a sports bag

47 - Manual Royal Mercury and a Brother Correct Rider electric with no cord. They both have their covers

48 - Writers desk with a curved shelf on the side. Made of wood but probably needs refinished. Has nice metal drawer knobs

49 - Vintage electric toasters. Neither has their cords

50 - Wood bookshelf with four shelves. You might want to refinish it but it’s in really good condition. Also get a box full of Fresh Essentials 82 cards and envelopes- looks like most of the cards/envelopes are  still there.

51 - Kitchen supplies: Swifter, dustpan, broom, plastic ladles, barbecue flipper, assorted plastic bowls and other miscellaneous items

52 - Samsung side-by-side refrigerator- Color black. Has an ice master, cool select pantry, twin cooling. 35 3/4 x 35 3/4 x 70". There is no  electricity so we don’t know how long it’s been off but the doors have  been opened to keep it from getting smells. It was working when the  electricity was turned off. Very nice unit. Doesn’t look very old- buy  it like you see it. The refrigerator magnets included

53 - Glass Canister set, Metal stove top steam tea pot, plastic  containers, bottles with bales for lids, water jug for the  refrigerator, wire and plastic spice holders, pair of pot holders, a  drawer full of items- such as metal measuring cups, plastic wrap, manual can opener and a brand new nutcracker that’s never been taken out of  the package

54 - Galanz microwave with turntable. Says it’s Gourmet Sensor 1000W

55 - Stone Pizza Baker, wood salad bowl, Salter gun that you can use to  salt your barbecue meat from a distance, relish dish and wooden spoons

56 - Cutting boards. Three different sizes. Smallest is "marble"

57 - Dishwasher safe china: Dinner plates, salad plates, coffee cup  saucers and bowls. Gold set and black set of tableware that are metal.  Four glass stem goblets and four sets of 1 cup and less size storage  containers- made of plastic

58 - Toastmaster Toaster, Muffin tins and cake pans, plastic funnels,  broiler for the oven, glassware, handle canning jars for mugs, assorted  knives and a small colander for draining vegetables

59 - Two Glass mixing bowls, Glass serving bowl and a fancy French press single cup coffee maker. Hand egg beater and peeler

60 - Metal wall hanging mailbox, two ball caps, solar light to put out  by your step, little wall knickknack holder, oven timer and a mug with  assorted costume jewelry

61 - Plastic cups, Birthday party hats and kazoos, small plastic pails, a Tupperware colander drainer, pottery pie baker and an interesting  little kitty cat mug- and if you know what it is please tell us as we  are curious

62 - Snapware storage lids. Airtight, leak proof and made in the USA . Some plastic and glass bowls that they fit

63 - Presto pressure canner cooker with weight, Oster Regency control  power kitchen center-no bowl just the blender. Black & Decker  Steaming unit or maybe it’s a strainer- haven’t figured it out

64 - Pine rectangle table with an extra leaf, five side chairs and a  sixth chair that’s missing its back. The chairs have nice padded vinyl  seats-it’s a nice set.

65 - Blue granite water canner with two wire racks. Plus half pint jars, a gallon jar and a couple of other canning jars

66 - Rival Teflon lined electric skillet

67 - Patio set with metal round table and 4 metal framed chairs with wood seat

68 - Hamilton Beach countertop oven. Supposed to have a rotisserie  according to the book that comes with it but there is no rotisserie in  the house

69 - Regal electric knife with original box, nice bowl for salad, canister jar and cleaning supplies

70 - Maytag Centennial washer with commercial technology

71 - Kenmore electric dryer

72 - Expert propane grill. Does have a 20 pound propane bottle, nice shape and ready to go to work though needs a good cleaning

73 - Patio table with umbrella, one captain style chair with a wood seat and metal frame. Four folding chairs- two with damaged seats and have  canvas backs and seats

74 - Metal sawhorses Or camper stands-whichever you want to use them for

75 - Garden hose

76 - 2 pairs of Trailer axles Includes a box and fishing rod/reel

77 - A frame. 9’ high, expandable out to 10’ wide

78 - Red A frame. 9 foot wide 7 foot tall

79 - Tow hitch for a 2 inch ball

80 - Thanksgiving wood cut outs with a turkey, boy and girl  pilgrims-approximately 4 foot tall. 8 foot folding wooden step ladder, a piece of plywood that’s weatherized and part of a garden wooden fence

81 - Napa Engine stand.

82 - Toolboxes, swing frame, a well used military style toolbox and old plastic pools for kids and a rubber tub

83 - NAPA shop creeper

84 - Metal single drawer file cabinet measures 2’ x 16" x 16" on  rollers, Fluorescent ceiling light and metal bracket for hanging deer  carcass

85 - 4" PVC pipe, two good shovels, two wood pallets, a long handled  squeegee and two pieces of new 2x6’s, plus a nice chair to sit in whole  you think of projects to use these items on.

86 - Four cycle Troy Bilt garden set: a weed whip with, extension, lawn edger, trimmer, Rototiller, pole chainsaw and hedge trimmer

87 - Four log chain with hooks and one has a clevis

88 - Boomers: One ratchet, three smaller ones and three larger boomers

89 - Good floor jack -Think it’s a 2 1/2 ton

90 - Metal shelf unit with three shelves and it does have wheels on the  bottom to move it around. Includes potting soil and miscellaneous items- the boomers and chains are selling in lot 88 and 87

91 - Vanity with a plywood top -Been using in the garage to hold items  so the top is rough shape but they can’t vanity is in good shape but  will need good cleaning

92 - Wood shelf unit 3’ Wide x 42" tall x 1' deep and four shelves Contents included

93 - Wood shelf unit 1' wide x 3' tall x 1' deep with four shelves Been used in the shop

94 - 20 pound propane bottle and metal funnel with a screen to take care of that dirty gas

95 - Metal toolbox with expandable shelves- full of sockets and box ended and open ended wrenches. Also small furniture dolly

96 - Nice Crow bar, Post hole digger, scoop shovel, garden Rake

97 - Cains coffee and Barnum’s animals collectible tins: Vase, gallon  jars, popcorn tin filled with rags and a new serpentine belt (K60984)

98 - Aluminum tea kettle, 15 W 40 engine oil, spotlight and plastic container to carry your spotlight around

99 - Reese tri ball hitch and two other ball hitches- 2" and 2 5/16”

100 - Welding rod: 10 pound can of 1/8 Fleet weld 47 and another 10  pound can partially full of 6011 rod, parts cleaner tray in shape of a  highway sign and 1/4 gallon of PB blaster penetrating oil.

101 - Military manuals: Leader guide to after action, review’s effective phrases for performance appraisals, soldiers manual, common task words  for army NCO reports and more Military manuals, Metal box

102 - Multi floor adhesive, Ace Rust stop oil based enamel, de-icer, small globe without the stand and a package of zippers

103 - Metal toolbox filled with sockets and hinges

104 - Pair of Good metal car ramps

105 - Pair of dining room style vintage chairs and a wood bar stool

106 - 3' tall cabinet for storage, miscellaneous wood, vest marked to  show wearer, a rectangular shape wood table top with no legs

107 - 5’ Metal shelf and contents. Metal furnace duck, mud podge gloss Luster, funnels, Livestock electric prod

108 - International Harvester (IHC) tractor toolbox -has two wood dividers inside

109 - Wood countertop-approximately 5 foot long, pieces of Styrofoam  insulation, PVC pipe and utility hoses for washer and dryers plus a  grease gun

110 - Heavy duty 4" vise

111 - Like new cross cut saw, hedge trimmer, 2 tree saws, flyswatter,  nice chain with hooks on each end- fairly long about 20 foot long or  more and a homemade shop creeper-light weight

112 - Heavy duty limb trimmer. Can be extended. Is approx 16’ and has 2 8’ sections

113 - Pro-form treadmill. Pro 2000. We do not know if it works we assume it does as it was plugged in but there’s no electricity in the house to turn on and try

114 - Bag of cedar bedding and a heat lamp

115 - Bissell Power Force Helix upright vac, bottled water, Sterilite unit, a large pot for plants

116 - Old Maddox, wooden mallet, a tire iron and window scraper

117 - A gallon tin full of Padlocks and keys

118 - Military machete with sheath plus another machete. An iron bail  hook, frog picker and a sports air pump for basketballs and footballs

119 - Approximately 2 gallons of Coleman fuel, barbecue set- nice set of tools maybe two sets, painting supplies. Miracle Gro, extension cords, everything to plant seeds. a fire extinguisher and visor for your  windshield to keep the hot sun out

120 - Sleeping bags. If you get too tired and can’t sleep there’s a  punching bag to take out your frustration, Some waterproof tarps to  cover you up in your sleeping bag

121 - Two plastic 5 gallon diesel cans

122 - Small tent, heavy duty rope, Safari type hat and a blow up bed

123 - Coleman gas lantern with adjustable two mantles. Looks like the mantle’s are new and a Coleman fuel white fuel heater

124 - Vintage food warmer and oscillating fan which is a very heavy duty fan- looks like it needs re-wired

125 - Automotive Screw Jack and Jumper cables

126 - Stanley Pro I-beam level- is 4’ long Plus a smaller light weight level that is 62" long

127 - Shop work table with a metal pegboard and some tool holders plus 2 drawers. Measures 4' long x 2' wide and table top is 37 inches off the  floor. The metal pegboard is 2' tall. Metal frame with wood top. Brand  name UltraHD Seville Classics. Has the original book

128 - Four 25’ extension cords

129 - 46" tall x 1' deep x 3' wide. Metal shelf and contents. Metal  toolbox with padding in it, pieces of wood, plastic tote with wood  glue, roping, a box with wiring and small oil lamp chimney plus some  sandpaper and a 2 x 6

130 - Framed world map that measures 5 x 6 1/2 with an oak frame. Scale: 1 inch equals 348 mi.² on the equator It is made by the Defense  Mapping Agency

131 - 4' metal folding step ladder. Has been used in a painting job so it’s pretty well decorated but sturdy

132 - Pair of barstools with wood frames plus a handicap assist commode

133 - Rifle target

134 - Full length mirror, plastic storage containers, a glass iron shaped candle, Anchor Hocking shot glass

135 - Vinyl covered armed office chair with five legs and wheels- in very good shape. I see no splits or tears

136 - Solid steel work table. Be sure you bring help to load as this is a heavy duty piece of equipment for your shop. It measures 22" x 64" and  is only 26" high

137 - Fish gig. We’ve been told that, but we don’t know. Outdated  vehicle tags from Oklahoma, Kansas and two from Alaska. Travel  magazines, metal spear. tote with all kinds a goodies- dig through it  and be surprised by what you stumbled upon. Two tiedowns

138 - Filing cabinet. The two large drawers and one small drawer- we  have no key but is not locked. Wooden shelf unit that measures 19 1/2"  tall x 23" wide x 14" deep

139 - Wilson NFL football, Two baseballs and a bat with no markings

140 - Small wooden box and leather billfold with initials DCM, GI  flashlights, cd tapes, a G.I. Joe hat, a claw hammer with wooden handle, 2011 pocket calendar, handy pack PVC cement and all kinds of other  goodies

141 - Cen-Tech digital multimeter which comes with a metal toolbox,  staple gun, rubber headed wooden mallet, assorted tools and all kinds of goodies including in Irwin straight line

142 - Plastic toolbox with an electric strip, paint brushes, wire brushes, black duct tape and an iron laddle. Sharp radio

143 - Metal framed wood office desk-Measures 39" deep x 76" long x 30"  tall. This is a heavy son of a gun so be sure you bring help. The desk even got a little bit of stuff in the middle drawer. Has a hanging  file rack in one of the drawers

144 - Doll trike needs seat resoldered back into place and maybe a little TLC with paint etc. but it’s a nice little trike

145 - Wood plate wall rack. Has hooks for hanging cups by their handles. A 2nd rack that needs refinishing that can display kncik knacks

146 - Vintage child’s sand sieve, wood cane and a unique plant holder made of willow

147 - Wood wall racks. One to display plates and has hooks to hang cups by their handles

148 - Collapsible Christmas tree that you pull up from the center and  you can hang up from the ceiling with a ceiling turner that’s provided  or put it on a Lazy Susan type stand to put it on the table

149 - Cast-iron lamp parts and a nice wicker basket. Includes an oil  lamp globe. Several packages of special cloth that is used for storing  sterling silver

150 - Collectible yardsticks, brass candle holder with a candle stick  candle in it, several brass wall hanging candle holders and wooden  butter handle stir stick

151 - 3 Fiesta and 3 iron stone plates in a wooden tongue and groove  Rainbow ice tea blend box with a nice little wooden end table

152 - Extension cords plus a non-skid pad and a plastic dish pan to hold the cords

153 - Spools of string that the early mercantiles used to wrap packages  (3 are still in plastic covers) and nice little table top lamp, willow  basket filled with dried Gourds and a cute little unmarked China piece

154 - Wooden shelf unit painted white. Measures 2' x 3' to top shelf.  Has four shelves. 2 iron easels for displaying pictures/plaques. Chains  for hanging things such as pictures

155 - Wicker baskets, tote, pine cones and handled wicker basket that  holds hats. At the bottom of the box is assorted goodies including  clothes pins and more surprises in store for winning bidder

156 - Assorted tins -most with lids, plus folding display boards and Christmas decorations. Nice assortment in the box

157 - Magnifying light and desk lights

158 - Blue and white enamelware wash pan, Pottery bowl, set of mounted  antlers, Bugler tobacco tin, crock, tin pan that goes on old store  scales and a nice serving bowl

159 - Copper coffee server & brass tacks-Several boxes with  different sizes, cast iron cornbread pans plus a desk lamp, photo album  and other goodies from a desk

160 - Shallow tote with lid and neon open sign

161 - Lamp chimneys and Vintage Christmas balls, two Calvary children’s  hats, picture frames, wooden box and one box is full of other lamp  chimneys plus glassware. Includes dark carnival glass bowl, a small  footed compote, red vase and blue cup and saucer

162 - Sad irons, pine cones, sledgehammer and other tools. Brass  candlestick holder, bushel basket, hanging ceiling light and bag of  curtain clips to hang curtain on rod.

163 - Two vintage glass lampshades and several pieces vintage handiwork

164 - 25 W bulbs that have never been opened, (GE, Westinghouse) There  are colored, clear and one is 100W. Box of wicker baskets- some with  handles. String of Christmas lights in their boxes- look like never been used. Ceramic bunny family

165 - Ice cream freezer canister with no freezing bucket. Yarn, plastic ware, wooden bowl, wicker basket, small bushel basket, picture mats and two new in box holiday candle trimmers

166 - Vintage porcelain knobs, small wicker basket, wooden doll dresser  or jewelry box which ever you want to use it for and Clay pot

167 - Glassware. Several different patterns, shapes and sizes.  sherbets, goblets, carnival glass, depression glass as well as some  pieces of China. Set out several different styles in the pictures

168 - Boxes of Two sizes Vinyl notepads that have not been used, table  cloths, some glassware, Silver Platter, paper bags with handles and  Halloween decorations

169 - French ivory hand mirror and vintage door hinges, Wall scone,  ceramic dog figurine, Majolica book about the history and illustrated  pictures, colorful sheets

170 -Vintage baby potty chair with no chamber pot, a small wood frame  blackboard, two funeral wreaths that are framed- ones a picture of the  other is the actual wreath. A nice frame to put the loose Vogue picture  in

171 - Decorating ribbon, beads, gold trim for packages, pegboard hooks,  Christmas postcards with vintage pictures, envelopes, clipboards, cute  little doll chair made out of metal

172 - Vintage Christmas bulbs, Velvet and Prince Albert tobacco tins,  couple of small Christmas trees- one with lights and one without. Both  already decorated and stand about almost 3 foot tall. Christmas wreath,  Super Scrabble and Scrabble games, two lighted 4’ candles with damage-  do not know if they work. They are blow molds before plastic was used-  well maybe not. The night before Christmas hardback book that has been  around a while- I cannot find a copyright or publishing year

173 - Three table lamps. Two are similar but they are not a matching  set though they have same picture on them. The third one is a crock jug

174 - Table and floor lamps- some with shade and there is some loose  shades you can mix and match. One shade even has beads dangling

175 - Black trim enamelware dish pan full of seashells. Braided rug,  towels and other miscellaneous linens. Neck scarves and Halloween  decorations

176 - Wooden dynamite box with all kinds of metal fittings, a movie  screen in a cardboard box and a small wooden box with a jar plus a plate shelf wall hanger

177 - Three framed pictures: One is an English print very similar to  Courier & Ives but it is not marked as such, a little boy getting  well water and a moonlight look of a road and River

178 - Two framed pictures, a bulletin board and mirror. Picture of a  young lady reclining her head on the bench while her mother is picking  flowers and a horse and carriage going in front of a nice three-story  home

179 - Metal serving trays and two metal easels- one is displaying a nice metal tractor seat. Also a wire wine bottle holder

180 - Brides basket bowl, decorated plates, Canning Kraut crock, oil  lamp and chimney, napkin ring- these are just samples what’s in one  tote. The second tote contains a few foreign coins some miniature  decorated plates, dresser box, pocket knives, carnival glass and more

181 - Christmas decorating pieces and some vintage custard lids with  not the bottoms, sterling silver tray and other miscellaneous pieces-  the boxes are full

182 - Steamer trunk with removable shelf. Good condition plus you get a nice vintage bedspread to go with it. Missing the front middle lock and one leather strap on the side

183 - Likly steamer trunk that has been refurbished on outside. Missing  one metal strap holder on each side and one side has a leather handle.  Inside contains wicker baskets- some with handles.

184 - Tote of handiwork including white comforter, lady straw hat, tri-state music festival banner

185 - Cigarbox, candleholder, CDs, nice vintage jar, new still in  package octagon frame, rugs, ladies purses, artificial flowers- nice  tote full

186 - Kitchen Craft plates and ironstone plates, Wine bottle rack, blue  speckled graniteware sauce pan, clamp lamps for headboards or other  places, wood tray with odds and ends

187 - Miscellaneous china: Royal ironstone Tealeaf, handpainted  decorated China-several different ones, Castleton China Rosemere  pattern- not a complete set just salad plates and other pieces

188 - Tote full of pencils and back scratchers, a box full of Running  Rabbit button auction tapes, miscellaneous cans of spray paint, water  seal, plastic and metal as well as wicker plant holders. Trash can full of odds and ends including a claw hammer and a few tools

189 - Royal ironstone china Tea leaf pattern. Includes bone dishes,  bowls, cups, dinner plates and much more. There are more pieces in lot  187 if you’re interested

190 - Balls of string & candles. Also a very large empty vodka  bottle, ice pick, plastic storage lids but no bowls to go with them,  paper cups and a cutting board

191 - Country Christmas decorating books, Graniteware sauce pan, Wacon  pure sorghum tin, four turnbuckle assembly for short bed rails,  flashlight, plugger for the lawn and a sun tea jug

192 - Spools of braided picture wire and handiwork, Plus Santa foam  piece for decorating, rugs, schoolbooks: Human Use Geography, Champion  and Arithmetic etc., New in box Nylon 3. x 5' US Flag-did not unfold and coun the stars

193 - Wooden egg crate, material, jar full of scissors and letter  openers, bag full of fancy lace, metal coal shovel and collectible tins

194 - Pots and pans, Seashells of all kinds, little used Griswald cast-iron # 80 skillet

195 - Lamp shades and covers, louvered cover, Artificial flowers, wicker basket- some with handles, nice glass serving bowl, folding metal music stand and metal frame folding chair

196 - Pictures and picture frames in all shapes and sizes, some with  pictures. There is a 1911 Season Greetings from a gentleman that is  wrapped in cellaphane so hard to see how neat it is from the pix. Also  included little red race car

197 - Vinyl table cloths, tin full of bottle caps, tote with glass gems, fake fruit, several pieces of fiesta ware, 300 light value pack clear  string of lights, metal hanger to hang over the door to hang up coats,  miscellaneous china. Lampshade that has never been taken out of its  plastic and a nice umbrella. Motorized turntable for display purposes

198 - Small mantle style battery operated clock, round wall clock,  pictures and frames and cords- some with computer or phone ends and  extension cords

199 - Dining room style chair with wood frame and padded seat, secretary chair with five legs with rollers and two metal child’s folding chairs

200 - Glass snack trays, Tortilla warmer, pads for the counter, coffee mugs and some glass platters

201 - PartyLite centerpieces-In their original boxes, plus a made in China blue willow style pattern square dish

202 - Glass snack trays and vintage milk bottle, Canning jars with bail  lids and some regular canning jars. They are all pints plus wicker horn of plenty. vases and blue compote bowl

203 - Playing cards, Landline telephones, Las Vegas casino computer  game, GiiNii electric display picture frame, frames of all shapes and  sizes and a threefold picture frame for a little pictures

204 - Vases and artificial flowers, Stuffed bunny, little holders for  eggs, plastic holders for wrapping your string of lights for storage  between Christmases. Wood toilet seat and wood dresser box

205 - Man bags- It’s for daddy taking care of baby. There is a fold out  to change the diaper and little cubby holes to put cleaning supplies,  bottles etc. Set of two

206 - Comforter bed sets in their original packaging. Do not know if  they’ve ever been used but they don’t look new. King size, queen size  and a full size. They each contain one reversible comforter, a bedskirt  and two pillow shams. They are shippable, BUT will each require a box as bag is so thick as you can see from pictures

207 - Handiwork, Foldable laundry basket,cake pans, towels/wash cloths, plastic Christmas and Holloween trays

208 - Garden gate gardening books, Pillsbury annual recipes, Bible  stories that live, convection oven recipes, Bible and Hometown cooking  from Family Circle. Round three legged table with tablecloth, crocheted  centerpiece and a wicker basket

209 - 3 Ford car wheel covers with original box plus a metal box for  carrying your tools around and in this case it’s got caulking material.  Yardstick, long handle duster, glass electric pole insulators, Southern Steel Wire Company floral wire and rechargeable Makita drill with  charger

210 -Tableware and plastic tray

211 - Vintage glassware: Silver dishes dishes handle nappy and bowl

212 - Footed compote bowl, glass brides basket and a tea cake server

213 - Three Collectors plates from Farmer’s State Bank of Albert Kansas, Popcorn crock with a bail glass lid, a Lenox bud vase and Avon  porcelain egg with popouri

214 - Vintage glass Christmas balls, boxes of seashells, needlepoint  coasters with cactus motiff, aluminum tray, notebook and string electric candles

215 - Wood Straight back chair with rubber tips on legs and art supplies Including scissors, tape, Mod Podge Matte- Mat and plastic tubs

216 - Metal candleholders: One sits on a table and other hangs on the  wall. Christmas candles, cookie jar with penguins on the lid, a willow  basket and a box full of assorted candles

217 - Brass table lamp with shade and Two Framed prints- One is an  outdoor setting of chair with a hat sitting on it and the other is two  ladies sitting at a table having tea in the garden

218 - Pair of brass table lamps with shades

219 - Fireplace popcorn popper, egg poacher, Teflon skillets, cardboard  and tile coasters-some of the coasters have recipes on the back, pewter  candle stick, metal cooling racks, cigar box full of little odds and  ends- such as a charging cord for electronics. 9 x 12 cake pan and a  Wilton cupcake pan for big cupcakes

220 - Ceiling fan, electric The Green Machine string trimmer and collapsible two wheel wire cart

221 - 6 foot folding stepladder -We know it’s been used because there’s paint drips on it